Supporting ourselves through coronavirus

I have been looking into possible support to help us maintain a strong immune system generally and also to deal quickly and effectively with the coronavirus if we contract it. The need for personal hygiene and appropriate isolation is well documented, this is about other possibilities that are perhaps less well known. The herbal recommendations come from a renowned physician Dr Klinghardt and this link from his website may be of interest:

Klinghardt research

I have also spoken to the team at NewVistasHealthcare about appropriate use of homeopathy at this time. Putting this all together, I have come up with a protocol that may be of interest to you. Bear in mind that with product recommendations, there are already some stock level problems so you may need to be flexible and go with what is available.

If you want a ‘top pick’ recommendation from each category I have dowsed with this in mind and put the most suitable product in italics. If you want to order anything from New Vistas, please call Kate on UK 01244 560 345.

Nutritional and herbal support -:

Take Vitamin C at 2 grammes per day. (I use Lamberts powder for a good quality product at a reasonable price).

Use herbs including – licorice, calendula, skullcap, rosemary, artemisia, dandelion and andrographis. following either the manufacturer’s or Dr Llinghardt’s recommended dosage.

If you can find colloidal silver in stock anywhere, this is an excellent anti-microbial/viral gargle, that you can safely swallow. In its absence, a sea salt gargle (not to be swallowed!) can also protect the throat area and potentially keep pathogens away from your lungs.

Homeopathic support – New Vistas have several anti-virals and immune boosters, which I would group as follows:

Immune boosters Immune System Liq, Vitamin C Liq, Thymus Liq, Whole Health Immune Complex, IMS

Anti-virals – They are making a special remedy ‘Hyoscyamus 24x, 48x’ which they feel is particularly appropriate for this virus. This could be combined with anti-virals – VIR, VIR Forte and Flu liquescence.

System supporters Lung Liq, Respiratory Liq

Emotional supportAST (anti-stress) or REL (relax).

For more information on New Vistas, please follow this link:  New Vistas

Turn off the wi-fi

Dr Klinghardt suggests that the coronavirus has a higher mortality rate in hospitals where there is 5G. As a precaution, we should minimise our exposure to EMF by keeping our wi-fi off whenever it is not in use and keeping our mobile phones at a good distance.

Energetic support

In line with the healing principles of the Quantum K system, I have dowsed a harmonic that I believe represents the healed state of the coronavirus, so a vibration that can deplete the virus. Feel free to meditate with it, write it on a card and keep it nearby, or join in with us on our bi-monthly Quantum K meditations, where this will be a cornerstone of the connection we make. Basically, anything that allows you access to the energy. This concept is explained on the Quantum K website if you want to know more. The harmonic is:

222 467 198 522

I want to share that I have journeyed shamanically for guidance around this issue and was shown a tiny bird with a broken wing, held in loving hands. Feel free to find your own interpretation but, for me, this suggests that humanity is the bird, the broken wing is the virus and the loving hands holding us are the healing hands of Spirit. I see it as an invitation to stay in love around this dynamic rather than fear, so that at another level those loving hands may also be our own, as we nurture the wounded bird that is our loved ones and our community.

With love


Activism – Quality v Quantity

I have written articles over the last year about activism and how the time has come to shift the focus away from our internal healing journey towards a more outward expression of our energy. I then suggested ways in which we might do this in our day to day lives. This third article goes deeper into the qualitative nature of our activism.

I was drawn to write on this after a client session in which we explored that timeless question of ‘what am I here to do?’ I am understandably asked this many times by clients wanting to know how best to live their lives and asking for the perspective of their higher selves. I found in this particular session that it was certainly time to take action and that it should start with looking for complete integrity in their daily life and local community.

The new information I felt deserved wider sharing was that the nature of what was done was largely insignificant compared to the way it was done. It is the quality of our lives that leads to global change more than the actual actions that we take. In other words, if we campaign around climate change but do so with fear and anger, then we are mixing that energy into all the dynamics that climate change represents. Gaia will feel our fear rather than our love. Outrage is helpful, that is a positive energy of action, but anger is not.

I would therefore urge us all to do what we are drawn to do held by two key energies:

1. Positive vision. See the possibility of change and of an outcome that represents the healed state of that situation. If it is climate change, as an example, I suggest you hold the vision of Earth returning to her healed state, with the human race united in solidarity around this goal.

