This healing manual is the latest written version of ‘Quantum K’. The experience on this website is a free extract of the most important themes explored here, but the manual itself is the only source of the complete healing code. There are no paper versions of this manual available; if you cannot print it yourself, you could ask a local commercial printer to do it for you.

Click on the PDF links below to view the book’s contents :

Overview and Introduction
Chapter 1 – The ‘Quantum K’ system
Chapter 2 – Self-help using ‘Quantum K’
Chapter 3 – Working on other people
Chapter 4 – The Universal healing model
Chapter 5 – DNA
Chapter 6 – Resonance
Chapter 7 – Fractal geometry
Chapter 8 – Harmonics
Chapter 9 – Sacred Geometry
Chapter 10 – Naturopathic steps
Chapter 11 – Healing Section Governing principles
Chapter 12 – Physical healing
Chapter 13 – Emotional healing
Chapter 14 – General healing
Chapter 15 – Spiritual healing
Chapter 16 – Chakra healing
Chapter 17 – Affirmations

Kinesiology / dowsing scan lists
These notes represent the concepts I use in my clinic. They were released in January 2010 so represent new areas of thinking that I have explored since the original Quantum K manual was released.

If you are a kinesiologist or a dowser, you should find the scan lists useful to you in your practice or as part of your personal healing journey. For everyone else, you may enjoy exploring the concepts contained in the explanatory notes and using the scan lists in much the same way as the Quantum K manual. If you hold them against your body with intent to heal, you should draw from them whatever healing energy is appropriate for you at that time.

These items are offered at no charge. If you feel you would like to return the energy in some way, then a donation will help me continue to run and develop this website. You can use the button below to give whatever you feel is appropriate.

Scan Lists
Scan Lists Explanatory Notes

NB : If you do not have Acrobat Reader click on this link to download the free version : 

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