Shame – how to recognise and release it

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Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

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It’s time for key 6 from the chapter on childhood:

I embrace my inner child with love. I release all the childhood wounds I carry and all the responsibility I absorbed for events that happened around me.”

496 297 102 413

Today’s main article – managing shame

According to recent research, shame is a survival mechanism.

The suggestion is that the feeling of shame is powerful enough to coerce us into behaving in socially “acceptable” ways, and this mechanism dates all the way back to ancient human groups when social acceptance was critical for survival.

“Our ancestors lived in small, cooperative social groups that lived by hunting and gathering. In this world, your life depended on others valuing you enough to give you and your children food, protection, and care,” said researcher and professor of anthropology John Tooby.

It therefore makes sense to me why children have evolved to assume responsibility for any perceived issue in their environment, with their shame acting as a warning of behaviour that might lead to their rejection. 

This doesn’t mean that shame is useful as a long term state of being, any more than it is helpful to live in a constant state of anger or anxiety. It might be protective in an acute situation –  a way of assessing whether certain behaviour brings connection or separation – but should then be released. That is why some parents try to reassure their children that a certain behaviour might not be appropriate, but that they are still deeply loved, that a ‘bad’ action does not mean a ‘bad’ person.  

Like love, shame is hard to describe in words. It is deep, silent, nuanced and complex, showing up in our behaviours, beliefs, posture and emotions.

Here are a few examples I have come across of how it might manifest:

  1. Feeling that can never do enough for other people.
  2. De-prioritising your own needs.
  3. Feeling undeserving of life, love or happiness.
  4. Loneliness, no-one is there for you.
  5. Self judgement and low self-esteem.
  6. Avoidance of deep connection.
  7. Low motivation and a sense of hopelessness.
  8. Low energy. 
  9. Acutely aware of how you look and what other people in the room are thinking about you.
  10. Hunched shoulders, bowed head, drooped posture, poor eye contact.
  11. Self sabotaging behaviour, eg addictions, obsessions or poor personal care.
  12. Difficulty receiving praise or compliments

I expect we all have shame at some level. For me, it feels like an inevitable life companion to some degree, like anxiety and anger. It sits in the shadowy places of our ego, but ideally with us in control of it rather than the other way around.

If we are to escape its effects, I suggest a few approaches:

  1. Acknowledge that it is there, and talk to someone about it if it feels OK to do so.
  2. Explore where it came from. Did your parents validate you or make you feel small? If you know its origins, you can change your perspective and avoid taking on parental projections.
  3. When you feel other uncomfortable emotions, like anger or anxiety, look for the shame that might be lying beneath.
  4. Stop projecting it onto other people. If you feel yourself judging others, it could be coming from your own self judgement.

Basically, be aware, own it, forgive yourself. However lost we may become on our life’s journey, I don’t believe that anyone is inherently shameful. In the words of Darryl Anka:

You are all worthy; if you weren’t all worthy, believe me, you would not exist, because creation does not make mistakes. Thus, if you exist you belong; there is a reason why creation is not complete without you. Stop arguing with creation. Take it at its word; if you exist, you deserve to exist and if you deserve to exist you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. This is just simple logic”

With love


Who can I trust?

Today’s main theme – who can you trust?

One of the most prevailing themes I see with clients is betrayal of trust. This can be from teachers, doctors, or wider family, but the most fundamental of all comes when a mother or father does not honour that basic parental contract of love and presence. That love is not just a warm smile or embrace, it is that consistent presence that says ‘I love you, I am here for you, I will listen to you and keep you safe. You make me happy’.

Was that your experience?

If not, perhaps there were understandable reasons why your parents struggled; I like to think that everyone does their best in the circumstances they are given. It helps me step away from judgement.

If our basic needs are not met growing up, or there are times of specific trauma, then we will inevitably take some insecurities into our adulthood. At one level, we may lack the strength of our own convictions and discernment through not being validated or heard growing up, leading us to give away our power to any authority figure, whether doctor, teacher or elder.

At the other extreme, we may learn that it is safest to trust no-one, that we are alone in a dangerous world and must do and decide everything for ourself.

Neither approach is likely to lead to joy or peace, as understandable as they can be in the circumstances.

So when we are feeling unsure or vulnerable, where can we place our trust? I journeyed shamanically for inspiration and was shown 5 areas that I would invite you to feel into:

  1. Synchronicity – if something or someone randomly shows up in your life repeatedly or coincidentally, then there might be a message there for you. You can also set a clear intention to receive guidance from divination cards like Tarot, trusting that the right card will show up at the right time. This can also be seen as an act of synchronicity.

