Is there a place for hope?

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website.

“Heal Your Past, Free Your Future”

The book is generating so many positive reviews, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me a testimonial. Here is a recent one from Nancy D in New York:

“I have your new book which I LOVE. And to say that is such an understatement.

Today I started chapter 6, and all I can say is “WOW”. Just reading the key has energy pouring out of my system. I really thought I had resolved a lot of early childhood and forward…. It’s OK. I am so very grateful for this work. It is simply ASTOUNDING”.

Every book sold now generates a donation to indigenous charities of over £4, so when you support me you also support the sources of the ancient wisdom I have written about. If you want to experience this healing potential for yourself, please follow this link:

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

Why I have hope

It feels to me like the world now sits in the middle of something bigger than I have ever seen before, with existential threats coming from all angles. My heart breaks daily and I keep this respectfully in mind as I look into seeds of something new emerging from the ashes of the old. Is there a chance that these prophesied times are coming true? Are we part of a greater plan, guided by the hand of Spirit?

My personal vision is of a reversal of the current trend of centralised power, decision making and supply. I envisage a world where we live in local communities, with gentle ties to a wider picture but fundamentally self-sufficient within our local area. This would lead to the decline in significant national borders or identities, so no threat of collective warfare and therefore no need for organised defences.

In this more communal way of living, we focus on simple pleasures, a slow and gentle life, and we work together to make this possible. There are no big businesses to dis-empower or manipulate our beliefs, all we need is available within our locality. We re-learn the ancient crafts, built around the bedrock of regenerative farming and sustainable living. This is how we have lived as a species for 99% of our time on Earth, gently respecting our planet and walking softly upon her belly, and this is how we can live again.

Within this model, there is a need for elders and council, but no hierarchy. As Paul Francis says in ‘Finding Your Deep Soul’ – “The inconvenient fact for the ‘Taker’ cult is that for the vast majority of human history, we got on fine without leaders and were better for it.”

This model still allows for a collective consciousness, a sharing of love, wisdom and teachings as has happened throughout history – as far back as the original shaman who gently seeded their teachings across various lands and cultures around the world.

Can this actually happen?

I was listening to a TED talk by David Christian on the history of the Universe and was interested in his description of the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of entropy. He describes it as “the general tendency of the universe to move from order and structure to lack of order, lack of structure — in fact, to mush”. He describes how this law can be overcome during ‘goldilocks moments’ when the conditions are just right for expansion.

Humanity has created these goldilocks opportunities through our movement into farming, travel, and wider communication. The more recent exploitation of fossil fuels gave us another opportunity for global expansion of industry, travel and trade.

However, in the words of Christian again: “We refer in big history to these moments as threshold moments. And at each threshold, the going gets tougher. The complex things get more fragile, more vulnerable; the Goldilocks conditions get more stringent, and it’s more difficult to create complexity”.

For me, I am reassured by the suggestion that this centralisation of collective power, built upon intricate and interconnected global ways of engaging with each other is not aligned with the natural order of the universe.

The issue is how we can all transition from where we are to where we might prefer to be, without deep collective suffering. When I journey shamanically, I am shown the Aesop fable of the lion and the mouse, where the lion spares the mouse on the promise that one day she might be able to return the favour. The lion is then caught by hunters and is freed by the mouse gnawing away at the net with its teeth. The lion and mouse then become friends and equals.

For me, this is a metaphor for how we in the West need to support all those around us with less obvious privilege because soon we will need their help. Who knows how that might transpire, could it be the spiritual wisdom of the indigenous people?… the healing powers of the sacred medicines of the rainforest?… knowledge of small scale farming and seed bank diversity?

And maybe I am writing from ego, maybe we are the mice in the story…

Time will tell, but it sounds to me like a levelling of power, where we share this beautiful world with mutual respect and friendship. This gives me a sense of hope. I hope it does for you too.

With love


The role of a shaman in the modern world – no3 – Personal healing

Welcome to my latest newsletter.

“Heal Your Past, Free Your Future”

I am truly overwhelmed by the support you have given to my book. The production costs are all but covered now which means that I will very shortly be able to give a huge £4.25 donation to indigenous charities for every copy you buy. If you want to share in the alchemical potential of the book whilst being in reciprocity with those who provided much of the wisdom contained within it, then please continue to support me. Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

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The role of the shaman in a modern world – no3 – ‘personal healing’

This is the final article exploring the role of the shaman in a modern world. As always, please share it with like minded people if you feel so inclined.

