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Book – Heal Your Past, free Your Future

When I was reading your book, tears often came to my eyes because what you wrote felt so true. Touched to the depths of my soul. Thank you so much for everything you share with us“. Yeshe

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I can already feel the difference in my body’s energy. Does it happen that quickly? I am around computers and my phone all day. I have various crystals, shields, etc. purchased over the years.  Nothing has been as tangible as this. I am AMAZED and thankful.” Ginni

I measured my energy before have the chip on me and then after and used my pendulum to show reading. It actually shows that it turns mobile phone negative rays into positive ? This is amazing“. Rachel

My wife pendulum tested my phone frequency before and after, and it effectively cancelled the radiation down to same or below airplane mode“. Brad

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This months theme – living with miracles

I am constantly amazed, and slightly bemused, by how Spirit gives me the inspiration behind each newsletter. Sometimes it is through car alarms and radios going off in the middle of the night, this time it was through a board game.

I was playing a children’s game with my daughter called ‘outfoxed’. The aim is to find the fox that took the pie before it gets back to its den. My turn came and all 3 dice showed the symbol I wanted first time – with a 50 /50 chance on each that is an overall likelihood of 1 in 8. A lucky start! Next turn I did it again, and I started to talk to my 5-year-old about how unlikely that was – 1 chance in 64.

I did it 3 more times in a row (my mental arithmetic was long since overwhelmed but the odds on that happening were extremely rare).

My sense is that I was being invited to explore a world where we can live beyond probability, norms, averages and likelihoods. In this world, we energise the outcome we desire rather than the one most likely to happen, and in doing so open the door to regular and genuine miracles.

This is very shamanic in essence – walking the path of certainty – with the idea that there only needs to be one thread in a thousand that gives us what we want, we just need to make sure we grab it….

This is how I believe we can defeat mathematical odds:

1. Deny the power of probability.

I’m sure you have heard phrases like:

– ‘You should expect to slow down at your age’

– ‘Your marriage has a 50/50 chance of ending in divorce’

– ‘With your family history, you are at greater risk of disease… ’

– ‘Love is hard to find once you hit a certain age’

If you sense yourself being limited by statistics, notice it and say ‘I reject that energy, I am not a number!’

2. Set a clear intention

I believe there are guidelines that grease the wheels of miraculous creation:

a) Your intended miracle should not be at the expense of anyone else.

b) It must clearly be for your higher good and all beings at some level

c) If possible, keep it in essence, not exact form, Choose ‘feeling abundant’ over ‘winning £1 million’.

3. Clear any blocks to that intention

Our limiting beliefs, family dynamics, culture and personal history can all influence our creative power, as can the cruelty of societal oppression. Use all your healing tools – Quantum K and my book if you wish – so your intention is not limited by unhealed energies that are within your control.

4. Tag your intended outcome

This is the main aspect I want to explore. When I journeyed shamanically to ask about miracles I was shown a series of identical boxes, each with different contents inside, but one was filled with my miracle.

They all looked the same so, to avoid my miracle being mixed up and lost in the chaos of life, I tagged it with a red ribbon and then surrendered it back to Spirit. In some way that I can’t fully explain, the ribbon seemed to help Spirit nurture the intention and bring it to fruition.

I have had many such miracles, some exciting, some very mundane, but all linked by the extreme improbability of them happening. I have come to expect the unlikely; in some strange paradox ‘extreme coincidence’ is my normal. This is perhaps the essence of synchronicity in action, following the path set by the extremely unlikely when it shows up.

As an example, years into my own fertility journey, we had to question whether we should continue putting in the mental and emotional energy it required. My partner performed a ceremony handing our dreams over to the angelic realm, asking for a sign that this path was still aligned with our highest good. My partner loves frogs, so she asked to be shown frogs as a positive sign, the frog being equivalent to the red ribbon I was shown in the mythic.

Several weeks later, she walked into a friend’s home and saw a drawing of a frog on the wall and a frog mask over a bed. A few days afterwards, there was a toy frog sitting on a bath in another home.

The momentum was building. The final message came in March when we were all playing ‘pass the parcel’ at a party and the music stopped at the end of the game with my partner holding the package. She peeled off the layer of newspaper to reveal a calendar… (a bit bemusing as we were well into the year by then) …and as she turned to the next month, April, there was a special animal ‘ribbeting’ up at us.

We conceived in April. The odds against all those coincidences were stacked against us, and yet, just like with the throwing of the dice, somehow it happened. It was our miracle.

So, if this feels right, please give to Spirit the miracles you desire. Ask for a sign to show you they are coming and surrender to the magic and the mystery.

With love


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