  2. Sacred medicines – these have held our communities throughout history. Our local herbs offer levels of support that hold us strong when we wobble. There is particular power in the herbs grown or found on our own land, they reflect the needs of those on that land and its specific vibration, climate and culture.

  3. Your own body wisdom – your body always calls it as it sees it, no stories or bias gets in the way, our cells are always working towards what they see as the highest expression of our self at all levels. Trust what you feel. You can even ask questions of this internal wisdom. If you stand up and ask for a ‘yes’ response you might feel a sway forwards or backwards, or a turning of your head left or right, If you can establish a different ‘no’ response you have a way of accessing your inner wisdom. Dowsing can offer similar benefits.

  4. That special person – Do you have a person that you can turn to in times of need who you trust and is trustworthy? Who is that rock of support, whether lover, friend or therapist who helps your nervous system to relax, who you can ease into without drama?

  5. Our myths – Communities across the ages have been held by their camp-fire stories, the legends of their ancestors holding a sense of ethics and core values. Even without written records, the essence of these stories passed through the generations, offering consistent threads of guidance. Modern societies have largely lost their timeless stories but our films and TV dramas still carry the essence of our collective consciousness. When we explore stories of courage, compassion and ethical dilemmas we exercise our internal moral compass. That internal reaction, especially when we are uplifted and inspired, is something we can deeply trust.

I wrote in June 2022 about the Universe’s tendency towards simplicity. I feel that here, that when I am looking for the best approach in any situation I try to look for the path of simplicity and ease. When a process feels complicated or entangled, there is a high likelihood of misalignment or imbalance in some way. By all means trust the 5 areas I mentioned above where it resonates with you, but also trust in simplicity, it might be the most useful guide of all…

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With love


The missing piece in the laws of manifestation

Book: ‘Heal Your Past Free Your Future’

I am delighted to say that, fundamentally through you, the readers of these newsletters, we are getting close to 500 copies sold. Thank you all so much!

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It is time to share healing key no 4. The book adds context to the intention, but there is still some value in using this key on its own:

I now release all unhelpful ancestral influences, including limiting belief systems and any other inherited dynamics that impede the highest expression of my life”.

128 497 226 563

Today’s theme – the missing piece in the laws of manifestation

If, like me, you want to understand how creative energy works, you will probably have asked questions like:

  • How does prayer work? Is it appropriate to make requests or just express gratitude?
  • Is there a limited supply of energy in the Universe? Does me receiving come at the expense of someone else?
  • What is the power of intention? How much action is needed to bring it into effect?
  • Can we create or predict outcomes with absolute certainty?

I might explore some of these points in future newsletters, but for now I want to focus on the last one – can we manifest a certain future or outcome using our creative powers?

The conclusion I have come to is ‘no’ and I’ll tell you why….

Can you imagine a scenario where someone wants to heal something central to them, for example, their inability to find a soul mate, or to have a baby. In a universe where the laws of manifestation and creation are absolute and precise, this person could engage a therapist or shaman and explore all the different ways in which they are blocked to this outcome – childhood and family wounds, ancestral issues, limiting karma etc. When they were all cleared, the energy would be aligned to a soul mate and one would be drawn in with absolute certainty because energy and intention has to be honoured and reciprocated.

This sounds very appealing, but there would be a catch. We would become so powerful, almost God like, that we could learn how to resolve issues with absolute certainty, free of risk or challenge. As we developed our skills over generations, everything would become possible. There would be nothing left to chance. In effect, our embodied world would move towards the spiritual realms where instantaneous creation is possible. What then would be the point of incarnation if we live in absolute creative control of our lives?

This is why I believe that God added a little seasoning to the recipe for the universal laws of creation. This all loving consciousness added a sprinkling of chaos so that our embodied lives would always be governed, to some degree, by the unknown, the unpredictable.

Only then could our human existence move away from Spirit, could sheer bad luck start to infect the seeming perfection of certainty. With this came risk – the possibility that things might not work out as we wished, and with that, fear.

Yes, this virus of chaos helped create a framework for lives where not everything can be predicted, manifested or controlled. Only then could we experience the true context of uncertainty and, through that, bring context to the Divine perfection of absolute certainty that is the unconditional love of God.

There are many gifts to be found in embracing chaos and sheer bad luck. It can stop us believing unequivocally that everything we experience is of our own creation and there to be controlled – such a hard burden to bear.

This is not to obviate our creative responsibility for ourselves and our world, just to release some of that pressure valve that says it’s all up to us and when it goes wrong we, or someone around us, must have done something out of balance.