We have already looked at the importance of our nature connection and holding vision, especially in a world in transition that needs all the support we can give. Today, I want to look at the shaman’s role as a healer.

This is a huge subject worthy of several books, so this newsletter can only scratch the surface. There are so many areas a shaman can offer support and I have written summary sheets on my website that cover many of them. Please click on the individual links below if one appeals to you:

For this newsletter, I am going to focus on just one, one that I feel is most relevant right now – a shamanic journey to the Upperworld. If you would like to go on this journey, I have 3 guidelines for you:

  • 1. Please either open sacred space in some way or say a prayer for support

  • 2. Only proceed if your mental health is balanced, if you can comfortably drop into a mildly altered state and come back safely from it

  • 3. Do not drive or do any activity requiring your focus until the journey is over and you are fully ‘back’.

This shamanic journey takes you to the Upper World, the place of Spirit, our guides and our celestial parents. We will invite them to meet us so we may seek their guidance. I have recorded the visualisation for you to access below or by all means use the script that follows to record it for yourself:

upper world journey audio

“See yourself in a field. Feel the grass under your feet. A soft warm wind gently brushes your face and the sun warms your back. Look around, and enjoy the sight of wild flowers and grasses as they dance around you.

You notice a big old tree ahead of you. You start to walk towards it, step by step, and as you get closer you notice there is an entrance to the hollow inside the tree. It is big enough for you to easily step into.

As you do so, you feel the space around you and smell the woody scent. You are going to go up to meet your celestial parents, but to do so, you must leave the physical realm behind, so you allow your body sense and everything that you don’t need for this journey to dissipate for a while. See yourself as a golden speck of light.

Now allow yourself, as this light, to travel up the inside of the great tree, up and up and up, feeling yourself rising higher and higher. You see a way out onto a branch, which you follow until you are standing firmly upon it. Here you call on Pachacutti, keeper of the Upper World, to send down a gold and silver ladder. See the ladder appearing through the clouds and landing softly on the branch, beckoning you to climb it.

As you take your essence upwards, rung by rung, you see ahead a beautiful cloud that holds you safely as you float onto it. In this place of Spirit, everything is in its fully healed state. Pachacutti welcomes you. You explain that you have come to meet with your celestial parents and explore this domain. Ask now if this is possible at this time. If you sense a ‘yes’, then start to look around. What does this world look like to you? What do you see? What do you sense?

You now notice two specks of light moving towards you. They come closer, one gold and one silver. As their form becomes clear, you see that they are your celestial parents, the guides who know you so deeply, who see everything you have done and everything you can become… and they love you completely, unconditionally.

Feel them come either side of you and embrace you in their love. Allow that love to nourish you, to permeate every aspect of your essence…

Ask them now if they have a message for you. Listen to what they have come to tell you…

Have they got a gift for you? Look into their outstretched hands and receive whatever sits there …

It is now time to return to the middle world. Thank your celestial parents and Pacacutti for their love, their wisdom and any gifts you have received. Say goodbye for now as you return to the ladder and take your essence back down to the branch of the tree. Stepping off onto the branch you see the ladder disappear above you and you journey back down the trunk of the great old tree, down and down until you reach the ground again.

Now gather yourself up, your physical body and all the parts of you that you did not take on this journey. Step out of the tree and into the meadow again. Feel the grass under your feet and the wind and warm sun on your back. Take a few steps and then start to feel yourself come fully back into the room. Feel your feet, wiggle your fingers. You are back. You are back.”

With love


The role of the shaman in a modern world – no2 – ‘holding vision’

In this newsletter, I want to look briefly at the concept of holding vision. This is an aspect of shamanic practice that is available to us all but needs to be considered alongside other aspects of shamanism and activism generally. Visioning is an important response to current world dynamics but not the only one.

My sense is that the earth is torn between growing levels of individual consciousness and the attempts of some powerful bodies to hold onto their control. We are having to look for personal balance against a backdrop of climate change, a pandemic, and conflict.

So how might a shaman respond?

First of all, there is always action to be considered, an appropriate and compassionate response to whatever the situation is. A combination of strong resistance where needed – we sometimes need a clear and boundaried “no, this is not ok” – as well as looking for the support needed to lead the situation towards a place of healing and resolution.

Alongside this, there are emotional implications within any situation. There might be judgement and hostility triggered within us, grief, empathy, fears for the future or a capacity to drop into polarity thinking, where there is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’. All emotions can be allowed space to be seen and felt so that they can move through us fully, without getting stuck.

