How can I make a difference?

Last month, I touched upon how spirituality requires action as well as good intentions. I want to dive deeper into this concept because this is a key question of our times. What can we do to help the world become a more loving place?

I will summarise the answers I received to this question through my shamanic journeying and dowsing. My perspective only has value if it resonates with you, so please take what you want from these words and no more.

There are 3 layers of personal action that showed to me, so 3 areas in which we can play our part for global change. I expect you can add many more examples, this is just my list to trigger deeper reflection:

1. Thoughtful personal living

– Gratitude for all we appreciate in our lives

– Practicing moderation

– A light impact on the planet, so a gentle use of the resources we have – emotional and spiritual as well as material.

– A light travel footprint

– Local food sourcing

– Knowing the ethical footprint of all purchases

– Prioritising personal self-care

– Deep connection with nature

– Working towards living in alignment with your value systems

– Kindness of words

2. Community presence

– Being a good neighbour, so reaching out beyond your nuclear family to the wider community

– Moving towards a way of living that celebrates and includes all children, not just your own. This requires a communal rather than competitive attitude to parenting, creating the ‘village’ needed to raise our children.

– Work that serves your community, considering how we can all collaborate in food growing, land sharing, child caring, play and personal development.

– Honouring your family lineage and culture and that of others. Living in a way that sees how different cultures can work together and share strengths to support the world in unity.

– Sharing your wisdom and experience, recognising the skills you have and making them available to others, whether practical, creative, spiritual or system changing.

3. Global influence

– Protest and non-compliance where necessary

– Charitable donations when possible

– Petitions

– Writing to corporations, politicians and other leaders where they do not fully represent your needs or values

– Prayer and vision holding, ensuring that the outcomes you energise are held loosely, thereby avoiding the risk of condensing what we cannot fully know or understand into a finite idea of what is good or bad, right or wrong.

The goal in these actions is to create a platform of energy that holds a space for the world we might wish to live in, which I would suggest for most of us is not the world as it currently exists.

When I journeyed shamanically, I was shown a fast flowing river, with the water representing the almost irresistible power of the current narratives of fear, greed, dogma, inequality and despair. People were rafting down the river, and in going with the current seeming to have a relatively managable experience. Others were resisting being swept down and were holding on to tree branches projecting from the bank.

I was shown that those trying to live with love and respect can only hold themselves on the edge of the torrent right now because it is hard to escape its power completely. This transitional place is a good opportunity to look for coalitions that celebrate our differences as strengths, not sources of fear.

Taking the imagery as a whole, it begs the question – what will it take for the majority of us to escape the powerful torrent of mainstream dynamics that tries to keep us trapped?

For me, the way out can only come when the torrent itself is stopped, so we can all climb out of that particular river and forge a new path of our own making. This means paradigm change, a shift beyond what our own loving compassion can achieve on its own. It needs a higher plan.

I have something exciting to share on this, but enough for now. I am going to break with normal traditions and send two newsletters this month, the final one in 2 weeks so we can finish the year on a note of optimism and potential. Please do watch your inbox.

With love


What is my soul’s purpose?

Quantum K is now 15 years old and I’ve just realised that I have never put up the prices of any goods. I don’t want to collude with the system that keeps squeezing us, so I’ve decided to go against that narrative.

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Book – Heal Your Past , Free Your Future

“When I was reading your book, tears often came to my eyes because what you wrote felt so true. Touched to the depths of my soul. Thank you so much for everything you share with us”. Yeshe

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This month’s theme – What is my soul purpose, why am I here?

I hear this question so many times. I feel it’s worth an exploration.

The main issue for me is not the answer to the question ‘why are we here?’ but an understanding of the part of us that needs to ask it. When we feel into our lives from the perspective of the soul, I believe what is asked of us is the expression of our true essence, living in love and harmony and exploring how this responds to the specific challenges of our lives.

We may have themes that we are here to experience, but they are all nuances that help add context to our journey.

The complexities arise when our minds and egos step in. As wonderful and essential as they are, they look to explore the differences between ourselves and other people, and how we might be ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than those around us.

Our minds can also look to solidify the soul’s journey into something tangible and measurable, with clear definitions of success and failure. This can obscure the simplicity of our soul’s desires.

Our minds also carry the wounds of our limiting belief systems, our family programmes and societal narratives.  If we have low self-esteem, we might look for some holy quest to validate our existence. We might set ourselves – and even achieve – a challenging goal, but it is unlikely to be enough to satisfy our underlying insecurities. External outcomes rarely do.

