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“Quantum K became an anchor point in my day, along with several other practices. 23 minutes where things could be okay. I felt a truth in the practice. A deep trust that all the pieces breaking around me were being put back together in something akin to the right order.

My life has turned around in every way imaginable. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m financially stable again and willing to take the risk of working for myself again. My relationships are slowly gaining roots, and some repair of old relationships is happening. I am more or less free of guilt and shame and other low vibration emotions of the past that weigh me down. I got spiritual clarity on what happened during 2021, how many layers were in that experience, and how to use the strength I derived to better serve others. I have forgiven myself for my bad choices and have forgiven others for their parts. That chapter is finally coming to a close”. Trinity 

my kinesiologist put me onto your K1 healing and its been phenomenal. I have profound shifts every time I listen to it. Grateful for your work and generosity.” Sophie

“Thank you so much. I just have to share with you how incredibly grateful I am to have come across your Quantum K healing meditations. I listen to it every morning and I truly feel the impact it has had on my life. I have told numerous friends about it and now they’re just as grateful to have it in their lives”. Katy Votapka

“I listened to the QVK healing on Vimeo and I just relaxed right down. I also went on to the prayer. When I got together afterwards, I felt real joy of living in the “Now”. Thank you for the gift you have given to the world”. Kay

“Thank you for this amazing healing journey that you have given to all of us through your website. I have done the experience twice and such a joyous peace has come to my life from it. I have participated and welcomed many beautiful forms of healing and divine light into my life and this is among the sweetest and truest. I feel more expansive, much self limitation is lifted, I have more love for others, more light filled, forgiving, and happier!. I have shared your work with friends in the US and Europe. We are all so very grateful to you for this extensive body of wonderful healing work. Many blessings and deep gratitude for your sharing of this divine expression of life, Love”, Maggie Milliette

“I received my Quantum K resonators about 12 hours ago, and I can honestly say I feel a HUGE difference! I’ve done the Quantum K free session a few times and noticed that I felt much lighter, things were clearer for me and an issue I’d had with self-doubt has improved significantly. I’m a Healer (Reiki, intuitive healing, etc.) and that ability has grown and expanded in beautiful and surprising ways. I’ve been doing my own internal work, of course, but I do feel that Quantum K has helped accelerate the process and integrate it in ways that I couldn’t have done alone. Which is why I ordered the Resonators. I’m pretty skeptical in general, I go by my intuition, what I feel and experience.

My experience with Quantum K has been powerful and quite the surprise! I wanted to thank you personally for the work you’re doing and how it’s resonating throughout the world. I’ve always been interested in quantum theory, physics, etc. and intuitively felt that much would be done with these sciences, particularly in the realm of healing. Your Quantum K session and Resonators have proven me right! I’ve read most of your blogs as well and found them to be quite entertaining, I very much vibed with what you had to say, particularly about this year and the outcome. Keep up the great work, my friend! It’s a pleasure to have found Quantum K. Many Blessings and Much Love”, Colette

“I am discerning when it comes to healing techniques, but I can genuinely say that Quantum K healing is truly incredible! After listening to it five times, the pain in my left leg (i’ve had for over ten years) has virtually disappeared altogether. I have more self love than before, i have also realised that I have been running lots of “sabotage programmes” and that i needed to work more on forgiveness. I have released many ex relationships for the first time and I feel more protected and connected. I have now purchased the healing CD and will be using that frequently too”. Lucille

“I would just like to thank you for the amazing work you have done. I have been using the quantum k healing session on your website for about 3 weeks now on a an almost daily basis. I have to admit I am completely stunned by the results. I have never felt better in my life, ever! I was a little skeptical prior to trying the session, but what the heck is was free so may as well try it. I am so happy that I did, and have recommended the session to many friends and family. I don’t know how or what you did, or really even how it works because I have not had time to read the manual yet, but it has been a true blessing in my life. I am no longer bound by any feelings of fear or apprehension about my future, I am completely at peace with myself and the world around me, and for the first time in my life I feel like I can conquer anything that comes my way. I truly cannot thank you enough for how this has changed my life. Thank you again, and I wish you all the great and beautiful things that life has to offer. God bless.” Erica