As always, I rely on the support of the Spirit for guidance. When I journeyed to the mythic to explore this area, I asked the simple question of the angelic guardians – how much of our life is truly under our control? What I got back could be described as:

‘Life is no more predictable than the weather. There are a range of influences that set a likely direction or outcome, such as your intentions, core beliefs, actions, karma, astrology, ancestry and the collective energy of your community and species. All of these can be explored and supported, but however much work you do, you cannot remove the final ingredient in the creative soup – that of chaos’.

How does that sit with you? Does it feel right? If so, is it a relief to you or a source of worry?

For me, it validates our efforts to be the best that we can be, but it also allows some freedom from total responsibility for how the various aspects of our lives turn out. This is the exquisite nature of being human – having some control over the direction of our ship but having also to trust in the benevolence of good fortune and favourable winds to guide us safely to our chosen port or destination.

To be truly at peace with this, we must be able to meet different outcomes with equanimity, knowing that it was not necessarily ‘meant to be’, or ‘part of a higher plan’ it just ‘is.’ This is not to minimise our suffering, loss or disappointment, only to honour the wildness of what it is to be human, that amongst all the wonderful things we can create as conscious beings, there is also a place for sheer bad luck.

With love



Living with intimacy

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please do share these words if it calls you to do so.

Resonators to support us with electromagnetic smog

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Book -‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

In my quest to share all the healing keys from the book, here is the third one, under the beguiling title ‘Muddy Boots’. This is no substitute for the wealth of information shared in the book, but the harmonic and statement have value as a standalone healing tool:

I now release all limiting soul contracts, curses, spells, core beliefs and foreign energies from my energy field. I lovingly embrace the lessons they have taught me.”

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If you want to put this all in context, here is the book link: Heal Your Past, Free Your Future  Again, a great idea for a Christmas present, and don’t forget there is a Spanish translation available now…..

This month’s theme: Are you living intimately?

True intimacy is a natural state of being where we are present, mindful and relaxed. In this state, we are aware of all the sensations at the perimeters of our known self, whether that is our physical body or our energy field. It is not something we need to strive for or force, it is our natural state of being when we are in balance.

When we are living intimately, we sense and appreciate everything around us, the gentle brush of the wind on our faces, the warmth of a hand holding our own, the aroma of that first cup of coffee and the soft feel of those freshly changed bed sheets. Intimacy isn’t just about sex…

As beautiful as this is, it is an incredibly vulnerable state to live in and hard to maintain unless we feel genuinely safe and nourished. A high state of vigilance is not conducive to intimacy; the stimuli being absorbed while on alert is to satisfy the demands of our survivalist instincts, our optimum response to the perceived threats in our environment. This is control not surrender.

When I journeyed shamanically to explore this idea of intimacy, I was shown a small hedgehog (perhaps a porcupine in other countries) snuffling along among the autumn leaves. I was encouraged to lay my hand flat to the ground and wait. Sure enough, the hedgehog moved towards me and walked onto my hand, where I felt the gentle touch of its tiny feet rather than the sharpness of its spines.

There may be many layers of meaning here but, for me, the message was an encouragement to invite in intimacy with gentleness and patience, to extend an open hand towards life through gentle action and intention, and then let those sweet sensual feelings come forward. In those situations where there is no genuine threat, openness and vulnerability allow in the most exquisite of experiences.

In contrast, if we chase after that connection, we could feel the sharpness of those hedgehog spines as it curls up into a self-protecting ball. When we chase after anything, we can come from need, and need is lack. We simply reinforce the current situation and attract more of what we already have, pushing away intimacy in our desperation to find it, triggering more rejection from those who feel the ‘neediness’ in our approach.

So, if intimacy is a natural state, what might keep us out of it? Here are some behaviours and senses that I would suggest are possible barriers:

In terms of practicalities:

  1. Putting needs of others before our own
  2. Always needing a measurable outcome from an activity
  3. Prioritising tasks over presentness
  4. Needing to control the environment
  5. Being over busy.

In terms of feelings:

  1. Sensing fear and danger where there is none.
  2. Insecurities about self, ‘I might be too much for them’ or ‘they won’t respond to my affection’.
  3. Unresolved guilt, shame or self-judgement
  4. Fears of commitment
  5. Putting barriers up to other people and the world
  6. Fear of rejection
  7. Seeing the worst in people

If you have several of these dynamics, be gentle with yourself. It just means that you have experienced difficulties around intimacy, probably during childhood when you were most vulnerable to your environment. Connect with them lovingly, set an intention to surrender gently to more intimacy and thank Spirit for helping you on this path.

