Healing is Feeling

One of the risks of therapy is that it can be seen as a short-cut to healing, that somehow another person can peer into your soul and take away the pain. In truth, healing can only come from facing, feeling and then releasing the core underlying blockages. The role of the therapist is to help guide the client to that point of pain, that primal injury, and by peering deeply into it, help you recognise that it is fundamentally just energy that can be felt and released. All that suffering was, at its core, the result of allowing the shadow energy to dominate your world and assume proportions that defied its true nature.

Many imbalances are about abandonment at some level and the lack of self-worth that results. When these are looked into and felt fully, we can appreciate that they are in fact gentle and weak. Healing energy or bodywork, or prayer for Divine help can then support us as we allow this realisation to ripple through our physical bodies and energy field. To get to this core, we often have to navigate through a more superficial layer of fear and perhaps even anger that sits above. As we do so, we believe we are experiencing the core emotion when in fact we are simply working our way there. When we are stuck, it is easy to believe that there is no way out, when in fact the solution sits just that little bit deeper if we can peer through the veil of these superficial emotions and fears and feel into our core. It is not easy, but it can be done.

When clients say they had a reaction to a kinesiology treatment, I point out that it is not an unwelcome echo from the treatment but part of the core process itself. If you have become deeply in touch with that primal wound, you have all but released it. You simply need to be clear in your intent that you want to experience it as a pathway to its release.

The same is true of Quantum K. By affirming the possible causes of your primal wounds in the screenflow, it is allowing you to become in touch with the emotions around it and then let them go. As soon as you turn the light of consciousness on to your wounds, they must fade. The extra support of the harmonics and fractal equations amplify the healing process that has already begun. If you feel a tingle, get restless, breathe heavily, feel emotions rising, then you are opening that healing doorway. Do not lock it down – feel it fully and give intent to transmute it. Ideally, ask for Divine love to help and protect you through the process. Remember that it was God’s love that led you to those wounds in the first place, perhaps even to this website, so that you could own your suffering and take steps to move through it.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

A changing world

I have already shared some views in this blog about the potential for paradigm shift in 2012. I have also covered in the Quantum K manual the ways in which the core pillars of society are starting to erode, to be replaced by a new world based on the power of individuals and their aligned collective consciousness.

The exciting dynamic now unveiling around the world is the acceleration of this movement from old to new and the unravelling of the corporate world that governs us. There seems to be 3 stages:

The old
– This energy is still very much alive. I have seen it personally this week with the closure of the large business I used to work for and the loss of hundreds of jobs, while at the same time this company is outsourcing operations to the other side of the world to take advantage of lower wages and running costs.

We see in nature that effective designs are compact, whether it is the seeds on the head of a sunflower or the shape of a tree, nature allows expansion in design only to the point of optimal efficiency where maximum sunlight can be obtained without compromising the strength of the underlying structure. When big business stretches away from the local and tries to apply a common model across different cultures and time zones it cannot work effectively.

The interim
– This is the business model where corporate executives sense the changing consciousness of us as consumers and try to honour our evolving needs while maintaining the same outdated, top-down structure. Food products now have artificial vitamins added to try to justify misleading health claims, while cleaning products boast of being natural when, in reality, the healthy ingredients still appear well down the list. You can be sure that major supermarkets are not stocking ‘Free from’ products for the good of our health; they do it because we buy them in increasing numbers and it makes sense to their bottom line.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this interim stage is the businesses supplying goods that are of low resonance – such as the sugary drinks industry – who are forced to employ ever more sophisticated marketing strategies to associate their product with our new values. We see Santa Claus handing out a sugary brown drink as though it is a core part of the festive season, effectively associating their product with spirituality and family values.

Even the concepts of organic and fairtrade products are interim stages in our development. It should be a fundamental building block that the end product is both healthy and supportive of the people and communities within the supply chain. One of the lessons I learned from my old life in big business was that the ‘order winners’ of today will be the core requirements of tomorrow. Hopefully, we will soon reach a stage where it is no longer necessary to say that a product is healthy and part of an honourable supply chain.

There are also those companies that promise a contribution to charity or a vaccination in Africa for every product purchased. I would like to think that this is the result of company officials trying to find integrity and ethics in a business that, in its core values, may not have any, but the cynical side of me suspects this is still a marketing tool to exploit our growing demands and awakening social consciousness.