“I stumbled across your website last year and read about the Quantum K programme with scepticism,(I thought it might be a brain washing programme from the CIA)- joke! Any way curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a go, I did it twice and thought nothing more, well let me tell you, I have had a melanoma type growth on the side of my temple for over ten years it was the size of a 20p piece and growing. I had tried acupuncture, herbal medicine, and even colloidal silver in the past to try remove but didn’t work and I just didn’t relish the thought of going under the knife it would have meant plastic surgery.

To cut a long story short when I tried your programme (I wasn’t even thinking about my growth) I had a frozen shoulder that was bothering me but a couple of days after the second session the growth started to itch then became very dark and started to raise, it looked like a brown cauliflower, I actually started to worry, so did my partner she insisted I go to my GP anyway another couple of days went by and I noticed it stated flaking and dropping off and within a week it had completely gone. There is no scar and you wouldn’t ever know that I had, had this growth unless looking at photos. so even if it was either, Psychosomatic or a placebo effect its worked on me and I just wanted to thank you, and by the way my frozen shoulder had eased dramatically within a couple of weeks, bearing in mind I had had that for over six months so once again thank you very much I have passed your web site on to friends and family as they too were curious.” Tony

“I have listened for 3 days & the pain between my shoulders that has been my constant companion for 20 years is gone, not better but GONE.” Sandra

“This is amazing! and all the more amazing that it is given with such love and grace. I’ve just done it and cried and breathed deeply all the way through and felt a sense of peace at the end. The music is beautiful (if slightly haunting) but strangely addictive too! I passed the weblink on to a friend who I was talking to last night and she did it straight away and it got rid of her period pain instantly!” Tamsyn

“Now, and most important of all, let me tell you the impact Quantum K has had on me. I consider myself healthy in that I haven’t been ill since I was 18 when I had my tonsils out. Not even a cold. However, I have had pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders for years and the neck and shoulder pain was starting to give me headaches. Doctors have suggested massage and exercise but I haven’t taken their advice seriously, except for taking public transport, which includes a short walk, instead of driving. I have used your video Healing Experience 4 times and the audio version once over the last 9 days, and, as I assess my body now, I have no pain at all in my lower back, neck or shoulders! Over these nine days I have done nothing differently so it has to be Quantum K that has worked the miracle. That is simply amazing!” G

“I thought that you might like to know I have been using Quantum k utilizing your free demo on your site with great success! I have had severe arthritic pain in my feet and hands hampering me daily. Using your program once a day over a two week time frame has eliminated the pain. I am so impressed I decided to purchase the audio file. Thank you for posting your site and offering this new technology”. Mike

“Dear Andrew, I got to your healing site “by chance”…………exactly when I needed it most :-). I never ever experienced such a powerful and instant – I am struggling to find the correct word here – elevated consciousness and some kind of movement inside my body. I guess this is the best description. Very addictive! I keep coming back.

Thank you for making this available for all of us and thank you for your wonderful contribution for mankind. Peace be with you. With love. Betty

“Thank you so much. Its awesome. For 3 days now I have been in an extremely good mood. Wow!” Jeri

“I think Songs of the Galaxies is amazing. I love your voice and would love to hear some of your other compositions. I’ve been doing lots of out of body exploring over the last three years, and really appreciate your healing system, and Songs of the Galaxies has a particularly special resonance with me. Each track sounds utterly beautiful”. Matt

“Thank you for shipping the healing resonators so quickly! I could feel them instantly! I put a resonator under my pillow and WOW, the dreams and such were so vivid and healing. Emmanuel

“I think Quantum K is amazing and it’s wonderful you created it in a form that’s easily accessible to people…the least I could do was help spread the word. I did receive a miracle healing on an infected tooth. The infection was so bad and so painful the whole side of my face was swollen the infection had spread into my eardrum and nearly burst it and I was afraid it was headed toward my brain.