With love



Overcoming scarcity consciousness

Book – Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

In my quest to share all the healing keys from the book, here is the second one, under the heading ‘Avoidance and denial’. This is no substitute for the information in the book, but the harmonic and statement have value as a standalone healing tool:

“I acknowledge that I have avoided and denied aspects of my life. I now commit to wellness, to lovingly meet and release all that I have locked away.”

297 663 129 427

If you want to put this all in context, here is the book link: Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

Resonators to support us with electromagnetic smog

Thank you also for your support with my resonators. It excites me to feel this growing number of users adding their energy to the network of love these little vibrational chips support. If you keep buying, I’ll keep making!

Here is a recent testimonial from a client from South Africa:

“Thank you Andrew, the resonators I’ve purchased from you are absolutely effective! I’ve stuck one on my skin (on my arm) for a day and I felt grounded and more centered, even noticed a positive effect on my meditations. I could easily slip into meditation and connect with Source. I dream every night but on the night I had slept with the resonator, I had some profound dreams” Anusha

Today’s theme: Breaking out of scarcity thinking

I must start by saying that I am not speaking here to those in crisis, for whom scarcity is real and perhaps even life threatening. This is for those of us who feel relatively safe and free to fully express ourselves.

I do believe we come from a place of unconditional love and need context, through conditional love, to help us understand and appreciate who we truly are. As part of that context, we are here to explore and transcend our collective sense of scarcity.

If we go back to the original Adam and Eve story, it was the temptation of more – knowledge in this case – that woke them up to the realities of duality, love and shame. In anthropological terms, I suggest this story represents the time when the early homesteaders and hunter gatherers decided that they wanted what their neighbour had. As a species, we stopped living in harmony with our surroundings and became materialistic in nature.

Scarcity is not a reflection of actual monetary wealth, you can be rich and have poverty consciousness or relatively poor and feel abundant. If you are struggling, it is not a direct reference to how you relate to money. Your struggles might simply be a consequence of global, patriarchal greed that has redistributed our natural resources unfairly and the ‘illusion of meritocracy’ that encourages us to see this inequity as warranted.

Of course, scarcity isn’t just about material possessions, it can apply to our sense of free time, love, wisdom, compassion, or fulfillment. Any belief that there is something missing in our lives takes us away from our present moment into a desire for future gratification. For example, ‘when I find my true life path, I will be happy’ or ‘when I retire I will start having fun’… If we do this, we are living in absence, in lack, and creating more of the same.

How do we transcend scarcity?

Should we work harder? Save more? Prioritise our own needs over others? No, these ideas can still have scarcity at their core. The key solution is GRATITUDE.

This is one of the great drivers of true manifestation. If our prayers and visions contain gratitude for all that we already have, then we acknowledge our abundance and we show energetically that we already have enough. Conversely, when we pray for more, to receive, then we are showing the creative energies around us that we are in lack, that we are in ‘want’ in both its meanings.

Prayers of gratitude must come from a valid place though, so find those areas in your life where you do genuinely feel abundant and express gratitude for those, it’s contagious! We cannot manipulate creative energy by our words and prayers if our beliefs and actions are not aligned with those words. If there is misalignment, we will create from that place of confusion and contradiction.

Embodying gratitude

I suggests 3 key steps:

Set your intention – decide that you want to live in abundance at all levels and thank God and Spirit for their support and for the abundance that you already have. Be specific.

Heal the blocks to your abundance. What beliefs did your parents show you and live by? What does society show you? What do you believe around scarcity? You may need support in this, so please find a therapist or use my book to help you.

Take abundant action. That doesn’t mean giving away all your money, but be generous without expectation of reciprocation. Give for the simple joy of giving, not to receive back. Show abundance of time by taking a long bath, calling a friend, having a walk in nature without purpose. Live abundantly at all levels, inhabit your own personal Garden of Eden.

With love


Are you thriving or surviving?

Electromagnetic Field Protectors

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Book release – ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

I hold a clear vision of a new, more compassionate, world. To get there, we must individually and collectively release the imbalances of our past so that we can be more loving in our present. This is why I wrote this book.

I want the healing keys in the book to be available as widely as possible, so I’ve decided to share one within each newsletter until you have the full set of 12. I love the idea of us working together on a shared concept from one newsletter to the next!

There will be no background explanation or detailed support on how to use the phrase and the harmonics, but their power should still come through and if you like what you feel, the book is there waiting for you on this website.