A guideline I follow is that if you need the validation of an achievement to prove your value, you are saying to Spirit that you are not already that person, that this value sits outside of you. This energy of ‘lack’ will then underpin your experiences. Even if you achieve your goals, success will not soothe the core insecurity that lies beneath.

When you uncover the truth of who you really are, free of all the false narratives that have informed your wounded mind, then you will no longer need to prove yourself. You will enjoy being in that natural heart space and will be more able to hold that power in all situations that seek you out, challenging though they may be.

In writing like this, I acknowledge the risk of getting caught in ‘spiritual bypassing – which is based upon the toxic positivity that everything is ‘just as it needs to be’, that love and a positive vision is all we need for the world to heal.

Author Andrew Harvey talks about sacred activism and ‘wise radical action in the world’. This is the challenge to all of us in a world that is full of hurt.

Yes, it helps to unlearn any untruths we have internalised and find a place of soulful love within, but that does not necessarily lead to a life of comfort and convenience. It may even create the opposite because the world is not aligned to love at the moment, so the more love you find inside the less you will collude with the cruelty of the world outside.

We should be outraged at what our species is doing to the world and each other; we should be brought to tears by the lack of compassion we see around us, and then take considered and informed action from the fire that is lit within us.

What changes are you prepared to make to express your love? Will you break rules where necessary? Will you accept inconvenience to follow what you believe in? Will you stand up for your core values and the rights of others? Can you do this while still loving yourself and honouring your own needs?

This question of the how loving spirituality should express itself is such a big one I will share more perspectives on this next time.

With love


A personal message

Theme – what does Spirit ask of me today?

I want to write more personally this month in the hope that certain themes of my own journey resonate with you in some way.

As I start each day, those early minutes after waking are key for me. In those gentle and open moments I ask of Spirit a simple question – what is the sweetest path for me today?

I dowse or feel into the answers I receive and use them as a base for planning the hours ahead. What I sense is rarely grandiose, more the ideal balance of work, rest and play for the day and how that might look. This is key if I am to honour my own rhythms and those of the world around me.

Part of this guidance comes through my body wisdom. My body shows me very clearly where I am out of balance. This is particularly true of foods. I am now a slightly reluctant vegan. I have been vegetarian for 11 years and find that easy, but recently my body has been reacting to diary products too and even animal products like wool on my jumpers.

Being fully vegan is the right choice for me but it does come at a cost. My sense is that, for me, veganism separates me from the journey and processing of farmed animals, but we must each work out our own position on this.

Speaking of which, my family run a very small animal sanctuary for a few rescued farm animals. Although the sheep, pigs and goats live beautiful lives, I feel that one of the greatest gifts we give them is the right to die on their own terms. There is a grace and sacredness to an animal dying naturally that seems to hold a light in the darkness of global commercial farming.

This is not as easy as it may sound. By excluding large predators, we deny the wounded or poorly animal the natural death of predation and so sometimes we have to make difficult decisions around when to intervene to ease suffering.

Our immediate neighbour is an ancient mediaeval priory and the land here has held a spiritual presence for at least a thousand years. The spiritual elders of those days were perhaps better connected to the energies of the land than most of us are today. When they chose a site for their worship, they did so carefully.

I love how this special land holds the space for all my remote sessions, the group healing and the making of the resonators. Each resonator is imbued with the connection to this particular part of Gaia and the sacred energy it represents.

I also use nature as a mirror to my state of balance. The symbolic presence of animals guides me and acts as an alchemical influence on my life. For example, last month I found a beautiful sparrow hawk trapped in netting.

I released it and the bird flew away to its freedom, perhaps symbolising my own freedom at some level. For me in the west of the UK, the sparrow hawk, kestrel, and buzzard all hold the space of the East on the medicine wheel, where we have the perspective of life beyond our individual soul journeys, where we see the threads that join us together in a bigger picture. If my newsletters are to have any wider value, I must write in a way that has meaning for many of us, and helps connect with this higher journey that we can all align with…

…which brings me to an issue with my last newsletter, where I missed an essential aspsect of that higher perspective. In writing about cultural and religious dogmas around sex I didn’t directly mention the depth of judgement that exists around same sex relationships. It should have stood at number one on the list and my apologies to those I excluded. I will try to fly higher in the future.


Here are some questions I invite you to sit with:

1. Do you drift into each day ahead or ask for inspiration to help you find the sweetest path through it?

2. If you do look for inspiration and support, who do you ask?

3. How and where in your body do you receive any answers?

4. How does your body speak to you through sensitivities, symptoms, energy levels etc. What is it trying to show you?

5. What reflections does nature have for you?

6. Why are you here today? What is the sacred and unique gift you bring to creation today?

Finally, I want to invite you to suggest topics for future newsletters. In particular, I feel drawn to shamanically journey to various different parts of nature to see what they want to share with us, perhaps the antarctic ice fields, the rainforests, the mountains etc. Does this appeal to anyone? If so, please do send me your ideas and I’ll see what emerges.