I had been using Thyme and Oregano essential oils to help fight the bacterial infection and had been putting Clove essential oil on the tooth every few hours and changed my diet to completely alkaline but it wasn’t helping fast enough and within 3 viewings of the Quantum K all the pain was gone I was chewing food on that side of my mouth, which I hadn’t been able to do for over 6 months and could even eat tiny grains like quinoa that before would be excruciatingly painful if it got inside the chipped crown part of my tooth.

I consider this a miracle healing…so now I send it to everyone and have also posted it on my blog and submitted my blog posts to about 40 plus social bookmarking sites to get the word out to thousands of people”. Rebecca

“Great book. I started experiencing the symptoms before I even got to the page that told me I might experience them. WOW!!!!! what powerful energy in this book”.Linda

“I have had a frozen shoulder/damaged rotator cuff for several months, and physiotherapy seemed to only improve it slightly. I started using high frequency healing through a watch I wear which a friend of mine invented, and the joint repair program improved my arm usage to about 75%. I am combining using the watch, along with Quantum K healing session over this two week period, and my arm/shoulder is 90% recovered! More importantly, I feel completely at peace with wherever I am at, with whatever Source wishes me to do with my skills, and am perfectly balanced in my daily life! So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, light and blessings, Maggie Gold.

PS. I have now sent this out to about 250 people, and everyone is loving it!”

“This is one of the most profound healing experiences, I have ever had.” Penny

“Part of my reason for writing is to share my meditation experience. I have found that the combination of your narrated version and the Emotional Healing Track 3 in a continuous 35-minute meditation is EXTRAORDINARY and synergistic in ways I cannot describe. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much I think others would be helped by offering this combination or at least suggesting that this be set up as a “Playlist” on one’s MP3 player. I had the guidance to at least mention it!” Marva

“I feel the Quantum K experience to be making profound changes for me. I have had ME/CFS for 20+ years (I’m now 62), and although I have improved, I have not improved as much as I would have expected. But I have had a pretty dire life in one way or another, until about 5 years ago, and I always suspected that my past traumas were holding me back in some way. I knew I was probably carrying a whole load of baggage of resentments, grievances and regrets which I hadn’t let go of, and which were probably getting in the way of my improving my health and gaining a sense of fulfilment.

Anyway, I first watched it on a Saturday, and seeing all the things it was covering thought it looked very interesting but wasn’t that sure about it’s ability to change anything. The next day I felt unusually energised, but didn’t really connect the two things. The next week I felt much the same as usual, but was getting very noticeably sleepy in the afternoon, wanted to lie down, and found I actually nodded off almost every day – unheard of for me recently.

I did it again the next Saturday, and again the same thing happened – a good Sunday and a feeling of wanting an afternoon rest all week. I also started feeling increasingly toxic, but not overwhelmingly so, so by this time I was pretty sure something was really happening.

So I started doing the whole thing everyday (I’m not renowned for my patience). I stopped getting the good days, and was feeling pretty much permanently low grade toxic, and still needing afternoon naps. I then decided to divide the whole thing into three parts – physical, emotional and general, and spiritual, and do one part each day. I have a sense that there’s a lot being shifted. Not only that, I have had to reduce my thyroid medication from 3 to 1 tablet because my pulse was starting to race and I was obviously getting too much – I assume as a result of the process. Having physical proof like that sort of clinched it for me. I’ve already progressed to beginning to feel less toxic now, and am developing at last an increasing sense of peace with the feelings of “resentment, grievance and regret” that have been so much part of my life”. Keith Dunbar UK

“Wow!!! That was some piece of work on your part! I thought it was very moving. There are some fantastic statements in there and it was a reminder for me of some deeper truths I think I know but might have forgotten!” John

“Dear Andrew – words cannot describe the amazing, wonderful feed back we’ve had from presenting this one day event. Thank you so very very much – this was one of the most profoundly beautiful gifts we have ever been given and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this. You really are a star!!!