Another aspect to consider is that of holding vision. This requires us to hold a space for something bigger than our current struggles, perhaps a world of community where we unite behind common goals and values. It sits alongside the physical and emotional layers and may be refined and developed by the practical actions we take and the emotions we feel.

Energising the vision is important because it is so easy to get caught up in the physical struggles facing our species and the emotions that go with it. We are on a journey of the soul as well as the mind and body. Honouring our capacity to envision something different, bigger even than our full understanding, keeps us connected to that limitless part of us and our world.

The Laika shaman are the vision holders in Peruvian shamanism. They were persecuted by the Spanish conquestadors in the 16th Century and fled up to the heights of the Andes where they held their medicine intact for 400 years along with their vision for a healed Earth. When they came down from the mountains in 1950 it was to share the vision of a new potential with the rest of us, a vision of ‘hominus luminus’, a higher level of consciousness within the whole of the human race, all of us connected.

Within my own practice, I sometimes feel a difficulty in holding a vision for a heart based, loving world, when some of the organisations and governments that hold ostensible power do not seem to operate at that level.

I journeyed to the mythic for advice and was guided to see this not as an issue of resistance but of resilience. I was shown a world created from our hearts, a world that cannot be reached, let alone damaged, by beings or organisations that do not recognise the essence of love. It is not a question of defeating them, but transcending their world view and its reach.

Creating your vision

It is important that our visions are based around a clear essence, but are broad and flexible enough in their detail to call in an outcome beyond what we are able even to imagine. We should focus on the quality and energy of the vision and leave the details to Spirit.

Sometimes, our visioning and dreaming can be limited by the boundaries of our known experiences, by ambition that sits well below what is actually possible. This is why I only look to capture the loving feeling of the area I am envisaging. I do not focus on a particular political structure or ideology holding sway, or a specific outcome, just the sense of a positive feel for how that situation might develop. This means not trying to manipulate structures from our limited perspective and having the humility to realise we don’t have all the answers, perhaps just a lot of opinions!

We can then energise it by lighting a candle, blowing it into a stone that we leave on the earth, or into a stick that we give to fire.

Whatever your vision is for our beautiful world, please do whatever you can to put your loving intention behind it. It is through the combined energy of these prayers and visions alongside action and inner growth that true change can occur.

With love


The role of the shaman in a modern society

It is easy for the mainstream media to marginalise ancient teachings and characterise shamanism as being a fringe and obscure curiosity, dangerous even, one that only has relevance historically or within some indigenous cultures of today. This ignores all the timeless teachings of the shaman and their way of life.

For me, shamanism can be viewed as having three key essences which I will explore over my next few newsletters. For today I want to focus on perhaps the most topical of the three, our relationship to the land.

There is little doubt that humanity is currently a major threat to its own existence, but we need to put this in context; it is a relatively new issue. We have been on this planet for roughly 200,000 years and in all but the last 200 or so we have played a positive role. It is only through industrialisation of our farming processes and excessive ‘land grabs’ back from nature that we have moved out of balance.

In other words, for 99.9% of our existence, we have been beneficial to our planet. It is time to return to this relationship, where we still interact with our environment but in a way that supports it rather than depletes it. It is time to step in, not step out; but do so underpinned by the gentle principles of our ancient ancestors – of resilience through biodiversity and sustainability.

In 1966 Robert Paine introduced the concept of ‘keystone species’. Like the centre stone in an arch that stops the rest of the stones toppling down, a keystone species is crucial to the balance of the land and environment around it. Beavers, wolves, elephants, otters, are all examples of animals that can affect and even transform their environment through creating minor disturbances that allow other species to thrive.

We humans are also a keystone species. We have historically wandered over great distances, digging for tubers, hunting game and foraging for fruits. As we did so, we created tiny disturbances in the soil into which plant seeds would fall, while also leaving a trail of dung behind us full of seeds from the fruits we had consumed. When we cleared woodland glades for farming, we created opportunities for wild plants to establish, nourishing all the insects and animals that could feed off them.

These ways of living built up diversity in the ecosystems around us.

This is all understood by the shaman and indigenous peoples. This is called living in ‘ayni’, in right relationship, where giving and receiving flow together in a balanced state of existence, where people leave a small but positive footprint upon the land.

As part of their gratitude and respect, shaman may also leave offerings on the land. When I travelled to Peru a few years ago it was sad to see that this custom had suffered from Western influence. The shaman with us said that their people had become so used to sharing with the land that they had not adjusted to modern industrial processes, including plastics. They had assumed that they could leave a wrapped item on the land and it would decompose like organic matter. They, too, will need to adapt if they are to maintain their balance with the natural world while embracing Western influences.