Key 1 – Energetic protection

“I am an aspect of all that is, light and shadow, love and fear. I give back to mother Earth and Spirit all the energies I meet that do not serve me, knowing that I am eternal energy and cannot be harmed.”

226 497 813 565

If you wish to engage with its healing potential, please read out the phrase several times each day, including the harmonic, and let your breath, body and emotions respond as they wish. Stop when you no longer feel energy around it, or when the next newsletter arrives.


Today’s main theme – Are you thriving of surviving ?

There are certainly existential threats in the world today, perhaps greater than ever before, but almost certainly wider. Every system of modern life I can think of is under threat – energy stability, food, national safety, economies, climate, personal finances and our health.

My hope is that there is a Divine plan guiding this transition, that this depth of chaos and struggle is necessary because every aspect of our lifestyle needs to change. We cannot evolve into higher consciousness but continue to live in the old ways. But change is scary, I’m scared too.

As usual. I rely on the inspiration and guidance I receive in my shamanic journeys. When I asked about how we can manage in a world held by so much fear, I was shown two roads we must choose between, each underpinned by matching belief systems. Please feel into these words – do you recognise yourself on either of these paths, perhaps different ones depending on how you are feeling day to day?

The path of fear and survival

“The world is hostile and full of existential risk”

“People can do me harm”

“I must therefore protect myself at all levels”

“This requires me to separate myself from the people and events around me”

“In doing so I must close down my heart so that I cannot be hurt”

“I must also numb myself, taking my presence away from my moment to moment experiences”

“I will do what I am told by authority because they know what is best for me”

“I can return to my true life path when the danger has passed”

Can you see how damaging this path is? It is designed to neutralise the risk of pain and suffering but in doing so takes away the very essence of our humanity. It builds walls rather than communities, division rather than agreement and fear rather than love. This is a place of weakness, victim thinking, blame and fatalism. It does not reflect the magnificence of who we really are.

There are also consequences at the physical level. The background stress this approach creates impacts on our immune system, our endorphins, our sleep and even the way our bodies communicate internally.

The path of trust and thriving

“I am resilient and stronger than the dangers around me. I can transcend any challenge”

“I trust that the people around me are fundamentally driven to help not harm”

“I can therefore stay open and loving, knowing we are stronger together”

“I will stay grounded and present in my experience”

“The events around me may be beyond my control but I can choose how I meet them and whether I add love or fear to all I experience”

“I can grow from this and understand myself better”

“I will hold a vision for the best possible outcome for our species”

“I know I am always doing the best I can”

Apart from being more enjoyable, if we can hold this space we will also retain our power, our discernment and our physical and mental well-being.

Which road do you choose?

Finally, it’s worth remembering that contagion comes in many forms, not just disease and viruses. The most contagious energy of all is the energy of love. Let us call in an unstoppable pandemic of love that washes across the planet and beyond. Let’s walk that path of certainty into our glorious future together as one community of souls, in our shared Garden of Eden.

With love



Where does the healing go?

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please do share these words if you so desire.

I am constantly delighted at the support you are giving my work, whether the Quantum K system, the resonators, my new book or these newsletters. I am so grateful to you all.

I recently journeyed shamanically to ask if the various healing tools I use are connected in some way and, if so, where that energy sits. I was shown an image of planet Earth and all the satellites circling around her in lower orbit.

The suggestion was that the healing systems I use are all part of a less tangible grid that also sits around our planet, connecting us all in higher levels of consciousness.

It contains a broad range of colours and vibrations and is enhanced by all acts of loving kindness that run through it – a guiding energy for humanity and our planet. In contrast, all the energies of fear, greed and hostility dull its colours, creating a background noise that interferes with our connection to our highest potential.

I was shown this shamanically, but in many ways it is a confirmation of what many spiritual people have been intuiting over recent years as a mechanism for a shift in humanity’s consciousness, or ‘ascension’ as it is often called. I don’t fully align with the new age movement, but there is a clear overlap between its core beliefs and the ancient prophesies of most indigenous people.

I have said from the launch of Quantum K in 2008 that the more people who use the system the stronger it will become, and I strongly believe the same about my book and the resonators and any other high vibrational devices, actions or feelings we may share. If I dowse about it, I get that the resonators are now a little more than twice as powerful as they were when I first started making them, because the growing number of people who use them has developed a specific layer within the global energy grid of love that they support and draw from. The overall grid itself has strengthened hugely over this period. There is real momentum here.

I have always seen the resonators as tuning forks, reminders of our true vibration and state of being. They do not block obstructive or harmful energies, they simply keep us connected to this grid of love when we are facing the opposite. Ideally, we should be able to hold these higher frequencies irrespective of the challenges around us, but that is a lot to ask, so if a resonator on your watch helps you stay balanced, then so be it. Please do not assume that their low price means low value!