2. Be heart based. Be in your heart centre when you do what you do. Bring love to the situation. When I dowsed about this, I got that 90% of the benefit of the action we take is the love that we bring to the situation, not the nature of the action itself. It is far better to go shopping in a place of love than go on a protest march with anger in our hearts. In an ideal world, do the protest march from that place of love, but if you can’t find that space, go back to your inner journey and feel into those limiting emotions before you attempt to do anything more visible.

If I had to summarise all that I have written over the last year it would be simple: open your heart, live your daily life consistently from that place, then look for opportunities to take that love beyond your local community.

With love


Stepping up

I was drawn to restart my posts in May this year when I felt that a global tipping point had been reached and that we were being called to action.  The question that arises from this is what kind of action is required to support global change? I hear this question a lot and will share my personal opinion here.

First of all, although action is essential, that does not mean that we all have to take up high positions in our community, or launch a charity, or travel to another country to do volunteer work. I believe that there are a few amongst us that are called in this way, but for most of us it is about living our current lives but doing so in a new way. If we can live impeccably in our smaller communities, then we may be called by Spirit to take this energy and activity into the wider world.

I believe in the fundamental truth of sacred activism, that we must get our internal house in order, our emotions and belief systems, before we can truly help the wider world. The same principle also applies as we start to focus our energy outward. We must find balance in the way we live our own lives before we can be an example to others.

Here are some areas I suggest you look at to help ensure you are living in balance with the earth and your community, leaving a soft footprint on the planet:

  • Do you eat meat? If so, can you cut down? Can you look for higher welfare standards and ideally have only wild meats that have not lived in containment or been slaughtered under stress?
  • Do you eat organic where possible? If not, you are supporting industrial scale farming that is damaging the environment.
  • Where does your electricity come from? There are business and private vendors of electricity that is entirely generated by renewable energy, so windmills, solar panels etc. There are even mobile phone companies that generate their power from renewable sources.
  • EMF – how much electromagnetic pollution do you generate or participate in? It is possible to survive without wi-fi, using cable technology and turning off all technological devices when they are not in use.
  • Do you travel in an eco-friendly manner? All air travel leaves a high carbon footprint, can you travel overland instead and choose destinations that you can reach easily. Can you walk or cycle instead of driving?
  • Do you shop in bulk and minimise those shopping trips that involve only one or two items?
  • Do you avoid plastic wherever possible, re-use where possible, recycle only when you can’t reuse and send to landfill only in extreme circumstances?
  • Do you check the provenance of everything you buy, from the cheap clothes to crystals? Do you know the carbon footprint and whether exploitative labour was involved? Did that product involve damage to the environment or de-forestation?
  • Are you a good neighbour? Do you support those around you or collude in gossip and judgement?
  • Does your work add value to the world or is it part of the problem? Is it time to either change the way you work or find something new to do?

The bottom line is that there are many steps that can be taken easily and without sacrifice. The test comes when the steps necessary to live in harmony with the world require us to sacrifice something we value, like foreign holidays, or cheap food. The low impact products are likely to cost us more so, assuming finances permit, we must all be prepared to pay more for the good of the world around us, or avoid damaging products where there is no acceptable alternative.

If we can live with love, balance and respect in our personal lives, then we are setting a strong foundation that can launch us into powerful work within our local community and beyond.

Of course, when we set an example in our private lives we are contributing to the energy of positive change and transformation. The power of millions of people living with love and respect in all aspects of their personal lives can, and will, change the world. There may be a few exceptional souls who act as role models and lead us with their positive examples, but real change comes from the majority doing the basics right, not the one or two who show us the way.



Tipping Point

I did write in 2016 that there were enough opinions in the world so it was time to cease sharing any more of my own.

I am writing again because I have been inspired by recent global events that suggest we have collectively reached a tipping point. I have heard that term used around climate change and how a single event in nature can lead to a domino effect that hugely amplifies its effects, but it also applies to our collective human consciousness. I believe that a series of significant events have now occurred that are a call to all of us to step up and become activists, in whatever way calls us.

The shift that I felt happen occurred earlier in May 2019 when a US court found Monsanto (Bayer) liable in court for the carcinogenic effects of glyphosate.  This was just one case, but it felt energetically very significant, that the previously unaccountable institutions of power were now being held to account. There are many other signs around the world, but this was the one that ‘tipped’ the energy for me.

From my perspective, what this means is that we are all now being called to take action wherever we are inspired to do so, wherever our heart can be broken, wherever we are most outraged. I believe we must sometimes be leaders, sometimes supporters and sometimes followers, but always taking part to some extent, bringing our energy for positive change to bear.