So, how does this sit with you? Do you share, plant and nourish? If you have a garden, do you disturb areas of soil to create fresh opportunities for diversity and new seeds to arrive? Do you have a windowsill where you could leave food for the birds and insects, or a nearby common area where you can cast some wild flower seeds? If you can afford it, do you support organic farms that grow their crops with sustainability and diversity in mind?

For me, we honour this way of living partly through our actions but also through our way of being, the grace with which we partake in life. If we eat slowly and consciously, feeling heart based gratitude for the food that blesses our plate, if we sit in nature with awestruck wonder at its beauty, then we are likely to be in ayni, in balance.

Our consciousness combined with our actions evidence our drive to live in harmony, respect and reciprocity with nature. They create a strength of intention and momentum that will demand change from the bigger institutions and governments.

Whatever their response, this is a matter for us, the people, to solve. Yes, we must voice our concerns to our national leaders, but more importantly, we must take direct action through how we shop, eat, and relate to the land around us. We are now witnessing globally the power of individuals uniting behind shared goals. Let us be part of that irresistible force of positive change.

With love


‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’ – now available

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’ offers a unique perspective within the genre of spiritual and emotional healing.

Moving in places, challenging in others, it asks us all to look afresh at the perceived norms and dogmas that can distract us from our true path.   

BUY – Heal your past, Free your Future

It is a book of two parts:

Part I explores the principles of healing, drawing on both the wisdom of ancient teachings and the author’s own extensive experiences, interspersed with anecdotes from his own healing journey.

Some of the areas covered include:

  • Healing across time
  • The 5 stages of the healing process
  • Healing as a Hero’s journey
  • Death and rebirth within the healing process 
  • Working with full permission
  • The shadows of complementary healthcare, including privilege and cultural appropriation
  • Avoiding ‘spiritual bypassing’ and ‘toxic positivity’
  • Expanding into global support and our responsibilities to our planet.

Part II is the self help section which offers clear protocols to help release whatever issues and imbalances come up for the reader. Personal stories can be held and supported by the structure and healing codes contained within this unique 12 step process.

Step 1 – Energetic protection

Step 2 – Denial and Avoidance

Step 3 – Muddy boots

Step 4 – Ancestral influences

Step 5 – Our birth experience

Step 6 – Childhood

Step 7 – Survival mode

Step 8 – Core beliefs

Step 9 – Beyond the masculine and feminine

Step 10 – Privilege

Step 11 – Grounding and embodiment

Step 12 – Soul retrieval

I have decided to distribute this hardback book solely through my own websites, so please follow the appropriate link below:

BUY – Heal your past, Free your Future

Best wishes to you



A shaman’s meeting with Covid-19

Welcome to my occasional newsletter. I will share some exciting news about my new book next month, once all the holiday festivities have passed.

For this edition, I want to share my personal experience of being infected recently with Covid-19. I do feel that, amongst all the formal narratives around the virus, there is a more subtle experience, a spiritual one, that we are having as a species and I hope that by sharing my story I can add a slightly different context and perspective.

First of all, there is a slight irony in that I met the virus on an outdoor retreat focusing on permaculture and re-wilding. I talked with someone who felt unwell but who was an unwitting carrier of covid, who felt reassured enough by repeated negative lateral flow tests to stay on the retreat.

I have always felt that I would experience the virus personally, that it was necessary for me in some way; so I had a strange sense of relief when I felt symptoms emerge a few days after my return home and a positive PCR test confirmed that it was covid-19.

For 3 days and nights, (reminiscent of many myths including the descent of Innana into the Underworld) I existed without food, movement, thought or emotion. I had perhaps hoped for some deep sharing of consciousness with this virus, a journey to meet its essence and desires, but instead I was greeted by an abyss. For me, the virus was like a machine, an algorithm if you like, following only that most basic instinct to occupy and survive, to take what it needed without extinguishing the source of that nourishment.

Thankfully, my immune system responded fully and by the end of the 3 days I emerged from this abyss-like cocoon and began the journey to full recovery of my physical energy.