With love



Lets talk about ….

Book – Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

I love the following testimonial. My thanks to Kristy and everyone else who share their experiences with me:

“Each page of Andrew’s book and every one of his words, gives the feeling of a safe and warm hug, a gentle and encouraging nudge to look within and begin the hero’s journey of self-healing and self-discovery. I have made leaps and bounds in myself; personally, professionally, and spiritually. Simply thinking of his book and words has a calming effect on my soul and system. Highly recommend this journey.” Kristy C

I want to encourage you to take the deep dive that this book offers, remembering Kristy’s reassurances of safety and warmth.

Book purchase

Today’s theme – let’s talk about…. sex.

As a trigger alert, if you do have unresolved sexual trauma this may not be the right article for you.

It’s interesting to me that, even as I type these words, I debate whether its OK to use the word ‘sex’ in a newsletter. Should I have said s*x or talked more loosely about ‘intimacy’. Why have I been blogging for years and not mentioned a subject that comes up in so many of my treatments? I’m aware that I am as deeply caught up in the web of social, cultural and religious programming as the next person. It’s risky and challenging to talk about sex, it could cause offence and negative opinion.

So what is this programming? I’ll share what I can connect with here, but I’m sure you can all add in many more layers. These are the untruths that I have been shown in various ways to be ‘normal’:

Sex is for young people only as ageing bodies are gross and unsexy.

It should always involve penetration

Participants must be instantly aroused and ready for action

A man’s satisfaction is the core priority and often the end point of the experience

A woman’s consent can be inferred from how she presents herself, her marital status, or just her lack of direct objection

Size is important

Bedroom only, curtains closed.

Solitary practice is shameful

Never discuss your experiences

Everyone else is having a lot more sex than you

Men have higher sex drives than women

Some people and body shapes are more sexy than others

Body hair on a woman is unattractive

Sexual interest fades in a relationship and as we age

Fantasies are all unnatural and shameful

It is an animalistic act, not sacred or Divine in any way

Procreation only, not for pleasure.

These are separate points, but there is a common link here of misogyny, of a rule-base designed by men to demean and undermine the importance of women and the sacredness of the act itself.

So, how many of these programmes sit unresolved in your own energy field and belief systems? Is your sexuality constricted by this kind of programming? Who would you be if you could break free? Do you avoid sex rather than risk falling short of these fake ideals?

I journeyed shamanically to ask for an image of how sexuality in the western world looks to Spirit. I was shown the image of a singular shrub surviving, but not thriving, in an arid environment, with no flowers, just a few leaves to keep it alive. The environment felt grey and lifeless.

When I asked what our potential looked like, I was shown the same scene but this time with warm rain falling from the skies. As the earth received this water, the roots of the shrub drew up the nourishment and the whole plant flowered in a glorious way. Around it, the arid environment lit up with a diverse and spectacular array of new growth.

My sense here from that imagery is manifold:

That our sexuality is sacred and nourishes our wider lives and environment
That mother earth is here to support us, that her energy can be drawn up through our roots to help us blossom – you might see this as a connection with kundalini energy or tantric practice.
This nourishment can be gentle. The imagery was soft and loving – sex doesn’t have to be vigorous to be sacred
Ultimately, the shrub was having a singular experience while honouring the connection to all life around it. It can involve other people, but it is fundamentally a transcendent experience of the self, a personal experience of bliss that helps us touch into the essence of all creation.
If you see other meaning in this imagery, then go with that. Perhaps you feel like me, that the potential of sexual intimacy has been taken away from us by generations of false narratives and conditioning. Whenever people in power tell us something natural is bad for us or shameful, you can be sure that the activity connects us with our autonomous power and a wider part of Creation. It therefore becomes a threat to the establishment and something to close down.

So how do we reclaim our sexual power? I’m sure there are hundreds of ways but my suggestion here is a simple one. I see our sexual disconnection as symptomatic of our wider disconnection with nature. It’s no co-incidence that the metaphors within my shamanic journey were all nature based.

When we connect deeply with Gaia through sitting, foraging, gardening, walking etc we step out of time. We find simplicity, sensuality, rhythm, beauty and peace. These gifts nurture our bodies but also prepare us for that sacred connection with our sexual essence.