At an energetic level, this means that the time of deep internal focus on our personal healing journey is over. We have had plenty of time to do this work and the children of today and tomorrow can’t wait any longer for us to get our sacred house in order. The world is on the brink of complete transformation in one way or another and we all need to be involved in that or accept that we stood idly by.

This does not mean that we should stop our sacred inner healing work, just that it is no longer a priority.  I would take down this website if I felt it was no longer helpful in the bigger picture, but I don’t believe we are there yet. We just need to recognise that it is time to move beyond petitions and even marches of protest, they are helpful but no longer enough. We must commit all our energy to positive global change and live the lives we can honestly say represent the solution rather than the problem.  It is showing up in world events, it is showing up in individual sessions I have with clients; there is a new energy with us and it calls for action.


I have always found it very easy and natural to have opinions. These opinions form views and in many ways are the basis for these blogs.

What I have realised in recent months is that I no longer have as many opinions as I used to. Even when confronted with layers of fear and condemnation of the world around us, politicians, big business etc I am finding it harder and harder to find a definitive viewpoint. This is born out of my growing connection to the shamanic traditions and their values. I could summarise my understanding of some of these key values as follows:

1. Energies can be light or heavy but that does not mean good or bad. We do not understand the Divine perspective or plan for any soul, so it is not for us to judge whether a situation is a good one or a bad one.

2. Even challenges and perceived suffering could be part of that soul or country’s highest path.

3. We are all on hero’s journeys and our growth comes from transcending the challenges and obstacles we encounter. Without these aspects, we cannot understand who we truly are.

4. This does not mean we should live in apathy. We can still have preferences, visions for ourselves, our lives and the planet that we can choose to create.

5. If we wish to make changes in our world, we must make these changes in ourselves first and become the change we wish to see outside of us. We have no right or breadth of understanding to justify us making choices for other people, although clearly the energy we emit will radiate out and effect those around us.

This gentle way of living is incredibly powerful. The shaman who live like this create their world and take absolute responsibility for it. They do not give their power away to politicians or corporate leaders even though their material circumstances might be affected by them, they still take responsibility for the nature of the experience they have and their emotional response to it.

This is not to negate the extreme suffering that some souls are going through, only to accept that we do not know the higher context or meaning behind their experience and should not therefore judge it.

So that brings us back to opinions. To follow these gentle ways of living, opinions carry little value, they can verge on judgement and a view that one outcome is better than another. When we step away from this, life is just a series of creative opportunities that we generate through the balance of energies we emit. Where we have preferences, we simply need to ensure our resonance is in line with those preferences and trust that we will then create it.

So, maybe, for me, these blogs have had their day. Time will tell…..

With blessings,

Andrew Kemp


I have seen many clients in my practice who ask me to help them find consistent happiness. Their desire is to find happiness and stay in that state for the rest of their lives. I find that really interesting and I would like to share here how I try to work with this.

First of all, looking for positive emotions is fine, but if we do so at the expense of the heavier ones, these difficult emotions that we are trying to avoid will grow in power. The phrase ‘what we resist persists’ is so true, everything we push away from ourselves is immediately attracted in and if we look away from our fear, shame, sadness etc, we will still emit their energy from our shadow self and attract in experiences influenced by their vibrations.

We will also likely project what we are not prepared to experience in ourselves onto other people. For instance, if we are only willing to embrace our happiness, we might become angry when our partners express their sadness. It is uncomfortable when someone else is prepared to enter a space we are avoiding and this can be very detrimental to the relationship.

When we avoid something within us we are saying that we are afraid of it, that we do not trust that we can look into whatever that heaviness is and emerge safely out the other side. Resistance is born out of fear. Fear attracts things to be afraid of.

I would suggest that the best way to find light and positive emotions within us is to be prepared to turn towards all that is not in that state. In this way, we bring our conscious love and attention into our shadows which will naturally transmute them. When we connect with our emotional wounds from a non-judgmental, loving place, then that emotion must fade. It may be uncomfortable for a while as we connect with our shame, grief, anger etc but this kind of authentic process will allow us to step into the wound and out the other side.

So, going back to the point of this blog, I believe that if we strive to be happy all the time, we will likely achieve the opposite, as our hidden sadness grows in the strength given to it from our avoidance and fear. I prefer to target peace as a goal. This is a state that we can be in regardless of the emotions we are feeling and will facilitate a deep and loving connection with anything we encounter that is not based in love. Peace requires faith, courage and love, so when we are in that state any emotions we feel are easily transmuted. This is the way to move towards greater states of happiness without having to attach to that particular emotion as a constant in our lives.