In practical terms, this grid is fed through the kind of invisible energy field that science is just starting to recognise. Terms like the Schumann Resonance are now well understood in scientific circles, but other terms like zero point, scalar, tachyon and quantum refer to energies that we can now detect but cannot fully explain.

I accept that my words are very limited, that there is an ultimate truth against which I will inevitably fall short, but even so, there is surely a core message here for us all about the simplicity of our life purposes – to find love. I am often asked by clients to tune into their life purpose, their calling, what they are here to achieve. I suspect most people are disappointed when I suggest that there is probably no grand plan of deliverable success, no great fame, no measurable legacy.

I believe that we are all here quite simply to find love – through service, wisdom, gratitude and joy. We may have specific themes that help us find these states of consciousness, but ultimately we are all on the same quest, one that we may or may not choose to follow.

Perhaps we can also now hold on to a different analogy, that we are here to strengthen the growing earth grid of love around us. Maybe life really is that simple.

There are so many different ways to do this. I was asked recently why so many spiritual people seem to be working the land, looking after small-holdings etc. I think there is a message here, that an easy and important way to open our heart centres to love is through connecting with Gaia. For me, when I tend my garden I feel grounded, present and deeply connected to all that is. It is the easiest way I know to find a state of bliss and mindfulness and, through that, support the grid of love that surrounds us. It is also a way to give back to Mother Earth at a time when she so deeply needs our support to undo the harm we have done to her.

For those times when connection and love is hard to find, I do recommend the easier route of using the supportive tools I offer you. My book ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’ is packed full of life changing ways to open up to more love and my resonators give a cheap and direct access to this global field of balance.

These are the prophesied times and as the Hopi elders have said, ‘we are the people we have been waiting for’.

With love


Connecting to Source

New book – ‘Heal Your Past, Free your Future’

At least £4 from each sale goes to indigenous charities – “Thank you for another wonderful donation. We really appreciate your tremendous efforts and will use every penny you give to fight for tribal peoples’ rights”. Jade, Survival International

From Argentina to Finland, Australia to Canada, this book is selling around the globe. Are you part of this movement yet?

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) protection

I haven’t mentioned this subject before in my newsletters, but it is becoming such an important area of stress on our immune systems that I feel it warrants a quick promotion of my protective ‘resonators’.

I make these personally in a sacred process. At £11 per pack of 3, including worldwide postage, they are designed to be affordable and inclusive. There are some incredible aura photos on my website showing how they work, please do check them out: Resonators

Today’s main theme – Connecting with Source

It is interesting how many variations we have culturally for the name of our source creator. When I open sacred space in my shamanic tradition, I include the phrase: ‘you who are known by a thousand names and you who are the unnameable one,’ which I feel says it all.

If we can’t even agree on a name for this energy, how are we meant to build a relationship with them/it/him/her? Is there anything else so fundamental to our lives that that is so intangible, whose love is so deep that our vocabulary is overwhelmed?

My mind often wonders into the absurd, here is me trying to describe a meeting with the Divine:

“So, this God person then, what did they look like?”

“Well, I didn’t actually get to see them as such.”

“So you can’t even say if they are male, female or non-binary?”

“No, historically this energy is deemed masculine, but that is perhaps a patriarchal influence, not the truth. I’m pretty sure they are none and all of the above.”

“OK – what did they say to you?”

“Nothing in words, I just had a sense of a connection in some way”.

“Did you touch them, smell them or did they leave behind anything tangible like a footprint or momento?”


“How do you know you even met this being?”

“Well, I can’t be absolutely sure, it just felt rather nice, almost overwhelming, a sort of warm feeling all over, a sense of knowing, a sense of being deeply met and understood”.

“O.K. that isn’t much help, I’ll have to find this Source person for myself then, what’s their mobile number and Instagram address?…..”

I want to share a few more serious thoughts here. First of all, my shamanic teachings recognise that there is a Creative consciousness which they call Great Spirit. They separate this essence into a masculine energy above us – (the sun beyond the sun) – and a feminine energy below us in the form of mother earth (Pachamama). When we draw their gold and silver light into our auras we connect with the completeness of their love.

This feels significant to me. It is easy to assume that Great Spirit / God / Source / Allah is above us in the spirit world, accessible through prayer and dedicated practice, meditation, mindfulness etc. For me, that is important but only one aspect of divine love. When we only look upwards we miss the magnificence and divinity of our physical presence.