The quantum K movie was enjoyed by 22 people at this event and all of them in small and extravagant ways have given us divine feed back for giving this amazing experience! A third of them have told us they have down loaded the manual too!

One of the participants is strongly clairvoyant and watched all of our auras changing, becoming brighter clearer and more colourful as the movie progressed!!

The words that everyone used to describe the experience were great and as each person tried to articulate what they had felt so others would join in to help them express the awe and wonder of experiencing Heaven on Earth.We really enjoyed presenting this workshop and are immensely grateful to you and this loving universe for enabling us to share this gift with so many.” Annie

“Wow, Andrew that was amazing, have just completed my first healing experience and loved it, really powerful energy work there, congratulations on creating such a beneficial tool for healing, many many thanks.” Ben

“Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful CD. I love it! It is just so amazing – I take it bed with me and listen on my portable CD player and each time I listen I get more from it. When I listen to the first track I feel as though my heart is beating in time with the heartbeat of the universe.

Then the second track – wow, I go on a trip around the galaxies, floating and dancing amongst the stars and finally with the third track I feel as though I have been transported into another dimension that I can only imagine must be what it feels like to be in heaven!

The pain levels from arthritis and fibromyalgia are improving and I can now move around my flat without my trolley most of the time which is very encouraging.” Anon

“Last night I experienced your “free healing experience” for the first time. It had been highly recommended. I had not been feeling well, not sleeping but for an hour or so each night and my mind was filled with brain chatter. Needless to say I was having trouble shutting it down. But after my first “experience” I sleep 3-4 hours straight last night and woke this morning refreshed and energized!! I love it!

… I also wanted to report that I slept straight through last night from 10 pm to 6am. This is a huge, huge improvement! I held the manual, gave intent to draw appropriate healing from it, then rested briefly. Then I went to bed with the manual under my pillow. Blessed sleep!” Susan (Oklahoma)”

“I downloaded and used the quantum K manual and the website also and they are fantastic. I just wanted to let you know that. The world truly needs that sort of thing right now and I think you have done a fine job.” Martin

“Thank you so much Andrew. I will pass that on to my niece who is the one who is pregnant.

I used the healing system myself for the first time yesterday and feel sure that I am experiencing subtle changes already.

I intend to do it weekly and will definitely be buying the resonators and cd in the next few weeks. Thanks for making this available.

I will be passing the info etc on to as many people as possible.” Janis

“I have just downloaded the CD and it is playing in the dining room, its enchanting. Thank you so much. My friend Rhoda just texted and is loving her CD too.” Anne

“I use Quantum K every day because I printed off the manual and sleep with it under my pillow. I try to use the meditation on the website once or twice a week though.

I must say since I have started using it my spiritual vibrations seem to be a lot cleaner/ clearer, it’s hard to find the right words but they feel as if I’m tuned to the right station now if that makes sense, it’s been a bit like using a fine tune on my radio settings.The connections I get feel a lot stronger and clearer and I seem to ‘know’ a lot more than I did before and if I wasn’t using QuantumK I wouldn’t have a clue where that knowledge was coming from. My dreams are a lot more vivid and lucid now, in fact I’m sure most of them aren’t dreams but Astral travelling.

I certainly feel a lot calmer and connected, Frank didn’t think I could be any more laid back but he was wrong on that one. On a personal level, I’ve lost a lot of the fear I used to have, especially the fear of dying and losing loved ones. I was ok with this (in a fashion) before but now it’s a definite rather than just a thought, if that makes sense. I know leaving this physical plane is just another stage on my journey. Also, almost everything I ask the Angels/Divine Spirit or Cosmos for comes to me, it’s amazing !!!”Lynne

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