With blessings,

Andrew Kemp


“You are all worthy; if you weren’t all worthy, believe me, you would not exist, because creation does not make mistakes. Thus, if you exist you belong; there is a reason why creation is not complete without you. Stop arguing with creation. Take it at its word; if you exist, you deserve to exist and if you deserve to exist you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. This is just simple logic”. Darryl Anka

I have heard many variations of the basic laws of manifestation, how to create and live the highest expression of yourself, but the following steps based on the work of Darryl Anka offer the clearest and most inspiring template I have come across. If creation really is incomplete without us, then surely we have some sort of moral responsibility to honour the gift of ‘us’ by being ‘us’ in the highest expression we can manifest? Here are the 7 steps:

Step 1 – Find your vision

Where is your joy? What could you embody that would bring you the most peace, happiness and fulfillment? What is the way of living that allows you to most fully express your true self? This could be within a job, but generally is a way of life rather than a career choice. It will need to be for the benefit of others in some way if it is to give you that tingle of validation from your soul, rather than the less fulfilling and less enduring satisfaction that comes from soothing the wounded ego. Our souls are only satisfied by some form of expression of love in service. In setting your vision, remember to make it a statement of intent rather than a route map. If you want to teach, set that simple goal as your vision, without expectation of grade, location, subject or timescales. Life could well have a mechanism to deliver your vision that is far beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

Step 2 – Give it your passion

Knowing what you want to do is important, but it is the raw desire you bring to your vision that provides the energy to bring it into life. An idea needs the driving force of a racing pulse and your burning passion.

Step 3 – Believe it can happen

If you are excited about your vision, but do not believe it is possible or that you deserve all the joy it represents, then it will not happen. You will create exactly what you expect to receive, as little or as much as you can embrace within your sense of self-worth and within your faith in your creative powers. Creation is absolutely precise; you will get what you envisage to the exact extent that you believe it to be possible, safe and deserved.

This is the area I focus on most in a kinesiology session; I look to find and release all the shadow beliefs that stop you allowing your vision to take form.

Step 4 – Acceptance

Now is the time to accept that your vision, supported by your passion and your positive beliefs, must come true. There is no other way; this creative journey is inevitable. Embrace it as such.

Step 5 – Intention

Having an exciting vision in important, but you must also have the willpower and focus to bring this into effect. You will need to make the conscious choice that this new way of being is to become your reality. This is not about passion or desire, this is about clarity of intent, the dedication that takes your vision beyond a wistful dream to the clear statement that ‘this is who I am’.

Step 6 – Action

With this all in place, it is time to behave and live your life as though this vision is already in place. Ground the first 5 points into action through your words, body language and behaviour. As Ghandi once said – “be the change you want to see in the world”. If you want to be an artist, then paint.

Step 7 – Allowance

Having set all of this in place, now let it go, utterly. Completely disconnect from any need for a specific outcome, let go of any expectation that it is either necessary or needed, that there is a right or wrong way for you to live your life. This is one of life’s many paradoxes, that to receive something you must let it go. This non-attachment greases the wheels of creation and allows you to effortlessly move from one plane of existence to another, from the life created by your old beliefs and perceived obligations to one based on your new joyous vision.

When you put all this into place, you will create your new reality and life will reflect that back to you. The key point here is that you need to take the first step, you cannot expect to be receptive of support in life unless you lead the creative process. I have heard people say ‘it was not meant to be’, as if creation has a specific list of what you are allowed and not allowed to do or become. I believe that the real truth here is that life is continuously reflecting back to you everything you are projecting through your beliefs, upbringing, genetics, community values, faith system, education and self-worth. As you have this power of creation, you might as well use it consciously. Why follow false trails from these tired old programmes, often based on duty and guilt, when you can create a loving and joy-filled life based on genuine free choice?

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

The power of myth

I have just completed a weeks retreat at Glastonbury, exploring the myths associated with that area, of Joseph and Mary, Arthur and Guinevere. We also explored the ancient myths of Iron John and the oldest recorded of all, the Sumerian story of Inanna and her descent to the underworld.

There were many deep learnings that came out of this for me, but they all showed the relevance of these mythical stories to our world today. They create a framework that holds our society; that explain the heroic journeys we are all invited to embark upon, if we hear the call and choose to answer it. As we pass these stories down the generations, we invite our children to live courageously and explore how the basic structure of each myth plays out in their lives.

One of the most beautiful connections for me was embodying the pure masculine, the powerful and playful energy that is strong and direct but by no means savage. This pure energy has been partially lost in society these days where we are ruled by the shadow masculine, where competitiveness, greed and hierarchical thinking set the rule-base that we are encouraged to follow.