My overriding sense of the 3 days in the abyss was that it was a form of death, the annihilation of the version of me that existed prior to the virus. As I emerged, I regathered various aspects of myself from my previous life, but each one became a choice. I embraced my family and home without hesitation, a wonderful and instinctive reconnection with those I love the most. Other aspects were less clear and some of the gifts I received as part of my return were letting go rather than bringing in. I realised that I was working too hard, that my identity was informed more by the shadows and trails of support I left with other people than from the personal path I walked. It was time to reclaim my essence beyond the measurable roles I fulfilled.

I was already looking at easing back from my work, but post covid-19 this drive became overwhelming and I took fervent steps to free-up time for me so I could start focusing on the drivers that will inspire me in the next phase of my life – sustainable living – while still holding onto a core of the therapy work I still love and enjoy.

There is a delicious circular irony here, that the re-wilding retreat where I started this particular journey is also the place to which my primary focus will shortly return. Is that a co-incidence? I suspect not. My sense is that Spirit is showing me what I need to see, that if Covid-19 is a product of an out of balance world, a world where our reverence for nature and trust in our bodies is waning fast, then re-finding a more respectful relationship to the natural world is an essential part of the solution.

That was my journey. I hope it adds some value to those of you who have met the virus in some form and are perhaps looking for your own interpretation of the experience. I still have many unanswered questions in the wider sense, which I will share:

  1. What does it mean when someone has covid but is asymptomatic?

  2. Why do some people have covid and leave their physical bodies? Is it simply the virus overwhelming their body or is there a spiritual decision point as part of the dynamic?

  3. What is ‘long covid’? Is there a spiritual aspect to this or is it just a difficult experience at the physical?

  4. Is there any meaning in the places or the people that pass the virus to us?

  5. Does the virus push us to act more compassionately as a species? Is the vulnerability of the rich nations to virus variants generated by all countries a sign that our futures really are all interlinked? Is this a message for the way we must work together with other pressing global priorities?

These are questions for which I would not dare offer any answers but I hope they give you something to reflect upon, if you wish. The pandemic is an issue that affects us all in some way, so feeling into how we relate to this species level dynamic is perhaps necessary, even if we come to no firm conclusions.

It’s too big an issue to simply explore as a physical phenomenon.

As always, if you resonate with what you read and feel inclined to share it with others, please feel free to do so.

With love



‘All the World’s a stage – Act III’

‘Heal your Past, Free your Future’ – book progress

I’m very excited that my new book is through the editing stage and should be ready in a few weeks, in time for Christmas. I hope it will have something of interest for anyone on a spiritual or healing journey. I will let you know when orders can be made.

The global variety show

It is time for me to reveal the final act in the global variety show being ‘performed’ by the power centres that sit above us. I have already covered the magician’s slight of hand to redirect our attention from what really matters and the hypnotist’s capacity to alter our perception through fear and trauma.

As before, I am presenting the central inspiration as a dialogue between myself and my shaman guide:

(Me) – ‘Hello again. It is time for the final reveal, who is the 3rd act in the global variety show?’

‘The final act in this show is that of ………… the fool. In modern terms, this is the comedian, but traditionally the fool, or jester, has filled an important role for a monarch or ruler by parodying them and their decisions. In doing so, they give the person in power a context that perhaps the courtiers and other supporters would not feel brave enough to offer.’

‘Is that not a good thing? If our leaders are being offered alternative opinions and perspectives, that would surely help them govern with more empathy?’

The issue with the current global position is that the role of the fool has been used by the people in power to point outwards, not inwards. Rather than being open to suggestion and critique, the powerful are directing blame onto anyone who does not follow the pervading mantra of the time. This version of the fool can accuse and vilify any objectors or alternative thinkers and deem them a danger to society’.

‘How is the energy of this looking right now, can the fool be persuaded to look inwards again, at the decision makers?’

That is up to you all. There is a growing pressure for this energy to be turned back inwards towards the central powers, just as it used to be with the mediaeval court jesters. You may well start to see critique of the directed path coming from respected influencers outside the central power bases, so the scientists, politicians, researchers, doctors and journalists who have truly independent voices’.

Has this already started?’

‘Yes. The stage you are in now is the unravelling of the status quo, where the dogma of the day begins to be seen in all its distortions, bias and vested interests. This can be the beginning of a new world of fairness, equality, and transparency as part of the pachacuti, the ‘great turning’, as prophesied in most indigenous teachings’.

‘What signs of change should we look out for?’

Right now, look for signs of the existing power bases coming under pressure, for a growing sense in the public consciousness that all is not as it seems. Once that has happened, the people will look for alternative voices of truth, and the quiet wise ones will emerge from their censored shadows. They will not need to shout about the new ways that are possible, people will be ready to listen, that is the only way it will work’.