The new
– This is the final stage where big business no longer exists. Our needs are met within the local community by suppliers who work honourably, supporting and responding to the particular needs of their neighbours. Business is no longer driven by the fundamental needs of shareholders demanding increasing profits but by ground floor employees looking to express their spiritual, connected nature while at work. In this world, it is no longer acceptable to leave your soul at the doorway of your business; everything we do must at some level enhance our existence and those around us.

The movement of businesses through these stages is accelerating, with motivated champions of a new way forcing their hand. In my own city of Bristol, there is an ongoing camp outside the council house peacefully promoting a new society with a new model of wealth and order. Occasional graffiti appears on the pavements around the city centre saying the simple words ‘I love you’ and I suspect there are many internal smiles within those who break stride to walk over them.

The new world is coming. It is no longer something we have to look forward to wistfully, it is on our doorstep and we can be part of it right now. Despite all the social upheaval and insecurity, we are perhaps the most fortunate generations for Millennia in that we have the chance to be part of a massive change in consciousness and social structure that could form the basis of a new society. Let’s put aside our fear as the old world order collapses around us and embrace the new with love and compassion. It is a beautiful journey that now has too much momentum to be stopped. We might as well embrace it because it is here to stay.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

The end of the story

I believe that therapy work requires us to honour the delicate balance between providing sufficient clarity about someone’s condition and over indulging in the drama of their story.

The strength of kinesiology, the therapy I practice, is its ability to find answers, to explain to someone how and why their symptoms have arisen. If this information requires a change of diet to avoid allergens, then it is clearly important to have this discussion. Equally, it can be reassuring to know that a skin complaint is the expression of a suppressed childhood trauma rather than a reaction to a cleaning product.

That said, we can sometimes over-indulge the intellect by dismantling every thought and emotion. It is possible to almost revel in the validation such an explanation gives us and use it as an excuse for the lack of progress or recovery. ‘I would eat sensibly if I didn’t have so much left over anger from my childhood.’ If this dynamic is left even partially untreated it creates an energy of its own – ‘I eat too much, that is bad, I do so because I have repressed anger, my dad is to blame’ etc. It becomes hard to break out of this self energising paradigm if there is substantial attachment to the story.

I see a growing number of people these days who take an almost Buddhist view of detachment and ask me not to engage with the dynamics of their specific story but simply bring in healing to support their intent for change or growth. They often move forward more quickly on their journey by steering clear of the ego and its desire to attach to a drama.

I appreciate that this is a controversial area within most therapies. Reiki practitioners debate whether targeted treatments are more powerful than simply following a generic protocol; hypnotherapists debate the difference between solution focused sessions and exploring the issues that led to their client’s current condition. Some forms of meditation could be seen as the ultimate act of detachment but is it the perfect therapy or just a good generic protocol that can help us to some extent? Can we release a complex energy dynamic if we don’t even know it is there?

Personally, I believe that some information and explanation is fundamentally helpful in the early stages of our healing journey. Thereafter, as we start to understand the mind, body, spirit connection and the dynamics of how life works, we can take a softer view of the drama and choose to detach from it. That appreciation of simplicity comes about because we have already looked into our story and come to terms with the mechanics of our existence. It is a right of passage that, as with most expertise, allows us to move into simplicity and ease. Having reached this stage, we have the awareness to recognise unwelcome emotional or physical responses as just being the expression of our story. We can then treat them lightly and observe them without judgment. This disempowers the whole dynamic and allows us to move on through our lives casting only a small shadow and leaving only gentle footprints on our way.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Returning souls

Spirit release and soul retrieval is one of the most fascinating areas of my work. It is central to most religions but little spoken about in modern society – we can’t see it so we don’t talk about it. The concepts could in themselves be very frightening if explained in the wrong way. That said, it is such an important area to our overall wellbeing that we ignore it at our peril and some of us have to take the difficult steps of bringing these issues to a wider audience.

The Quantum K screenflow covers this subject in some detail and both the manual and the scan lists give more information on the technical details behind the healing intent. My goal is to keep exploring this subject, working on the small percentage of people for whom the current information is lacking in some way.

One new area I have found concerns the definition of what is a ‘foreign’ energy. If we sense an external energy either in our energy field or touching on its perimeters, it is natural to try to release it. This is fine provided that energy is indeed foreign to us. I have seen several clients recently who had energies with them that resisted any attempt to release them. This was largely because my intent was to release them to their ‘most appropriate place in the Universe’ and I had overlooked the fact that that ideal place might be with the client.

I discovered that the seemingly foreign energies were in fact aspects of the client from an earlier incarnation. I now believe that when we take human form, negative energies attached to us in earlier times are drawn to us, but accompanied by old aspects of us, including soul elements lost in previous lives. There must be some kind of cord that connects all elements of a soul, like a homing beacon, that draws the various pieces together.

