Spiritual support for a paradigm shift

Earlier this month I suggested ways to help us each make a positive influence on the world around us. These are important, but are fundamentally in opposition to the ways we are governed. If we are to live in a world of ease – where community, equality and peace are natural states of being for us all – then there needs to be a paradigm shift.

This shift needs to occur within us as human beings so that a more loving world can be created from a new resonance, and any corporations or governments that operate from different value systems will find the tide flowing against them. They will have to change to survive.

A key issue I see with humanity currently is our capacity to accept an authoritarian value system over our own. In many ways, this is a survival mechanism, a desire to align with whoever holds the power to avoid being rejected, often described as ‘fawning’ or ‘befriending’. This can lead to a ‘hive mind’ where individuals form and adhere to the group’s central beliefs.

You’ve probably also heard of the controversial Milgram Experiment’ where  people were prepared to electrocute a test subject in another room to the point of extreme suffering just because a lab technician in a white coat told them to do so.

For me, this capacity to give our moral power away is the barrier to a complete consciousness shift. The strength of our fear response means we can be quick to follow anyone who says ‘blame them’ or ‘do this and we will survive’ without listening to that internal voice of love and nuance. I believe human beings are awakening slowly, but what will it take for a paradigm shift where a majority of us say ‘no’ to this duality thinking, right and wrong, them and us, more is better etc?

To find the answer, I believe we must look to the work of pioneers like Rupert Sheldrake and his theories of morphic resonance and the morphogenetic field. He proposes that the way our cells express themselves is only partially determined by genetics, more by an energetic blueprint that sits outside of ourselves.

This is a living, evolving, field that holds memory and instinct, and can explain how a school of fish and a murmuration of starlings can move as one, and how animals naturally learn as a species from an individual discovery.

There are morphic fields for us as individuals, (wounds to which can make us ill) fields for our families (which is why family constellation healing works) for cultures (why we might have a natural affinity with the traditions of our own land) and for our species (which is why generation after generation share similar core values).

The gentle evolution of morphic fields can explain why our children seem to adapt to modern technology so much quicker than we did and also the Flynn effect, where we are scoring higher on IQ tests than our ancestors did 100 years ago. 

The issue for me is that although these energy fields are changing by the growth of each one of us as individuals, it is relatively slow, and some of the imprints of fear and blame are so embedded that they may be getting stronger rather than weaker. Something dramatic is needed if humanity is going to evolve quickly enough to meet lovingly all the existential threats that face us.

At this point, I would like to share how this newsletter inspiration came to me. In the past, I have been given nudges to ‘tune in’ through electronic equipment behaving unusually, so when my alarm clock started playing the radio at a random time in the night, there was a clue then that something wanted my attention.

Unfortunately, I simply turned it off and forget about it. 2 days later, a smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night for no reason. I changed the battery. A few days later, another smoke alarm went off in the early hours of the morning. I was out of batteries so I simply took the battery out and left it. I still wasn’t ‘listening’. Finally, as the message clearly wasn’t getting through to me, our car alarm went off at 1am. We all woke with a start but there was no obvious reason for it. I finally understood that someone or something wanted my attention.

I immediately tuned in and journeyed shamanically to the underworld. I was shown fields of energy around the planet, in an array of vibrant colours and geometrical designs. Amongst these established structures, I could see the skeleton, for want of a better word, of a new energy field that was anchored across the world through pillars that seemed to emerge from existing sacred sites.

This grid is not yet on line, just pulsing occasionally, but showed to be fundamentally complete and my sense is that it will herald the paradigm shift we need, a revolution in humanity’s consciousness rather than an evolution. It represents the opportunity for a rebirth into a golden age, the fulfilment of the prophecies of many indigenous peoples, for example, the ‘pachacutti’ to the Peruvian shaman or the ‘Powateoni’ to the Hopi elders.

What will spark this grid into life? In my journey, I was shown a flare from our sun, an energy spark powerful enough to light up the new consciousness field and alter our collective instincts in a moment. This would create a tipping point for our species where we might finally unite in shared global values of peace and equality.

I am curious as to whether such a solar flare would impact on our technology – might a rise in consciousness coincide with a reduction in our reliance on technology and the internet? We will see. I have looked up current solar activity on the internet and found that Solar cycle 25 is more powerful than expected and could peak any time now, not 2025 as originally predicted. Could this be relevant? Or could change come from higher than usual solar winds?

This is just what I saw in my journey and with my dowsing. It may be metaphorical, it may not resonate with you, but it gives me hope that the difficulties we have living together in harmony as a species may be about to get easier.

I pray that this vision is accurate and that I live to see it manifest.

With love


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