With love


How to heal


I have received some lovely feedback this month about how the resonators have helped protect users from environmental stressors and electromagnetic fields.

I remember the words of the maverick inventor who showed them to me nearly 20 years ago – he suggested that using them was a ‘no brainer’ as they were so inexpensive. He didn’t use aura photographs as I have, but, like any good kinesiologist, he knew they worked from the muscle test he relied upon for biofeedback.

They start at £11 for a pack of 3, with discounts for bigger orders: Resonators

My book – ‘Heal Your Past Free Your Future’

Today I share the final healing key, the healing of the soul. I hope you can see why the keys have flowed in the order they have, starting with ‘protection’, then ‘avoidance’ and now finally ‘soul retrieval’. The snippets I have shared here can add some value but only scratch the surface of the information and potential of the full book:

Key 12

“I receive now, in their healed state, all my lost soul parts that feel ready to return now. I welcome back this pure soul essence with love, forgiveness and deep gratitude.”

102 423 269 197

A hardback copy or download is available through: Book order

Today’s main theme – 4 steps to healing

I want to share the simple healing process that underpins most of my sessions and I believe is central to many other practices. Do you recognise these steps?

Step 1 – Define the issue

To heal something, you need to know exactly what the ‘something’ is. That may sound obvious, but I do find that vagueness around the goal of a session can inhibit the process. If a client just has a general sense of imbalance or discomfort, then we need to probe that further. For example, where is it in your body? What is the emotion? When did you first feel it? Who or what triggers that feeling for you?

Step 2 – are there any blocks to releasing it?

Consciously, we may feel almost insulted by the idea that there might be parts of us holding back our healing, but it is totally normal for a part of our body wisdom to see a symptom or heavy emotion as necessary, perhaps protective in some way. A skin condition might act as a barrier to unwelcome touch, fatigue might keep the person in the perceived safety of home. This action comes from the loving and protective part of us that is honouring entrenched belief systems or false learnings taken from past traumas. These need to be met and released with love and gratitude before the door can be opened to genuine healing.

Step 3 – define the healed state

What does the new state of being look like, for example: – Freedom from pain? Reliable sleep? More positive beliefs ? Better relationships? Fulfillment? This is a crucial stage that completes the initial investigation into where you may be at, where you want to get to and what may be stopping you from getting there.

Step 4 – trigger the change

Once we have completed the first 3 steps, we need to trigger the change. There are many ways to do this. We can use various energy healing tools including breathing practices, touch, physical manipulation, reiki, eye rotations, homeopathy, prayer or affirmations to name but a few.

For me, I like to work in the mythic. Let me explain. On the Peruvian medicine wheel, aligned with other indigenous cultures, there are 4 directions. The south is held by serpent and represents the place of the physical, the literal, the here and now, our connection with Mother Earth. Everything is just as it appears to be. This is where we can hold our physical symptoms as well as our physical pleasures.

The west is held by jaguar and is the place of the stories we tell ourselves, our limiting belief systems, our feelings and emotions, the ancestral wounds that we inherit. Here, things are not as they appear to be because we see events and people through the eyes of our own wounded experiences.

The north is held by hummingbird and is the place of the soul, where we can explore the sweet journey of our lives and the next beneficial steps we could take, just like a hummingbird travels great distances flying from one source of nectar to the next.

Finally, there is the east. Here, we soar like an eagle and see the highest perspective beyond even the journey of our soul, where we connect with the cosmos and our energetic as well as our physical existence.

So, for me, a healing session requires an exploration of the first three perceptual states – the physical, emotional and spiritual – but to initiate healing I often turn to the east. Here, the core issue of the session is often shown in a metaphorical situation, perhaps a wall to navigate around or over, a rucksack to release, a cord to cut, a lotus flower to embrace.

Supporting the necessary shift in the metaphor sends energy rippling around the medicine wheel, supporting a happy soul in the north, balanced emotions in the west and physical well being in the south.

With love


Where is the truth?

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please do share these words if it calls you to do so.

Someone has kindly pointed out that the sample of the Quantum K3 music wasn’t working. I’ve corrected the problem, so for those of haven’t yet heard the extract, here it is:

Quantum K3 extract

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Book – ‘Heal Your Past Free Your Future’

We are getting close to the end of the healing keys that I am sharing. The keys give some access to the healing potential of the book, but the healing intention is greatly enhanced by reading the chapter itself, with all its ground-breaking information:

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This month’s key is all about grounding and embodiment:

Key 11

“I am fully grounded and present within my body. My assemblage point emerges perfectly from my heart centre”

497 126 453 020

This month’s theme : Where is the truth?