The complexity is that an aspect of ourselves from hundreds of years ago will feel very different to our current vibration. We will have changed as individual souls as has the world around us. These missing elements had found their way home and wanted to rejoin with the main soul in its current incarnation. To myself and the client, this was something I had wrongly tried to send on rather than invite back in. As soon as I upgraded my intent, deep healing took place.

I have therefore extended the intent behind the Quantum K screenflow and manual so that the highest truth is recognised in this area, accepting that Spirit understands the distinction between genuinely foreign energies and aspects of ourselves that need healing and integration. We do not need to make that distinction ourselves, simply trust that our pure intent will be honoured.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Revisiting old wounds

A few more thoughts from my world. Sometimes clients ask me why issues they thought they had cleared years ago need to be treated again and again. I used to explain that past traumas needed to be released gently in stages, or might have layers that required repeated intervention before the memory could become a neutral one. In vibrational terms, there could be many different circumstances and emotions to look at, all with their own frequencies.

I still believe this to be true, but I think we also need to consider the vibration of the person in the present time. We can only heal a past trauma to the limit of a person’s current vibration. If their world is still subject to anger and guilt, they cannot fully release similar emotions that arose in a past situation.

In other words, we may need to consider our issues several times to neutralise them up to our current vibration, but then look at them again later when we have grown sufficiently in a wider sense. If we have anger towards our current partner, we may struggle to fully release older animosity towards a parent or teacher. When we have fully released the negative emotions in our current world, we can truly release them from our past.

This is not to deny the value of each individual step on our healing journey. Every change, however small, takes us to a completely different place and vibration. We should celebrate these staged healings as to simply focus on the destination of being ‘fully healed’ denies us the chance to smell the roses along the way….

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Heal the mind, heal the body

It intrigues me that the more I learn as a therapist, the more I move from complexity towards simplicity. You would think that experience would engender complexity, an ever-growing base of procedures and techniques, but the opposite has happened. I think it is a reflection that truth ultimately is simple.

As part of this journey, I find myself spending less and less attention on the physical body and more on the emotional and spiritual bodies. Quite often, simple imagery and metaphor is all that is needed to trigger a healing response.

As an example, about 80% of the population in the Western world have parasites of some sort. They receive perhaps less attention than they deserve medically because they are hard to detect, but they exist as a large issue nonetheless. We seem particularly prone to amoebic infections which can impede our digestive function and even trigger auto-immune responses around our body. So, how do we deal with them?

For me, we need to reverse the process that led to the physical manifestation, which means ignoring the moment of infection and looking at the spiritual and emotional imbalances that allowed that particular strain of parasite, (or bacteria or virus), to take root.

I see the human being as a triangle of mind, body and soul, kept strong through balance in all three areas. If there is a shocking event or trauma at any time in our life, the mind can be weakened with negative core beliefs the result. These can be stored across the entire body, but may also affect specific organs in line with the Chinese view of health and the 5 element theory.

If the trauma is deep enough, it may cause spiritual shock and soul loss. I believe that the white light of our soul energy can even be affected locally, leading to specific areas of weakness. It is in those areas that parasites will thrive, whether received through exposure or simply manifested out of the quantum energy field.

When working with parasites, bacteria or viruses, I try to find the relevant subtle energy imbalances and then literally lift the client’s vibration out of the range in which the toxin operated. Without energetic support, the unwelcome visitor is weakened and will quickly succumb to the host’s immune function. Better still, if the energetic imbalance remains gone, there is little risk of future infections. It’s that simple.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Kinesiology / dowsing scan lists

These notes represent the concepts I use in my clinic. They were released in January 2010 so represent new areas of thinking that I have explored since the original Quantum K manual was released.

If you are a kinesiologist or a dowser, you should find the scan lists useful to you in your practice or as part of your personal healing journey. For everyone else, you may enjoy exploring the concepts contained in the explanatory notes and using the scan lists in much the same way as the Quantum K manual. If you hold them against your body with intent to heal, you should draw from them whatever healing energy is appropriate for you at that time.

These items are offered at no charge. If you feel you would like to return the energy in some way, there is a local charity in Bristol, called the Dragon Club, that my sister attends and is in desperate need of funding. The link below will take you to a summary page and you can donate any amount you feel is appropriate from there if you wish.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Scan Lists

Scan Lists Explanatory Notes

‘Why can’t we heal all physical damage?’