I write about this more in my book, but this one sided view of Source can leave us out of balance and when the creative energy within the physical realm is ignored, then she will take action. At the individual level, our bodies can develop pain, inflammation, disease, something to get our attention. For many of my clients, recognising the Divinity and sacredness of our bodies and our world is key to recovering wellness. Less meditation, more gardening….

At the global level, we can see how the disrespect of our planet has led to us being in the mess we are in today; we have learnt to take without reciprocity and pollute without care of consequence. This is a response of the collective unconsciousness, we do not see our bodies as sacred or divine, so we apply the same disrespect to our planet, even though she is the provider of our physical bodies and the resting place to which we will all return.

As a personal example, I was cleaning out my guttering last week, a fairly thankless chore I thought as I set the ladder carefully against the wall. As I peered into the guttering channel I saw a body of partly decomposing leaves from the nearby trees that had blown in over the winter, and a single thistle plant that had rooted itself in the soil that was forming and was reaching out to the sun for sustenance.

In that moment, I felt I was looking straight into the eyes of God. This simple thistle seed had somehow made its way into my gutter, rooted itself deeply into the compost underneath and then reached upwards to find the light. I saw myself in the thistle, what do you see?

With love


“I am enlightened and so is my dog”

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please share these words if you feel so inclined.

New book – ‘Heal Your Past Free Your Future’

“Energy just started flowing as soon as I started reading the first section ‘Acknowledgements and Dedication’ and continued ’till I stopped, as if the simple act of reading was a healing process. It was amazing!“ Fiona UK

A huge thank you to all those readers who have bought the book, and I am touched to have reached so many people. To those as yet undecided, tempted but not sure, I ask you to ponder the questions I ask myself when I am presented with a book or a course that could be right for me. 1. Could the material add value? 2. Am I ready? 3. Am I sabotaging myself if I say no? In terms of sabotage, do you recognize any of these:

  • “I can’t be healed or helped”
  • “I don’t deserve it”
  • “I can’t prioritize the time or money”
  • “There are no quick fixes”
  • “I don’t want to get my hopes up and then be let down”
  • “It won’t work for me”
  • “No-one truly understands me or what I have been through”
  • “There is always a catch”

Do any or all of these apply to you? I am clearly promoting my own work here but, please do consider where you may be compromising your wider life choices.

“I am enlightened and so is my dog”

These words were offered to me on a recent shamanic journey so I thought I would share them here as part of my goal to stimulate your curiosity.

So, are you enlightened? I suspect your immediate reaction is to shrink back from any suggestion that you might be amazing or special in some way, your ego keeping any inflated sense of self in check. If you are like me, a lifetime of limiting programming takes a lot of unwinding – decades of being told that the truth sits outside of you, that you must listen to your parents, your teachers, your government or your priest to gain access to truth and wisdom.

In the spirit of breaking free of this programming, I ask you to look inside and see if your ego is telling you that you are less than you truly are. If so, a journey to enlightenment would shift from being one of growth and improvement to the release of the shackles binding what is already there inside.

I’m sure this newsletter title (‘I am enlightened and so is my dog’) was given to me light-heartedly by Spirit to take away any sense that spiritual growth is just for ‘special people’. Perhaps all that we seek is right there in front of us, in the eyes and hearts of the natural world. I often sit and watch the goats and animals we look after on our smallholding, looking for the wisdom they hide in plain sight. What motivates them when they wake up? Do they plan their day? Do they have ambition or aspiration for more than they already have? Do survival instincts, living in a world of predator and predated, block their connection to the moment and to their environment?

My sense is that the primal brain that controls our survival instincts sits far away from our pure consciousness, and that it is therefore possible to live in challenging circumstances, perhaps even under mortal threat, and still retain our spiritual integrity. I would go further and suggest that, as with the Buddha, the recognition of suffering can even be a trigger for spiritual growth and transcendence. That is not to diminish our pain, just to say that buried within our personal torment, there may be gold waiting for us. Our highest achievement may be to find love in the face of suffering.

This is why I am uncomfortable with any suggestion that only those in the West can truly focus on their spiritual path, that those in conflict zones or battling with poverty must put their spirituality on hold. If anything, the reverse carries more weight for me, that our suffering can be a trigger for us to find our already present state of enlightenment, our internal light that shines constantly in the external darkness.

If you have heard of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs’, please consider whether it could be a distortion of the truth based on the pervading colonialistic thinking of its time. Do look it up, or read my book!