Telling the truth is a bedrock of a balanced society…. but what and where is the truth? Is it as definitive as it sounds?

When we say phrases like ‘in truth..’ or ‘my truth here is…’ we are not necessarily speaking the truth, just our opinion in that moment. This will inevitably be influenced by all our experiences and limiting beliefs and could be miles away from the actual truth.

I suspect we all innately yearn to know the truth, and often give our power away to doctors, priests, scientists, parents, gurus, teachers and other figures of authority who claim to have access to it. And yet, most sources of expertise have probably evolved their thinking over the years. Can you think of any timeless absolutes in medicine?… dentistry?… politics?…economics?… spirituality?… naturopathy? The truth never changes, only our limited perception of it.

Issues with truth emerge from institutions as well as individuals. These bodies are rapidly disempowering us as individuals, asking us to shed our own discernment at the alter of their official ‘truth’, based on the absolutes of science, medicine and economics. I like absolutes, they give me comfort, but there are very few out there.

Ultimately, the best resource we have is our own personal discernment and intuition. Nothing matters more, but it can still be very elusive. I am saddened to see so many nuanced debates polarised into this or that, right or wrong, rather than this and that. This dualistic thinking is creating separation at a time when we desperately need coalition.

Another significant risk is of the truth being weaponised. The Incan shaman call this the ‘shadow of jaguar’, the aggressive form of our power. Alarm bells should ring for anything that sounds like:

“My guides tell me you should not …”
“My truth here is that you were wrong to…”
“I need to get this off my chest.”
“I am sorry that you feel that way.”
Can you see how this is not about speaking the truth? It is just criticism, opinion and judgement in disguise.

There is another aspect to this that is a bit more subtle. Sometimes, we can genuinely want to help but have no permission. For instance, we might be out with our friend and say: “You know, you say you want a relationship, but I never see you approaching anyone. Have you looked into whether you have any shadow beliefs around this?”. That may be a totally valid comment, but unless it was specifically invited you have no permission to volunteer it.

My guidelines for speaking out are:

1. Is this the absolute truth or an opinion?

2. Do I have permission to say it? Have I been asked to comment?

3. Does what I want to say add value?

4. Does it come from a place of love?

5. Is now a good time?

All too often, I have seen criticism or commentary coming from a person’s need to clear their pent-up energy, their own need to speak masqueraded as ‘speaking my truth’. This is projection, looking for personal healing and deciding that dumping some unresolved energy on someone else will help. It might, for a while, but it is not loving or appropriate.

There is only one truth in the Universe and that truth is love. Words, even the word ‘love’ is inherently limited and cannot come even close to expressing the truth of what it is trying to represent.

In that sense, all words, including these, are flawed. They have value if they help you move closer to the absolute truth of love but are not the truth in themselves. Let them help you but not define you or inhibit your own journey of discernment and learning.

With love


What do we all want but can’t have?

Book – ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

As we approach the last 3 healing keys, I feel so much gratitude to those who have shared this journey of healing and discovery with me. I am still considering how best to share the material more widely, perhaps even more personally through support groups.

The key this month is one of the most uncomfortable for people involved in complementary healthcare to sit with. There are shadows in our industry, a history of cultural appropriation and engaging in sacred practices without permission or honouring of the lineage and source of that wisdom. The key below touches into the issue, but if you are a healer or therapist, please do read the full material. ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

Key 10

“I acknowledge my privilege and release all the ways it distorts my sense of equality, respect and reciprocity with all other people and cultures”

292 417 192 223

Today’s theme – what do we all want but can’t have?

I am often amused by seeing BBC weather forecasters constantly changing their short term predictions. Even with the best computers around, they struggle to understand weather patterns from a mathematical, retrospective modelling. I do feel that this belief that they can learn from the past to understand the future misses one crucial element – that the weather is an aspect of Mother Earth and she is conscious. Trying to predict her movements is like me trying to predict the behaviour or mood of my 4 year old a day in advance.

In a broader sense, life is inherently chaotic and our instincts tell us to look for some sense of control – the key element I allude to in the title. There might be a desire for physical safety, but also security within our finances, emotions and relationships. By looking for control, we try to resolve a perceived problem by eliminating its unknown and unpredictable aspects.

It sounds very tempting, and yet it would deny us aspects of our humanity and the unique challenges of living in uncertainty that can sometimes help us grow as souls.

I must stress here that I am not referring to genuinely threatening situations that diminish our life experience, such as war, poverty, racism, misogyny or homophobia. This is about those situations where we are inhibited by our innate fears, cultural programming and core beliefs rather than the reality of any particular threat.