A client asked me an interesting question recently – why is it that we can heal emotional and spiritual issues but find it harder to deal with the results of extreme physical trauma, such as broken backs, advanced rheumatoid arthritis or general nerve damage?

It is true that when we work with energy healing, it is much easier to heal issues that exist in an energy form, such as our soul or our emotions. As soon as we move into the physical world, we have to bridge the gap between energy and the matter it created. Can we reverse the process?

This is where the problem lies. I see the creation of physical matter as being the cementing of quantum energy into form through the act of conscious observation and interaction. This matter will always form according to our blueprint and the belief system we impose upon it. A healthy mind generates a healthy body and although we can change the thought, the physical matter has already been created.

There is an excellent article by Richard Merrick in Caduceus magazine issue 78 that explores evolution and the creation of physical form through the structure of harmonics. He asks why evolution has not honoured the competitive advantage someone with 6 fingers might have over someone with 5, He proposes that there is a harmonic template that dictates the basic structure of our form. He suggests that our core structure of carbon 12 is brought into crystalised form through its interaction with the 5 fold icosahedral form of water. This explains the link with fractal geometry and the golden ratio, these two basic concepts literally frame the creation of matter and ‘tramline’ life into only certain variations of form. It also explains our natural affiliation with musical scales and harmonics.

This form is generated within the quantum energy field, which itself has a structure based on a cubic lattice of tiny vortices within which an atom can exist but cannot pass through. Each new atom is railroaded to follow a certain shape (via fractal geometry) within a certain area of space (determined by the lattice within the quantum energy field).

So going back to our original question, what happens when we badly damage our physical body? Our new cells will try to follow the natural trail and structure that our healthy cells used to follow, but it does not happen, why? It must be due to some intrinsic damage in either the carbon 12 form, the damping effect of the water crystals that sit above it, or damage to the structure of space itself.

If I dowse about it, I get that the first two are still in place, the problem is that the structure of the quantum energy field has changed and although the new atoms might like to follow their usual path, it is no longer clear where they are going. The pathway has changed and those atoms are operating without a compass. It is like a knight in chess looking to move 2 up and one along, but having the chess board taken away underneath. To put this another way, I believe that severe physical trauma damages the fabric of space at an interdimensional level and, in layman’s terms, which is all I can offer, the blueprint has been literally blown away into another dimension that the cells cannot access. They are now lost.

Hopefully, there is good news to come. All the enlightened reading I have come across suggests that we are moving spiritually into a world less dependent on the physical form. As we evolve into 4th and possibly 5th dimensional living, we become more like etheric beings with less reliance on our bodies and few physical needs. In this new world, the physical world and our blueprint lie closer together from a vibrational viewpoint and the risk of one being torn away from the other is much reduced. I also suspect that those with physical damage might once again re-unite with their blueprint in a world where our bodies respond almost immediately to our conscious intent. Illness and disease will only be there if we choose to have it. That’s my kind of world.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

‘Light and Dark’

I am having a lot of fun writing these occasional blogs as they enable me to think through my own views and hopefully challenge you to consider yours. If you fundamentally disagree with what I say, fine.

Having covered the subject of how to protect ourselves from external energies in the last blog, it is worth considering exactly what type of energies we are talking about. We hear a lot about light and dark, good and evil; terms that imply that one is essentially better than the other. This can encourage us to target ‘light’ and hide from or reject energies that might be considered ‘dark’. I have a few issues with this simplistic approach:

1. All energies are part of the Universe, part of the creative whole that makes up our reality.

2. All energies are connected to each other.

3. Light can only be truly understood if it can be experienced in context. It can only be seen if framed in shadow. This is the whole point of the human existence, to live within duality and see how we fare.

4. There is no such thing as true evil – only the absence of light.

5. As shown within the Yin/Yang symbol, all light contains an element of dark and all dark contains an element of light.

The human spiritual journey seems to involve core stages of growth. First of all, we discover for ourselves that living a life of universal love and connection is more likely to bring us the relationships and fulfilment that we desire. Having done that, we then realise that the object of life is also to experience who we are in the context of a flawed world, where light and dark exist together. We start to respect the darker energies around us as they provide the playground in which we operate. Blinkering ourselves to the full extent of our humanity can only lead to frustration.

We also come to welcome rather than reject the dark within ourselves, our humanity as it were. The vagaries of our emotions are an absolute gift and help us understand who we really are. We learn that if we deny our darker emotions we suppress them within our physical bodies and eventually make ourselves ill.

