‘Quantum K’ Resonators

I can already feel the difference in my body’s energy. Does it happen that quickly? I am around computers and my phone all day. I have various crystals, shields, etc. purchased over the years.  Nothing has been as tangible as this. I am AMAZED and thankful.Ginni

“I measured my energy before have the chip on me and then after and used my pendulum to show reading. It actually shows that it turns mobile phone negative rays into positive ? This is amazing”. Rachel

“My wife pendulum tested my phone frequency before and after, and it effectively cancelled the radiation down to same or below airplane mode”. Brad

Quantum K resonators are little healing chips, individually made and programmed by Andrew Kempleton, the designer of ‘Quantum K’. Their primary function is to emit a permanent but gentle healing field, harmonising the user with the natural frequency of Planet Earth. Resonators are like a grounding device, reminding us of the natural frequency of mother earth while we are exposed to so many unnatural frequencies.

With the advent of 5G, the pressures on our energy fields are increasing. The resonators are designed to hold us in balance regardless of the interference being sent our way. It is not a question of blocking damaging energies coming at us, but of helping our energy fields hold the pitch and resonance of our natural state of being.

Their benefits have been demonstrated consistently using kinesiology muscle testing and captured superbly in the following aura photos:

1. Control image – no external influences 2. With mobile phone introduced 3. Mobile phone with resonator
As you can see, the test subject has a reasonably balanced energy field, but with a left sided distortion due to recent injuries and some uneven rotation in the chakras themselves. A mobile phone is introduced in the 2nd photo by the subject’s ear and you can immediately see the deterioration in both the colour of the aura and the symmetry of the chakras. The left-sided imbalance remains. The third picture shows the combined effect of a mobile phone and a resonator. As you can see, the original colouring and symmetry have returned and the resonators are even able to override the left sided imbalance in the energy field. In effect they have compensated for the negative electromagnetic field of the mobile phone and provided additional healing and vitality

The following comments come from the photographer, Dr Mike Mirkovic of the Epsom Osteopathic Centre, New Zealand.

“With the introduction of the mobile phone, the body has gone into ‘defensive stance’. The main effects are shown in the three chakras near to the phone. You can see the channelling of a healing energy which is trying to negate or balance the effect of the cell phone. The bringing in of the turquoise, which is an anti-inflammatory colour, is trying to protect the body from an ‘oppressor’ – in this case the cell phone.

In the third picture, the subject’s individual chakra colours have returned to those shown in the control photo, despite the presence of a cell phone next to the body. The aura is larger and a bit denser, so the resonator chip is not only negating the effect of the cell phone, but is actually improving overall health”.

Resonator on a battery cover Resonator on the back of a watch

By attaching one to the back of your watch, wrist band or item of jewellery, you allow its subtle electromagnetic field to remind your body of the frequency of natural balance. This can protect you from the negative emotions of those around you, as well as the environmental stresses of computers, artificial lighting, fridge freezers, wi-fi etc.

Each pack contains 3 resonators, with a clear self-adhesive strip to secure them in place. There is one for your watch, one for your mobile phone and one perhaps to attach to your water filter or tap to help energetically balance your fluid intake. For those with phones with a fixed back plate, you can simply attach the resonator to the back cover. If you have a phone case, this will protect the resonator from being knocked off.

If you buy extra packs, you can put one on the main electric equipment in your house and your fuse box to help drain their imbalanced frequencies back to the earth.

The effects are subtle, but if you keep one close to your skin you will benefit from their healing frequency, gaining ongoing protection as well as support for the ‘Quantum K’ experience itself. The resonators are powered by electromagnetic tape, which offers an almost indefinite life span, certainly many years. With a starting price of £11 per packet including postage and significant discounts for extra orders, they are an affordable and imaginative present for friends and family.

Here is a testimonial from Joyce d W in Holland:

“I want to thank you very much for this chip as it’s helping me so much. I’ve been struggling with grounding and absorbing everyone’s energies my whole life, and tried many techniques and healings, but nothing works so instantly and strong as this. I’m instantly grounded since I wear the chip and my aura feels very protected. It’s working wonders for me!”

Number of packs of 3

‘Quantum K1’ Healing Music

“Thank you so much! I absolutely love these and everything else that’s been created. It’s magical to say the least”. Denise, user of all 3 music offerings.

The ground breaking music of Quantum K has been composed and developed using the fractal equations, sequences and harmonics of the Quantum K system and is an integral part of the system itself.

For maximum benefit it is suggested that you try to find time to relax and give this music as much of your attention as possible allowing the Quantum K music to reach inside you and initiate the transformative powers inherent in its melodies, harmonies and frequencies.

The album is divided into three movements – a total of 46 minutes in duration. Each movement has a selection of extracts you can listen to by clicking on the link.

The Master Harmonic 
The first movement is based around a musical interpretation of the Master Harmonic and gateway sequence.

Number 6 8 7 9 5 5 8 9 8 9 9 8
Gateway 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1

“I lived and worked with the healing potential of the sequence for a number of months whilst exploring its musical possibilities. The main melody, which is inspired from the relationships within the sequence, came through to me as a musical composition in a spontaneous and intuitive way one day as I was sitting at my piano. This was the beginning of a very beautiful and powerful experience for me and I continue to be transformed by this process.”