I want to share a personal example here around my own desire for financial security. I have a special someone in my life, a former foster child, who has struggled in her early adulthood and offers me the gift of financial chaos – the chance to find inner peace and stability when we regularly, but unpredictably, need to step in and help her. I watch her life from within my own bubble of privilege and see how easily the state systems look to punish and sanction her whenever she makes the slightest mistake.

As an example, she weaned herself off medications she had been on throughout her adulthood without consulting her GP, and they withdrew her sick note immediately, without discussion.

The government then withdrew her housing, unemployment and disability benefits for 3 months, a loss of all that she depended upon for survival.

What is the underlying intention for punishing the most vulnerable people in our society? I can only draw one conclusion, which I don’t even want to put into print.

I could battle the system itself but have chosen not to do so here. There is definitely a place for opposition but the main action I take is to guarantee this person a safety net, denying the system the chance to fulfill any of its potentially harmful intentions.

What would happen if the people who administer this system take a stand? – like the housing officer who threatened her with eviction if she went even a week behind, knowing she had no income. To survive, cruel systems need to be enforced and when people start saying ‘no’, then the system has to change. I suspect we can all find areas in our lives where we have started to normalise unnecessarily harsh or punishing state systems.

That is my story, an aspect of my need for control. Do you have a story too? If so, what can we all do to help soothe our innate need for certainty? In times of genuine danger or oppression we must do all we can to control our situation and stay safe, but in more subtle circumstances, please consider the following:

Accept that control and predictability are not available so stop looking for them.

Reframe the stress of uncertainty as a necessary challenge, one that allows us to show our resilience, learn trust in life and our capacity to cope. A hero cannot be a hero without a challenge to overcome and if we can meet the unknown with excitement rather than fear, then we will likely create a more powerful outcome.

Rather than oppose what we don’t want, can we align with and energise what we do want?

With love


The alchemy of healing


I have already explored how these little grounding chips work. They seem to connect us to the electromagnetic tuning fork of mother earth and her natural rhythms.

I have another curiosity based on the two aura photos below. How is it that the resonators hold a healed state for the person’s injured left wrist? Why is the thick white band in the first more balanced in the second?

     Baseline photo             With resonator added

It suggests to me that resonators do more than just support us in the face of electromagnetic interference. They must also connect us to our own blueprint in some way. If Mother earth is an aspect of the divine, then when we connect with her we must surely also be connecting to our own divinely inspired state of being.

If you want to try these inexpensive supporters out for yourself, please follow this link: Resonators


We are moving towards the last few healing keys and codes, looking at topical and potentially controversial areas. The keys give you some support but without the context of the supporting chapter itself.

Here is the healing key for today…

Key 9

I honour the unique essence of the masculine and feminine within me and live through the highest expression of their gifts.

428 119 263 197

I am so grateful for your continued support as the book finds an ever growing audience. If you want to join us, please follow this link: Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

Today’s main theme – The alchemy of healing

I’ve experienced so many incredible therapies on my journey of healing. I’ve often reflected on the huge variety of offerings out there and looked for any commonalities that connect them. What is that single process, that magical alchemical reaction that is essential for any healing process to take place? I believe there is a core process and I’ll tell you what it looks like to me:

The first step is to clearly identify the exact nature of the issue. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to jump to their prescription pad if you said you were ‘feeling unwell’ any more than you would expect a complementary therapist to help without knowing what is out of balance. You might manifest, for example, a skin complaint but is it a result of inner toxicity? … a sense of needing stronger boundaries to the outside world?… or a childhood lack of loving touch? I don’t believe our wounded expressions will simply let go of their protective programmes unless we have identified exactly what needs releasing and why it is safe or appropriate to do so.

The second step is to show our internal systems that the imbalance or response is untrue or unnecessary. The old behaviour might be based on the dangers felt in an historical situation that is no longer present, or the result of a false belief system pushed by a childhood caregiver.

These protective instincts are there to help us, not punish us. There are times when indigestion, high states of alert, poor sleep etc may be natural and to some extent necessary. When that situation has passed, healing of their consequences can be found. If the situation is still present, there is much support that can be given, but aspects of these deeper issues may remain.

Having established the exact nature of the core wound and that it is timely and appropriate to work with it, the third step is to create an environment where the wound is met by an aspect of our healed state. In other words, an aspect of our experience that is out of balance will be a depleting factor on our life force and will only be balanced when it is met by a healed resource. I suggest there are 3 core areas of resource, perhaps you can think of more:

  1. The body’s natural blueprint and its innate knowledge of it. When you stimulate a meridian or a pressure point, the body assesses the current state of that system or energy channel against its known state of wellness.