‘I can see how humanity is being offered a fundamental choice between centralised power, medical intervention and technology on one hand and respect for smaller communities, the Earth and the natural healing power of our bodies on the other.

‘Yes, it is a time for fundamental decisions about the future direction of humanity. If community is to be the way ahead, it must be chosen by you as individuals. It is that fundamental alignment of like-minded consciousness and intention that will dismantle the current power dynamics.

If you have doubts about how this could happen, remember that centralised power is fundamentally weak, and relies on constant repetition of its fear triggering dogma to survive.

In contrast, community is inherently strong, like a bee hive. It is a natural state, one of support, love, respect and truth, of knowing your individual power but also your place in a bigger picture. It is aligned with Spirit and the creative energy of the Universe itself and when you are aligned in this way, you are in flow with all that is. Trust in that power. You may sometimes feel marginalised and alone, but the truth is anything but – when you stand up for love, truth, equality and respect you are part of the biggest force there is, creation itself’. 

‘Thank you’.

With love



‘All the world’s a stage’ – Act II

Book release

There is some great editing happening now, my plan is to have the book printed in time for Christmas with a special offer to encourage you to buy one for yourself and one for a loved one. All will be revealed soon.

Global dynamics

In my last newsletter I dialogued with my shaman guide about the metaphorical ‘variety show’ that represents how the current global powers relate to us all. I explored the first act, the stage magician, and how it represents the need to distract us with ever changing targets for our collective fear, while the real agenda plays out somewhere else.

These times are part of the prophesied ‘pachacuti’ as the Peruvian shaman and the wise elders describe it, the turning of the world so it is the right way up again, where we all return to balance at the dawn of a new age. This isn’t just about redressing the centralisation of power and wealth, it is about the way each of us experiences life and the relationship we have with mother earth, our health and each other. Please explore this link if you want to read more: Joanna Macy

To see this change as just about politics and economics is another way of giving away our power of change to something or someone else. I believe we have to return to holding our power within smaller communities that are built upon harmony and respect.

I have presented this newsletter as a dialogue between myself and my shaman guide, but this is still an opinion piece so please take from it what you will and, as always, maintain your own discernment. If you like what you read, please do share a link and encourage friends and loved ones to sign-up for future newsletters:

(Me): ‘Thank you again for last month’s inspirations. I am intrigued to know what type of performer represents the next act in this global variety show’.

‘I will tell you; it is the stage hypnotist. This is a very skilled performer who knows how to alter your perception of reality, so creating a new sense of what is normal for you’

‘OK, I’m with you, but how is this relevant to us all?’

‘People are traditionally hypnotised through relaxation, but it is also possible to be taken into an altered mental state through fear and trauma, which is the mechanism being exploited today’.

‘Can you give me an example?’

‘If I had said to you two years ago that your right to hug in the UK would be determined by the Government and that you would need a health passport to be allowed into a club to dance, you would never have believed me. And yet here you are.

I’m not in any way minimising the situation, just highlighting that your loss of decision making responsibility as individual citizens has happened in the blink of an eye. What people accept today could be just the tip of the iceberg. It could all seem rational and normal as the hallmarks of freedom of movement, expression and way of life are taken away.

If it does happen, people will likely deny that it has been done to them because they will feel that they requested it and leaders and large corporations simply implemented the public will.’

‘Are all these new rules part of this strategic restricting of our autonomy?’

‘No, many are very sensible, they would not be received in established democracies if they were all autocratic. The issues arise when necessary rules start to be applied in less serious situations and when other restrictions are piggy backed on the legislation or rulings’.

‘Are we all hypnotised?’

‘To some extent, yes, you all have your blind spots where you have learned to tolerate as normal something that should be challenged. That said, a growing percentage of people do see through the hypnotist’s tricks. Only a small proportion need to lead the way and call out what they see. As soon as something is seen and named, it loses its power.

‘What can we do to break out of our trances today?’

‘I recommend you feel into every situation through the heart, asking if what you see is loving, truthful and necessary.

As a way of living, it is the consistent acts of kindness and community that are leading to positive change and acting as an antidote to the fear and judgement encouraged by central sources. People are finding that community and compassion are cornerstones of humanity. You may have fallen into a sleepy haze of hypnotic trance but you are now starting to wake up and see what really matters, that life is not about Government dictates or the latest mobile phone, it’s about honouring each other and this beautiful planet we all share.’

‘The signs are good then?’

