Quantum K2

A new free healing experience

The original Quantum K system helps clear our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of all the negative programming and toxicity we have been exposed to during our lives. It is about encouraging our mind, body and soul to return to its original blueprint. Although it is controversial in places, I intentionally avoided any religious involvement so the system could attract those of faith, or no faith.

For many of us, that may be enough, which is totally fine. However, life offers us the potential to be more than simply ‘well’. I believe we are all spiritual beings on a journey to grow and develop a deepening relationship with the Divine. If you feel the same way too, then this second offering may well interest you. I have used the term God throughout for simplicity, but these principles should support followers of many different religions, or no religion.

As this new experience is about Divine healing, there is no need to call on the support of harmonics and fractal geometry that are in the first version. If you reach out and connect to the source of everything, there are no upgrades needed.

As you consider whether you want to move on to this second healing programme, it will help to understand the principles on which it is based. The following are big statements that could be debated for years, but if you are at least open to them as possible truths, you should be able to engage fully with the process:

1. There is a God who loves us unconditionally

2. God created the Universe under the laws of free will

3. God can guide and support us but will not directly override the consequences of our free will

4. An important life purpose is to deepen our soul connection to God

5. Repressed emotional wounds can block this connection

6. We tend to get trapped in superficial emotions rather than feel our deepest wounds

7. These wounds, while buried, keep us stuck in our repetitive dramas and physical illnesses

8. God will show us what we need to feel, if we ask with humility and desire

9. If we genuinely feel and embrace our deepest emotions, we release them

10. When we release them, we move closer to God

This system is fundamentally different from the first in that it focuses on our connection to God, in both the male (Father) and the female (Mother) aspects. It also recognises that our deepest wounds need to be felt and embraced to be released. It is easy to think that we are in touch with our emotions because we are emotional people, but in truth we rarely feel them at their core. Anger, fear, anxiety and depression are all examples of circling emotions that sit above our primary wounds. If we are to truly heal, we need to find the emotions underneath. These are often grief or shame related.

You do not even need to understand what the emotion is or where it comes from, you simply need to be prepared to embrace whatever opens up within you.

The prayer also asks for help for us to be in our power as men and women. Whatever sex we are, we have masculine and feminine aspects which ideally should be expressed with confidence and authenticity. The world, as it stands, tends to be run by the shadow side of the male essence, so it is more important than ever for men to find their balance and for archetypal feminine qualities to come to the fore.

The prayer also asks for help to find our Divine life purpose, what are we really here to do or be? Is there anything more asked of us? This is another huge question to feel into through the power of this prayer and the response it will generate.

Finally, please remember that this video contains an earnest prayer to God. Its power comes from your heart and soul aligning with ‘holy desire’ to the statements as they appear, ideally with you reading the words out loud, feeling them in your heart. If you wish to substitute words for God such as ‘Source’, ‘Universal Healing intelligence’, or your own preference, feel free to do so. If you want to print the prayer as a document, the pdf file is available below the video.

The music comes from the original Quantum K album, extracted from the beautiful harmonics of track 3. The album is available to download or buy on the products page.

So, if you are still reading, it is time to play the video…

Here is the document of the prayer itself:

Divine love prayer

With love


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