  2. A balanced system somewhere within the body. For instance, a therapist might ask a client to find a place within that feels stable and grounded. An anxious mind might be helped by the stability of that person’s rhythmic breathing pattern, or the solid feeling of their feet upon the floor.

  3. A connection with an external source of healing, such as reiki, the angelic realm, God, or nature.

I believe that healing is not just a connection to some form of love, it is also a connection to truth. Love, healing and the truth are all aspects of the same energy. If you receive healing you might also receive truth through the correction of an illusion you have been holding, perhaps around your self-worth or your personal safety.

I believe we are all eternal beings created perfectly; the confusion built into the human condition is that we can easily and understandably lose sight of this.

With love


Where are we heading ? Part II

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please do share these words if it calls you to do so.


These inexpensive little chips emit a subtle electromagnetic field. They help connect us back into the heart of Gaia, even in the face of interference from modern technology.

Their effects are easily demonstrated using kinesiology muscle testing, and the aura photographs on my website are staggering. When I journeyed shamanically about them, I was shown the image of two human feet stood at the tideline, with the latest wave withdrawing gently back to the ocean, leaving ripples in the sand as the water navigates around the person’s toes.

I know that feeling, the deep sensual connection of that place where land meets water. I’m not suggesting that resonators replicate that exquisite feeling, but they can, perhaps, replicate the effects that deep connection with the earth have on our energy fields. They are designed as grounding devices, keeping us in deep and close relationship to the earth beneath us regardless of the electromagnetic stresses above her surface. Resonators

Book – ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

I am so grateful to the hundreds of you that have bought the book. I do believe it has life changing potential so please do check it out if you have any interest at all for yourself or a loved one. Book

Here is key 8. It sounds a bit mysterious as the component parts appear unconnected, but there is a clear theme holding them together, that of our wounded core beliefs. For me, these 4 components hold a powerful space that includes hundreds of more specific core beliefs that sit underneath.

Key 8

“I live in the ‘now’. I recognise that everyone is doing the best they can. There is nothing I need to do or become. I am safe”.

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This month’s theme – Where are we heading?

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned a shamanic journey where I asked for a view of how technology might interfere with our innate drive for community.

The image I was shown was of the mature oak tree (representing community) with a trailing ivy (technology) snaking up its trunk. I’m sure you have many interesting interpretations of this vision, this is mine:

For me, this shows that there is a parasitical shadow to the technology route, that as much as it claims to be complete as a model, it relies upon our innate community desires to nourish it. It needs the collective infrastructure and stability of the oak tree, our shared drive to work together towards a common goal. As powerful as it appears to be, its energy is built upon the strengths of the established value systems of human communities and the supply chains that support us all.

Have you noticed how so much of the narrative of recent years has invited us to work towards what is named as a common good, but is often deeply divisive and serves only the powerful and the rich? Ruling bodies sell their ideas with a superficial wrapper of ‘higher purpose’ to disguise their true intention, that of maintaining power and increasing their net worth at our expense.

For example, here are a few narratives of the current rule makers and what I think is the true energy behind them in brackets:

  • ‘Trust in science’ (give up your own intuition, discernment and research).
  • ‘Let us track your movement, health choices and expenditure’ (loss of various freedoms, with population data gathering).
  • ‘You need us to help you through this’ (government grants and safety nets giving a temporary fix to problems of their own making and creating dependency on state aid).
  • ‘Dissenters are troublemakers and laws must be changed to ban types of protest’ (loss of free speech and right to protest. Do what you are told!).
  • ‘Refugees and immigrants are a problem’ (sanctioning racism, ‘othering’ and a fear based blaming of anyone different from ourselves).
  • ‘Take this pill/ medical intervention to protect the vulnerable’ (loss of medical freedom of choice).
  • ‘Incentivise those struggling, or not in a job, to work harder’ (blame the poor, diverting attention from the true source of any problem).

This is just my sense, what do you feel?

The good news is that if this imagery is true, any restrictions on our personal autonomy still need us all to implement them. We are the oak tree after all, we have the structure and the true power. Here are a few suggestions to keep it that way:

  1. Keep researching and share what you find.
  2. Take action to create the life you want. This doesn’t mean being intrinsically in opposition to what you don’t like; there is a place for protest but sometimes opposing something gives it energy. It can be equally important to put your energy into what you do want, not against what you don’t.
  3. Quiet non-compliance. Most draconian systems need compliance and support by the people. Without the support of the networks of the oak tree, nothing happens.
  4. Do your internal work. Explore where you resist your own power and any times when you have accepted that your feelings and opinion have no value or are causing harm.
  5. Significantly change the life of one person. This isn’t about rescuing, but I believe most of us know someone who desperately needs our support, guidance, or resources to break out of their suffering. If we could each make heroic interventions for just one person, that would change the world.