‘Yes, they are. This is a prophesied time that has been held for centuries in a collective vision for humanity. That doesn’t mean that higher levels of consciousness will come easily, but the opportunity is there for people led coalitions to bring about fundamental change.’

‘Thank you for your insights. Is that the end of the variety show?’

‘No. there is one final performer I want to discuss next time’

‘OK, I look forward to discovering who that might be’.

With love



‘All the world’s a stage’

Welcome to my June newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the website.

Group healing

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A view from spirit…

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Following on from last month, I have journeyed again to meet my shaman guide who supports me from the spiritual realms. This is a dialogue loosely based on the images I was shown there and my subsequent dowsing. I do feel it is ‘inspired’ from Spirit but these are my words so, as with anything channelled or similar, please maintain your discernment but I hope it helps stimulate discussion, lateral thinking and action.

(Me) – Thank you for receiving me again, is there anything you would like to reveal to the audience for this month?

‘Yes. First of all, the term ‘audience’ is relevant here. Remember the famous quote from Shakespeare: ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’. This has never been more true, you may feel that you are watching global events unfold around you but you are all deeply involved, all part of the production’.

‘What kind of production is it?’

‘I would describe it as a variety show; the Governments and large corporations are the acts while the people participate in the audience’.

‘Seriously, variety? O.K. Tell me about the first act…’

‘The first act is the stage magician. This performer is adept at misdirection, getting you to believe that the thing you are looking at is central to the illusion, when in fact the real trick is taking place somewhere else. They focus your attention on dramatic hand movements while the magician’s assistant is making the necessary change quietly around the back’.

‘I think I know where you are going with this. Our attention is being focused on the coronavirus, who is getting vaccinated, whether we have reached herd immunity, whether new variants are more contagious etc, while the real issue is the creeping loss of freedom of expression and the centralisation of wealth and power that is happening in the background’.

‘It is true that, as with any magic act, if you look in the right direction, you can see through the trick. It is no longer mesmerising, the magician carries no power’.

‘…and presumably that is why magicians keep their acts busy with lots of movement so our attention can’t land on the main area of misdirection, just like in the world today’.

‘Absolutely, the misdirection needs to draw your full attention and the best way to get that in your world is of course FEAR. The stage magician needs your curiosity, but in real life that is not enough. Global powers need you to be in fear and judgement, kept fresh so that you remain compliant and follow all the rules imposed to manage the situation without question. If the target of your fear remains too static, you will see through it eventually and the misdirection will be over.’

‘I can think of many examples of fear based misdirection from my own perspective in the UK. It feels like we have been drip fed a series of enemies to fear, one after the other to keep our fears fresh. That makes sense to me, but how do I know if what I see is misdirection or a genuine issue to look at?’

‘You will always need to maintain discernment but, fundamentally, if the media or government is putting the blame upon a small section of society, often those least powerful and able to defend themselves, then it is likely to be misdirection. If the issue is about inequality, corporate greed, centralisation of power, loss of personal rights or environmental concerns, then there is likely to be a genuine underlying problem.

‘I’m with you, but how does spotting the misdirection actually help?’

‘First of all, if you know you are being ‘played’, you will learn to control the fear that was being stoked up within you and directed outwards towards other people. If you can transcend this fear and the judgement it evokes, the mists will clear from your eyes and you will see where the real issues lie.

You will see where Governments are trying to pass legislation when you are looking elsewhere, or when you have been persuaded that the proposed restrictions in your personal power and freedoms are somehow in your best interests.

Likewise, science is not a font of absolute truth. The big institutions are full of vested interests and bias; when you are present enough to look for wider, less official views, you will find other perspectives that can add value. Remember also that the scientific ‘facts’ of today are often disproved by the science of tomorrow.

Fundamentally, when you all as individuals choose to see and expose these agendas for what they are, the hidden power structures will collapse. It is not even difficult, it is inevitable’.

‘Is it happening now in the world?’

‘Yes, in recent years it took what you called ‘whistleblowers’ to bring these corruptions and inequalities to light, but now the information is starting to appear through the work of those who are prepared to look behind the officially created headlines’.

Yes, even as I write this, I see that origins of the coronavirus are being discussed more openly and the initial emphatic scientific view of transfer across species is now being seriously questioned.

‘Yes, that is an example, but there are hundreds more. Keep looking. Try to see what is being revealed and who is doing it. It is an example of the power starting to drop down to the people. Above all else, remember to stay heart centred. If you drop into the ‘I told you so’ mentality when information is revised then you are still trapped in duality thinking.’

