‘Quantum K’ Resonators

Quantum K resonators are little healing chips, individually made and programmed by Andrew Kempleton, the designer of ‘Quantum K’. Their primary function is to emit a permanent but gentle healing field, harmonising the user with the natural frequency of Planet Earth. Resonators are like a grounding device, reminding us of the natural frequency of mother earth while we are exposed to so many unnatural frequencies.

Their benefits have been demonstrated consistently using kinesiology muscle testing and captured superbly in the following aura photos:

1. Control image – no external influences 2. With mobile phone introduced 3. Mobile phone with resonator
The test subject has a left-sided distortion due to a recent injury and some uneven rotation in the chakras themselves. A mobile phone is introduced in the 2nd photo, causing a deterioration in both the colour of the aura and the symmetry of the chakras. This third picture shows the combined effect of a mobile phone and a resonator. The original colouring and symmetry have returned and the left sided imbalance has eased.

These little chips start at only £10 for a pack of 3, with significant multibuy discounts up to 40%. Simply explore different product numbers in your basket to see what level of discount you are due.

Resonator on a battery cover Resonator on the back of a watch


More in depth product details are held on the product page if you click on the link below.

‘Quantum K1’ Healing Music

The ground breaking music of Quantum K has been composed and developed using the fractal equations, sequences and harmonics of the Quantum K system and is an integral part of the system itself.

The album is divided into three movements – a total of 46 minutes in duration. Each movement has a selection of extracts you can listen to by clicking on the link.

There are 3 tracks:

  1. Master Harmonic – the music behind the original screenflow
  2. Sounds of the Galaxies
  3. Emotional healing

For extracts and more information, please follow the product link below:

‘Quantum K’ Healing Music – Narrated version

The narrated audio version is the quantum K experience but with me (Andrew Kempleton) reading the key statements of intent over the 23 minute background music. It is ideal if you want to experience the healing away from your computer, perhaps before you go to sleep, or while resting.

“I listened to it without headphones, and many of the statements hit me like an arrow. I have been listening to it three times a day, and some symptoms that I have had, allergy-related mostly, as well as anxiety over circumstances with my job, have all lessened to the point that I feel literally like a new person; even the air in my office looks clearer and smells different. I feel as though I am on the path to becoming healthy in a way that I never have been or ever thought I could be.” Mary Jo

More information and an extract is available through the link below:

‘Quantum K3’ Healing Music

Quantum K 3 is an album of music inspired by the writing of Rumi the I3th century Persian poet. The intention of this recording is that, through listening to the music, we are carried out beyond our ideas of judgements and opinions, to a new field of potential. This field, of course, lies within us and is a place beyond language where we are connected to everything in the cosmos.The album comprises of four tracks with harmonic sequences embedded within each.

Track 1 … Gratitude 263 214 748 111

Track 2 … Peace 526 102 258 744

Track 3 … Joy 206 345 417 899

Track 4 … Connection 526 936 457 100

Extract below:

There is more information and an extract on the product description via this link:

Book – Heal Your Past, Heal Your Future


  • Do you feel stuck on your healing journey?
  • Are you still repeating the same old patterns?
  • Are you unsure what to do next?

    If so, this book could change your life…

In 2008 I created the Quantum K free healing experience that has reached over 1,000,000 users worldwide and is available in 9 languages.

It is now time for my next major offering, an exploration of the healing process itself – what it is, what works and what doesn’t. If you are stuck in some way, the chances are you haven’t addressed some of the issues covered in this material. Whatever your training or experience, I guarantee there will be something new and exciting here for you – the book is packed full of unique and accessible insights built upon my experiences from 15000 treatments as a shaman and kinesiologist.

In addition to the healing principles, I share 12 specific keys, each energised by a harmonic sequence that connects you to Universal healing energy. Together, they help clear the unhelpful residues of your life’s story and free you to be fully YOU, to live your life to its highest potential.

You do not need to find all the answers to life’s mysteries yourself. Share in the insights and experience I have gained over my career of research and therapy. I have done the hard work for you!

I guarantee that this book will change your life, whether you are a therapist, on your own personal healing journey, or both. If it does not, I will happily return your money.

With love


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