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Writing your own story

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of mainstream media telling me what I should think, and what I should be afraid of next. I have even had to cancel my TV licence having seen what the BBC are doing to establish an agreed global narrative of what is the ‘truth’ and the ‘science’. Trusted News Initiative.

We only have to look at how this operated during the pandemic to see how dangerous it is when all mainstream news outlets share exactly the same narrative, when beliefs ridiculed as conspiracy theories at the time were then proven true a few months later. It’s inconvenient for me to leave the BBC, but I have to be true to my values, and if enough people defund the system, then genuine change can happen.

Connected to this theme, I want to share a personal story this month, around my daughter’s school. It is the only alternative education system available in Bristol, founded on Steiner/Waldorf principles, where play is honoured, children’s unique learning styles prioritised and nature celebrated. Learning is fun and technology left at the gate.

This model is endemic in many European systems with proven benefits, but here in the UK our government pushes for teacher led formal education from a very young age, with regular assessments and high expectations. I suspect the goal is to generate good employees, followers rather than free thinkers, so fundamental change is needed if we are to avoid our next generation being brainwashed as mine was. I do really respect the amazing teachers in mainstream education, they are so dedicated and compassionate, but I do believe they are suffocated by the demands of the system they work within.

Against that backdrop, we were all shocked when the trustees announced the school’s closure at the end of this academic year. Most of the parents grew up within this educational system, so are used to questioning what they are told by authority. Within a week, despite all the distractions of the holiday season, a working body of 50 parents were in place bringing their various expertise to marketing, fund raising, premises use, governance issues etc.

Before the ink on the closure announcement had fully dried, an alternative outcome was released by the parent body, a social media campaign had been established, accounts analysed, alternative financial models proposed, and a counter narrative launched with the mainstream media. All in 7 days.

It was extraordinary to watch and, whatever the final outcome, it shows what is possible when motivated and passionate people come together to share their expertise in a shared vision. If we could apply this level of energy more globally, what might be possible?

I journeyed shamanically to explore this dynamic. I was shown an image of planet earth from space splitting into two, not as a cell divides but as a serpent sheds its skin. I saw the old earth, uninhabited and barren of all but its most outdated energies and power systems, fading away into time and space.

I have read predictions of a new earth appearing, but have always resisted any idea that it would be there just for the ‘worthy’ or those who have ‘done the work’. I prefer this imagery where the new world emerges out of the old and all living beings go with it. There is no judgement or separation, just new beginnings and a new energetic grid holding its creative essence, as I discussed last month.

I love the imagery of a serpent shedding its skin. It means several things to me:

First of all, shamanically, serpent holds the space of the south, the literal, the here and now and the physical. This suggests a shift into a new practical reality, not just a place where we feel differently, but where we look and behave differently with new models of well-being.

I also see the serpent shedding its skin as an act of community and aligned effort. As humans we also shed our skins, but our cells do so individually, without an obvious rhythm or ritual. In contrast, a snake works to a cycle where new skin cells form concurrently ready to emerge as one, releasing the old cells in a single action, leaving a complete but outdated version of itself behind.

I can see a time when groups of people independently but concurrently say ‘enough’ and behaviour changes around the globe, seemingly in a co-ordinated effort but held by threads of sacred timing and energy, not some big campaign on social media. The energy of this momentum becomes irresistible and the old skin of outdated power centres falls away in one complete piece.

My final sense here is of what exactly needs to be shifted. Do you feel that your core values are represented in the power centres or the decision makers that are meant to support you? Do any governments, legacy media outlets or large corporations truly represent YOU anymore? I’m not saying we can thrive without governance and structure, but I can see a divergence between ‘us’ the people and ‘them’ the symbols of power. That layer of skin is ready for shedding so a new model of governance can emerge underneath, one that truly represents us all and our shared values. Can you feel that?

In my journey, I asked where we all stand in the shedding of our planetary skin. I was shown an image of the complete new skin sitting ready under the surface of the old one, with the old skin starting to split under the head ready to be shed. I really wish I could put a date on this, when all that I have been shown recently might come to pass, but I just don’t feel that that information is available to us, we just have to hold the vision that this change to fairness and compassion will happen and then take whatever action we can to make it a reality.

With love


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