Whatever happens, I hope we can recognise that we are all in this together. Unlike the science fiction movies I mentioned last month, no one gets left behind in this envisaged world future. One solution for us all, one human race, one world.

With love


Where are we heading?

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please do share these words if it calls you to do so.

Special offer for March

Last month’s special offer seemed to go down very well, so here is another, this time a gift to the planet and our future.

This month, I will be donating £4 (including Gift Aid) to the Rainforest Trust for every qualifying order received by me before midnight Sunday 19th Feb. Each donation will protect nearly one acre of rainforest, so a win / win / win. A qualifying order is:

  1. Every copy sold or downloaded of my book ‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’ Book
  2. Every order of at least 3 packs of resonators (minimum value £26). Resonators
  3. If you buy both, I will donate twice.

Please do check out the links for information on why the resonators and the book are such valuable healing tools.

Meantime, here is the 7th key from the book, a short key from a very detailed chapter…

Key 7

I release all retained fight, flight, freeze and fawn dynamics. I am safe.”

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This month’s theme – Where are we heading? Part 1

This is a big subject so I will share my senses in two instalments. Here is part 1, starting with some context:

There are many qualities shared by shaman and story tellers. In indigenous cultures, the shaman and wise elders of the village would maintain a framework of moral guidelines through the stories they told of heros and legend. These stories would pass down the generations so that the ethics they contained could hold a consistent set of unwritten rules for those to come. The shaman might also see likely scenarios for the future through tracking the energies prevalent in that moment and seeing where they could lead. In doing so, they could also create prophesy and a common vision of the future to work towards.

I feel that these ancient traditions are still held today, just with different roles and job titles.

Some authors and script writers are shaman of sorts, challenging us to feel into the ethics and morality of the story presented. Science fiction is a genre that can take a view into possible futures based on the prevailing energies of the day, and can be accurate when we look back on historical scripts with the benefit of hindsight.

Think of recent themes – viral pandemics, mutant humans and a range of apocalyptic scenarios where the privileged few create a dystopian society based on heavy technology but at the loss of personal autonomy. Have you seen the Divergent film series? Hunger Games? The Island? Total Recall? to name just a few…

In these challenging movies, there is often an enclosed community dependent on technology but with limited individual freedom. They are run by individuals or small groups of ‘elite’ with absolute power to make any enforce the rules.

Beyond their high walls, there are often survivors in the old world, ‘outsiders’ who manage to live in a primal way, scraping a living with primitive farming tools and hunting equipment. They are often portrayed as diseased and threatening in some way, but often just lacking in the security of the ones portrayed as ‘lucky’ inside their futuristic dome.

I believe these script writers are feeling into possible futures just like the shaman. These scripts capture our attention and draw us in because we recognise their possibility, we tremor slightly at the prospect that these futuristic scenarios might just come true.

The responsibility we all have is to decide if these scenarios are what we dream of and, if not, decide what we need to do now to alter the flow of energy in that direction. Whatever the likelihood or possibilities, we still have the capacity to change the outcome, if we can all fundamentally align with something that feels better.

Honouring the themes of these futuristic films, I see two core pathways emerging:

The technology ‘dome’

-Extreme divergence between those benefiting from this technology and those excluded

-No individual wealth or possessions

-Stifled debate with no protests allowed

-Basic needs dictated and met by those in charge

-Mandated medical treatments

-Rigid and oppressive enforcement of the rules

-Everyone working towards the perceived highest good of the dome

Natural living in communities

-Technology supporting the people, not controlling them

-Small enterprises and trades meeting local needs

-Self-sufficient, local community hubs

-Rules and decisions made by local councils of elders and wise people

-Free will, flexibility, openness to discussion and debate

-Everyone working to meet the highest state of the community and its individuals

When I journeyed shamanically to ask about these two options I was shown the natural, communal way of living represented as a mature oak tree, for me symbolising the power, stability and timelessness of this way of living. It felt self-supporting and part of the flow of life, giving and receiving in equal measures.

The technology dome scenario showed as a parasitical climbing ivy, wrapping around the trunk of the tree to help it climb towards the sustenance of natural light.

What does this mean? I will give you my interpretation next month along with a few ideas of how to maintain our freedom of choice as we face powerful interests that feel they know better than we do in all areas of our lives.

In the meantime, please feel into this imagery for yourself and find your own truths within this metaphor.

With love



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