‘Thank you, can you summarise this first global ‘stage act’ in a final piece of advice please?

‘Yes, stop looking at the magicians hands!’

With love to you all

Andrew Kempleton

Holding the Vision

Coming soon – ‘Heal your past, free your future’

Just to whet your appetite, here is a teaser from my new book, due out soon, ‘Heal your past, Free Your Future’. Chapter 2 is all about the 5 elements of the healing process – 5 dynamics that I believe must be explored if an issue or symptom is to be fully resolved. The first one is: “setting a clear and specific intention”, but can you guess the other 4? All will be revealed in due course.

Group healing

I am re-launching the existing offering with a new weekly service called group healing. Every Wednesday at 8pm I will be hosting a remote healing session using the principles of the Quantum K system to provide the healing impetus. I will hold space for anyone who registers, using any personal goals and intentions emailed through to me. For further details, please see the Group Healing tab on the Quantum K website.

Group healing

Staying authentic

I’m feeling in my client sessions that the pressure of relentless heavy news is starting to wear people down. Confidence in the vision of positive global change is being eroded by a continual stream of media releases around new restrictions to our freedom, new attacks on our right to self-determine and more centralisation of power and wealth. As legislation limiting our rights to protest progresses in both the US and Britain, the light at the end of the tunnel might seem to be dimming; but is it?

As usual, I want to give a perspective from Spirit, from a place that sees the energy patterns of these huge global events. When I journeyed to the Underworld to meet the light being Huascar, I was given some information that I will express loosely in a dialogue, with the response from Spirit shown in italics.

(Me) “So it looks to me like the old power systems have fundamentally revealed their intentions now – it appears that they are looking for more centralised power, restricted media coverage, medicalised health rather than naturopathic well-being and limits on freedom of movement and choice. Is that a fair summary?”

“Yes,there is no need to look for conspiracies, it’s all out in the open. If this was a game of poker, then they have shown their cards.”

“OK, if you want to use a card analogy, is it a strong hand?”

“In symbolic terms, it is the equivalent of three jacks, so there is some strength there, represented by the alignment of the shadow masculine, the low ranking male cards.

“What does the hand of us, the people, look like?”

“It is the ace, two, three, four and five of hearts – so significantly more powerful, the hearts representing the underpin of love and the sequential run of cards showing the power of alignment. These are not high cards individually but together they are strong.”

“So, is that it then, the power of individuals, working together in love, will win the day?”

“It’s not guaranteed. In a card game, it is always possible to fold, to have the stronger hand and choose not to play it. This is what is happening to some extent now. Some individuals, which is where the true power lies, are choosing to give away that power through compliance and inaction. To play this winning hand, people must be authentic to their values and refuse to bow to central or community pressures. It doesn’t mean breaking the law, authentic action and living is entirely possible within the framework of what is currently legal.”

“So, we could have the best hand and still lose?”

“It is possible but highly unlikely. The power of peaceful, loving, authentic living is so much more powerful than that or force, greed and control that only a small proportion of the people have to be in their power to change the collective experience”.

“What proportion is enough?”

“About 20%”

“Is that all? Just 20% of people to stay in their authentic power and that will be enough to change the collective experience of us all?”

“Yes, you each have a powerful hand to play, you just need to play it! The more people who stay centred in love and community, the easier and quicker will be the change, but only a small minority have to be in this state to ensure overall success. You don’t even have to live in that level of loving power all the time, just be in it more than you are not.”

“And, finally, can you tell me what that percentage looks like right now across the world?”

“It is not a time for complacency, but humanity is currently at just over twice that minimum level required. Each of you must ask yourself whether you are in the 20% or not. If not, consider doing more to live in your loving truth, however that might manifest for each of you as unique individuals.”

Support for this path of love

In a separate journey, I was offered 4 means to help us stay strong and in our loving power. Feel free to call on these, you only need to set the intention to engage with these energetic gifts and they will be yours:

Stay grounded. Imagine a strong silver cord going into the heart of Gaia, feel her hold you steady in these difficult times, taking your fears from you through this cord and passing back up her unconditional love and support.

See yourself surrounded by reflective mirrors, designed to support you in the presence of external judgement and opinion. If you receive criticism, let the mirrors bounce that energy down into the earth for composting.

Allow this harmonic to empower you: 226 117 483 888

At a practical level, this is a good time to increase your intake of raw food. This will help you stay even more deeply connected to the Earth and to receive her bounty undamaged by cooking or processing.

With love and blessings


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