Where have our guides gone?


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This months theme – where have our guides gone?

I was tuning into a client’s spiritual support group recently and asked about the composition of her ‘Higher-Self panel’. It can be interesting to establish how many guides each of us are working with and what their gifts are. I was intrigued to find she had none. There was still plenty of support available through the angelic realm and higher, but no guides as such.

That night, I checked how many guides I had supporting me and found, likewise, there were none. If this is a wider pattern rather than just a coincidence, why might this be?

To understand what might be at play here, we need to explore the wider picture and where we may all be heading.

If we look at the ancient prophesies, we see that we are in the era where human consciousness is expected to expand into its highest potential, where the veils between heaven and earth become thin, perhaps even merge. The bible refers to this in terms that can be read as apocalyptic but also potentially as a time of great transition and potential. in the Bible, Matthew 24:39 references the end times, and I was especially interested in the section which says:

‘the sun will be darkened,

and the moon will not give its light;

the stars will fall from the sky,

and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

If I look at this shamanically, the sun is seen as a symbol of Great Spirit. If the sun is darkened, does this mean that we will lose that connection with the externalised version of God? And then ‘the stars will fall from the sky’ as part of the shake up of the heavens.

What do the stars represent in this imagery? When I journeyed shamanically I saw those stars as individual souls, and when I looked into the darkness of the night sky with no sun or moon, I saw a beautiful vision, like a meteorite shower, of bright specks of starlight coming down to the earth and landing here. The stars falling from the sky was a sign of new possibilities, not disaster.

Right next to me, a version of myself, a part of my oversoul, landed and I was invited to merge with that essence. This felt like a real gift, parts of my soul that previously sat in Spirit came into my body, here to help guide me from within, not without.

This does feel aligned with many ancient prophesies and some new age beliefs, that this new era for our species will not be driven through the appearance of one prophet but through the transition of all of us into a higher place of consciousness and love, call that ‘ascension’ if you wish.

Returning to my original question, if our guides are stepping back for some or all of us, what does this mean as part of the bigger picture? I can’t see any obvious benefit in excluding a counsel of wise elders, so I assume that there is some energetic need for our spiritual oversoul to contain only the seed of our essence.

Perhaps this stepping back of our guides frees our oversoul energy to make a clean descent into our embodied selves. It might also allow a purer connection between the part of us that sits in Spirit and the part of us embodied in the physical realm.

This deeper connection might also explain why we need the new consciousness grid that I have referred to in previous newsletters. It might be acting as a bridge between the high vibrations of Spirit and the density of our embodied selves.

In shamanic terms, the soul journey is held in the north and the physical experience held in the south, so a consciousness grid of new beliefs and ethics might sit in the middle in the west, enhancing the spiritual and physical experiences that sit above and below.

This is just my sense. Please feel into it yourself and if you feel inspired, perhaps ask your Higher Self if it is appropriate, and in the highest interests of all beings, for more of your soul energy in Spirit to come in to the version of you embodied here. Is it time to call in more of your soul so you may be guided and inspired from a deeper wellspring of internal wisdom?

With love



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