When I think of the darker energies floating around out there, I try to view them as lost children, fearful through their own sense of disconnection from the rest of us. Whether conscious energies or just the accumulation of thoughts, they should be sent love, not fear, for they are just another aspect of us within the bigger picture. To deny them is to deny ourselves.

The only time we are vulnerable is if we fall into fear. Ironically, the very intent to ‘put up protection’ or ‘reject’ these energies reveals the fear in us, the lack of trust and a sense of disconnection from the rest of reality. In other words, by showing fear of the dark, we bring out the dark in ourselves. If we could live in pure love and light, nothing could touch us, but we would also be so enlightened that we would not be living a true human existence. So, pardon me for being flawed, but I’ll continue to ask my guides for protection on the understanding that my real fear is not of the darkness out there but of the darkness it brings out in me. …

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

‘Energetic Protection’

There are many, many different views on the need for energetic protection. I believe that when I am providing therapy for a client I am working in a sacred and blessed environment and a simple check that I have ‘Divine Protection’ or ‘sacred space’ is enough. I have only ever picked up negative energies from a client once in thousands of treatments and I am sure that was by intent so I could understand and work on my own particular connection with that energy. The biggest risk for us therapists is an attachment to the outcome, a desire to help that is so strong we give over our own energy rather than act as a conduit to the stronger ‘batteries’ around us.

Outside the therapy environment, it is a bit more complicated. I have discussed this subject with therapists from different modalities and countries and have found as many different views as people. These can be summarised into a few main headings:

1. If we live in love and light, we are safe from negative energies and psychic attack, so no specific intent is needed to provide extra protection.

2. We simply need to ask for protection from Source and we will be kept safe.

3. We need to invoke a range of specific protective layers on the understanding that this is a place of free will and all energies have free choice to go where they wish.

So who is right? It is possible that we are all right, and that what we believe is the absolute reality for us. If we think we are protected, then we are. My beliefs are based on the understanding that the quantum energy field around us is awash with all kinds of frequencies, good and bad, so we need to know to what extent they invade our own personal space. We know that we cannot normally ask for Divine healing and expect a miraculous instantaneous healing as that would deny us potential life lessons, so is it any more appropriate to be able to unravel all kinds of energetic invasions without understanding how they work or where they come from? I think not, which is why I tend to err on the cautious side and ask for specific protection from Source through my spiritual guides and helpers.

If we are going to invoke specific protection, we need to make sure it is comprehensive. The issue with the ‘golden overcoat / protective bubble’ approach is that it is based on a 3 dimensional view of our energy field, that we exist on an x, y and z plane and need to put up protection at that level; above , below, behind etc.

In practice, our energy fields are micro versions of the macro world around us. In the wider Universe there are black holes, inter-dimensional portals, wormholes and a host of other realms that defy a simple three dimensional model of existence. It is only a small leap of faith to accept that these more subtle aspects of reality might exist within our own energy field. Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton has written a thought-provoking book called ‘punk science’ proposing exactly that.

If this is true, there is little point visualising simplistic energy barriers if there are a range of inter-dimensional doorways into our energy field. It would be equivalent to installing a triple-bolted front door and then leaving the kitchen window wide open.

If we take this concept further, we must also consider the temporal issue, that we exist concurrently in many different dimensions, all happening in the eternal moment of now. All our past, present and future lives occurring right now. All those learnings and energies wide open continuously. Thankfully, all the love and kindness we have engaged with over our entire soul history is also 100% open to us right now, so we have continual access to this good energy as well as the bad.

This means that, if we want to invoke full protection ourselves rather than hand it over to Source, we must cover all the possibilities. I have seen people vulnerable to interference from future lives, energetic booby traps, blackmail and energy back doors that allow interference to simply ‘appear’ at the other end of the wormhole in our energy field.

At an even more fundamental level, we must also recognise that reality is connected at all levels and that the macro world connects with the micro. External reality knocks on our door from the outside world, but it can also bubble up from inside us at the quantum level. In other words, any energy moving into this dimension can do so from inside us, coming into being at the quantum level of quarks and neutrinos. Are you envisaging protection from energies appearing from within your own DNA?

This can sound a bit scary to those who feel they need to do more than simply rely on their own love to protect them, or for Source to have all the angles covered. For those who feel they need to give specific intent to obtain full protection, the good news is that all of these points are covered by the energy of Quantum K. If you want to invoke full protection based on these principles, you need simply focus your intent on this system and know that your enhanced shield is up. If there are benefits in understanding how we relate to our external world, let’s make sure we cover every possibility….

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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