The main melody which at first often feels challenging to listeners does indeed have the power to transform us. Upon repeated listening the melody becomes more and more familiar to us and deepens – as in reality it already resonates at the core of our being. The apparent ‘discordance’ on first hearing the melody eventually resolves itself within us as we become more and more comfortable with it and therefore with the depths of our own being. In this way we harmonize the apparent ‘conflicts and discordance’ within our interior worlds and unite them through the experience of coming to know the beauty of the music, through coming to know the beauty of ourselves.

Listen to extract 1
Listen to extract 2

Songs Of The Galaxies
The second movement is a ‘Song Of The Galaxies’.

“The atmosphere of this song came through to me as channelled information a few years ago. This song is an expression and sharing of this information which is held within the associations of each of the separate instruments and voices. It is offered to you with love.”

Listen to extract 3

Emotional Healing
The third movement of the Quantum K music is specifically intended for emotional healing based on the Quantum K master harmonic for emotional healing.

Number 3 9 7 5 4 3 2 0 1 1 3 8
Gateway 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1

The listener will discover this piece is divided into three parts.

“The first part of the emotional healing music I have created is reflective and is loosely connected to the sensations and feelings I recall from my earliest childhood. However I have intended this part of the music to be a chance for us to become conscious of the feelings we carry within us at this moment and I hope a chance to acknowledge these feelings as they arise without judgment. A chance to honour the part of us that feels and to receive its revelations.”

“… The second part of the movement is a manifestation of the positive attributes of the Quantum K system in the form of words. Allow these words to combine with your own feelings. The words that particularly resonate with you at this time will be felt most clearly.”

We have observed when playing this piece to people that each listener is aware of different words, or drawn to different words, each time they experience this movement. In other words you will hear what you need to hear.

“… The final part of this final movement is an expression of the alchemy of emotional healing inherent within the music and is a celebration of the healing that has occurred as a result of this experience.”

Listen to extract 4
Listen to extract 5

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‘Quantum K’ Healing Music – Narrated version

The narrated audio version is the quantum K experience but with me (Andrew Kemp) reading the key statements of intent over the 23 minute background music. It is ideal if you want to experience the healing away from your computer, perhaps before you go to sleep, or while resting.

“I listened to it without headphones, and many of the statements hit me like an arrow. I have been listening to it three times a day, and some symptoms that I have had, allergy-related mostly, as well as anxiety over circumstances with my job, have all lessened to the point that I feel literally like a new person; even the air in my office looks clearer and smells different. I feel as though I am on the path to becoming healthy in a way that I never have been or ever thought I could be.” Mary Jo

“It’s a profound piece of soundscape that you have produced. Breathtakingly impactful on the first experience.” Rebecca

(Listen to extract)

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‘Quantum K3’ Healing Music

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense.”

Quantum K 3 is an album of music inspired by the writing of Rumi the I3th century Persian poet. The intention of this recording is that, through listening to the music, we are carried out beyond our ideas of judgements and opinions, to a new field of potential. This field, of course, lies within us and is a place beyond language where we are connected to everything in the cosmos.

The album comprises of four tracks with harmonic sequences embedded within each.

Track 1 … Gratitude 263 214 748 111

Track 2 … Peace 526 102 258 744

Track 3 … Joy 206 345 417 899

Track 4 … Connection 526 936 457 100

The album is a journey through the harmonic sequences of Gratitude, Peace and Joy and on to Connection. The music explores the relationship between these qualities of the field and the light and darkness of our human experience as we travel towards it. In experiencing the true reality of each quality we must transcend our own ideas of right doing and wrong doing connected to each of them. The harmonic sequences embedded in the music help us in experiencing the sensations and feelings within us that perhaps still remain in duality and which these ideas embody. Then, on repeated listening to this recording, we are lead to the field within us which is beyond light and dark.

This album has been specifically produced to be experienced as a whole piece of work. The sequences and harmonics within it are interconnected. It will not produce the desired results if you are unable to find time to interact with it in this way. Each time you listen you will need to set aside 40 minutes to experience its entirety. It is also suggested that you do not do anything else when listening to the album. Close your eyes and bring your attention inside. Allow the music to play through you. Find a comfortable position and a place where you will not be interrupted. Phones and Internet Off ! Have the music loud enough for your ears and body to experience it comfortably without effort.

Allow whatever feelings, images or sensations you experience to play out within your body and through your mind’s eye. Try to accept whatever arises inside you whether it is pleasurable or even uncomfortable. If you at any point do feel uncomfortable realise that this is a reflection of what lies within you. It is working. You will transcend these feelings if you are able to accept them as your own. In our busy lives it is sometimes difficult to find time, or even to slow down for long enough, to experience something of this nature, however this is what we need to do in order to experience the nourishment it provides.

There is a download link below to a free 3 minute extract of the album tracks. This will introduce you to the music but not to the full experience; that can only come when you engage deeply with the entire album.


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Quantum K3 album



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