Getting back to our animal friends, I do see them showing fear as farm vehicles pass by, or as predators sound out in the quiet of night, but I see that as the response of the primal brain and that their consciousness maintains its love, wisdom, and connection with all that is. I find it humorous that we can look so far outside our immediate environment for spiritual guidance and truth, and yet all we seek sits in front of us, in the eyes of the field mouse, the song of the blackbird and the wagging tail of our canine companion.

Personally, I have had elusive moments of euphoria when I am lost in the moment, overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of life. Sometimes it is in nature, sometimes in the bosom of my family, but it always involves a state of bliss when I remember who I really am and the essential part I play in ‘all that is’. In those moments, perhaps I am simply remembering my natural state of enlightenment, that state that my animal teachers lovingly demonstrate to me every minute of their waking day.

With love


Is there a place for hope?

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website.

“Heal Your Past, Free Your Future”

The book is generating so many positive reviews, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me a testimonial. Here is a recent one from Nancy D in New York:

“I have your new book which I LOVE. And to say that is such an understatement.

Today I started chapter 6, and all I can say is “WOW”. Just reading the key has energy pouring out of my system. I really thought I had resolved a lot of early childhood and forward…. It’s OK. I am so very grateful for this work. It is simply ASTOUNDING”.

Every book sold now generates a donation to indigenous charities of over £4, so when you support me you also support the sources of the ancient wisdom I have written about. If you want to experience this healing potential for yourself, please follow this link:

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

Why I have hope

It feels to me like the world now sits in the middle of something bigger than I have ever seen before, with existential threats coming from all angles. My heart breaks daily and I keep this respectfully in mind as I look into seeds of something new emerging from the ashes of the old. Is there a chance that these prophesied times are coming true? Are we part of a greater plan, guided by the hand of Spirit?

My personal vision is of a reversal of the current trend of centralised power, decision making and supply. I envisage a world where we live in local communities, with gentle ties to a wider picture but fundamentally self-sufficient within our local area. This would lead to the decline in significant national borders or identities, so no threat of collective warfare and therefore no need for organised defences.

In this more communal way of living, we focus on simple pleasures, a slow and gentle life, and we work together to make this possible. There are no big businesses to dis-empower or manipulate our beliefs, all we need is available within our locality. We re-learn the ancient crafts, built around the bedrock of regenerative farming and sustainable living. This is how we have lived as a species for 99% of our time on Earth, gently respecting our planet and walking softly upon her belly, and this is how we can live again.

Within this model, there is a need for elders and council, but no hierarchy. As Paul Francis says in ‘Finding Your Deep Soul’ – “The inconvenient fact for the ‘Taker’ cult is that for the vast majority of human history, we got on fine without leaders and were better for it.”

This model still allows for a collective consciousness, a sharing of love, wisdom and teachings as has happened throughout history – as far back as the original shaman who gently seeded their teachings across various lands and cultures around the world.

Can this actually happen?

I was listening to a TED talk by David Christian on the history of the Universe and was interested in his description of the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of entropy. He describes it as “the general tendency of the universe to move from order and structure to lack of order, lack of structure — in fact, to mush”. He describes how this law can be overcome during ‘goldilocks moments’ when the conditions are just right for expansion.

Humanity has created these goldilocks opportunities through our movement into farming, travel, and wider communication. The more recent exploitation of fossil fuels gave us another opportunity for global expansion of industry, travel and trade.

However, in the words of Christian again: “We refer in big history to these moments as threshold moments. And at each threshold, the going gets tougher. The complex things get more fragile, more vulnerable; the Goldilocks conditions get more stringent, and it’s more difficult to create complexity”.

For me, I am reassured by the suggestion that this centralisation of collective power, built upon intricate and interconnected global ways of engaging with each other is not aligned with the natural order of the universe.

The issue is how we can all transition from where we are to where we might prefer to be, without deep collective suffering. When I journey shamanically, I am shown the Aesop fable of the lion and the mouse, where the lion spares the mouse on the promise that one day she might be able to return the favour. The lion is then caught by hunters and is freed by the mouse gnawing away at the net with its teeth. The lion and mouse then become friends and equals.

For me, this is a metaphor for how we in the West need to support all those around us with less obvious privilege because soon we will need their help. Who knows how that might transpire, could it be the spiritual wisdom of the indigenous people?… the healing powers of the sacred medicines of the rainforest?… knowledge of small scale farming and seed bank diversity?

And maybe I am writing from ego, maybe we are the mice in the story…

Time will tell, but it sounds to me like a levelling of power, where we share this beautiful world with mutual respect and friendship. This gives me a sense of hope. I hope it does for you too.

With love


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