Group healing

“I just wanted to thank you again for the healing last Wednesday. My goal was realised and I have been sleeping deeply every night since. After over a year of insomnia I am very grateful to wake up feeling positive, energised and glad to be alive again. Life is so much more enjoyable.” Sheila

In the current world, it feels like we need community more than ever. To support this, I have decided to host remote group healing sessions every Wednesday. My intention is that Quantum K users from around the world join together to receive personal healing while enhancing the web of love that links us all.

On Wednesday, at 8 pm in your time zone, simply set your goal for the session and then sit or lie in meditation ready to receive whatever healing comes through. The session can last for as long as the energy flows, there is no set time limit or end point.

I will be sitting in meditation myself, holding sacred space for everyone taking part. I will invite Divine love to flow through all of the community of people tuning in, using the fractals and harmonics of the Quantum K system as a conduit for that healing.

My goal is to support those specifically tuning in and through that help our collective community. By all means hold loving intention to help other people or situations, but if we do not have specific permission this will be a prayer rather than a direct energy intervention.

Registering through donation

Healing energy is free to us all, but if you would like to recognise my time and costs in holding this space, please make a donation using the link below, (the box automatically shows £5 but you can use the arrow to add more if you wish). I see this as a way of staying in balance, of ‘reciprocity’, but it is entirely up to you. You can donate every time you join in or donate once to cover a series of future sessions.

You will need to email me separately at: to say you are joining in on any given week, with your goal for the session if you want me to help hold a specific intention for you.

Registering for free

If you wish to join in and choose not to donate, that is fine. Simply email me to register, with your goal if you want me to help hold that for you.


These group healings are opportunities for us to find our power and wellness as individuals but also to energize the vibration of love that the world needs right now as we are pushed into states of fear and compliance. Please be part of this effort to create more love, more community and a better future for us all. I believe it is through these small steps of love taken by each one of us that we will change the collective experience.

I look forward to connecting with you.

With love



“My original intention for a goal was one of an outer expression. But only a couple of weeks in, I was made to understand that even though the micro-macro universes need to mirror each other, it ALWAYS has to start with inner transformations, FROM WITHIN. Mine was of the spine this time. When I checked and pressed with my fingers down my spine and saw that the curvature was so much less than it used to be, I was in shock, bewildered, at times, more than usual,  tired, and of course super grateful. To this day my spine continues to unhinge in places where it did not budge decades ago.
As I am writing this my fibromyalgia and shoulder pain have significantly decreased their level of pain as well, my energy levels have increased, and my appetite for life is starting to soar. What else can I say? THANK YOU TO ANDREW KEMPLETON AND ALL THE LIGHT BEINGS ASSISTING WITH MY HEALING!!!! THANK YOU,  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU! MAY GOD KEEP YOU HEALTHY, HAPPY AND LOVED.”  Z.S. –  June 2021


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