The off shoot of embodying this pure power for a while was feeling how damaging the opposite of this power is. If we deny it or are afraid of it, we bring out the shadow aspects in those around us. In other words, we all set a tone for our environment and any weakness on our part leaves a space that will bring out shadow qualities in those around us. Have you engaged with someone avoiding their true power, perhaps lost in addiction of some sort, and felt your frustration rising to the surface? That is this effect in action, it takes a very balanced person not to succumb.

Another way of looking at this is that if we don’t own our issues, we pass them onto our loved ones to hold them for us, and reflect them back. When we take back and release our wounds, we free our loved ones from the burden of holding them for us, of being our mirror, and allow them the freedom to embrace what is genuinely unresolved for them. Relationships can then become healthy and supportive rather than ‘woundships’ where both parties are stuck in co-dependency and negative reflections.

The other major learning for me comes from the legend of Inanna and what this represents about the descent of the feminine. I know so many people who want to stay on an even keel all the time, to be constantly happy and balanced. If they slip into sadness, they try to come back out of it quickly through distraction or engagement in the many addictions and titillations life can offer us.

It is a bit like running around in the autumn trying to stick the leaves to the trees so that they will not fall. It just doesn’t work; the leaves naturally want to fall as a prelude to the winter and then to spring when the leaves will return, and the tree will have everything it used to have and more besides. This is the key point for me, shown in this myth, that when we allow ourselves to be part of the death and rebirth process that permeates all of life, we become stronger. When we try to cling to what we have, whether that be money, our children or happiness, we become weak. This is a life paradox, we are most likely to lose what we try to hold onto the most. In contrast, when we are truly prepared to sacrifice everything, to die to who we are in every moment of our lives, then we will be ‘rich’ beyond our wildest imaginings. This death and rebirth is the essence of the feminine energy in us all, not just in woman where it is most visible through the monthly menses.

Ironically, by not attaching to any particular state of being such as happiness, wealth, or comfort, we allow our deepest emotions to emerge and we have the courage, as the true heroes we are, to descend to our inner underworld to embrace and release all that we have locked away down there. We then emerge stronger and more balanced. We can even learn to welcome those depressive or difficult moments because we know that they are doorways to growth and higher states of love and happiness. We can then be at peace all the time because we no longer resist those temporary emotions and difficult feelings. We can find joy in all our emotions, this is the true gift of understanding and embracing the paradox this concept represents.

If we try to cling onto happiness we lose it, if we allow it the freedom to fly like a butterfly on a gentle summer breeze, we can even enjoy watching it fly away.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Losing Control

I want to share a personal story that demonstrates a key learning for me, that perhaps may be of interest to you too.

We live on a smallholding in the country with an assortment of animals; goats, chickens and sheep. They are largely separated into different areas, but goats being goats, the young ones are particularly adept at jumping over fences, or crawling through any weak gaps they can find.

As the field is more than sufficient for their needs, I committed myself to improving the fencing, making it stronger and higher, but wherever I placed my attention, they would leave that space alone and force a gap somewhere else in the field. This came to a head recently when the goats got out, came into our garden, ate some of our shrubs, trampled down the chicken wire protecting the chickens and ate their food (which isn’t particularly good for them).

The local foxes then walked over the chicken wire that had been trodden down and killed two chickens. Our dog followed them in later and ate the left-over food we had put out for the chickens, and then promptly threw up on the kitchen rug. AARRGH!

This was my cue to feel into the deeper message here. The more I tried to control this situation, to erect barriers and keep nature under control, the more life rebelled against my plans. I was guided to do the opposite, to surrender and let nature do its thing. I opened the gate to the field and let the goats all walk out as a herd.

Rather than the youngsters dashing into the garden, the herd stayed together as a unit and grazed delicately around the local hedgerows. When they had fed fully, they returned to their shelters and gently chewed the cud through the afternoon. No dramas , no ripples.

So my challenge to myself is to explore what other areas of my life I try to control. Do I have beliefs, visions and plans that are actually limiting rather than liberating? Are my greatest visions for my life actually just barriers, denying me access to something even more amazing that lies out there for me? If I truly let go, allowing the dynamics of natural order to take over, would it be chaotic or serene? The goats have shown me that life has a natural balance, when lived in the moment, outside the direction of the mind. When we surrender to that, anything is possible…..

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

The spiritual matrix

This is a very personal view, but I am excited about the maturity that seems to be emerging in the new-age movement. At its core, I see ‘new ageism’ as the drive to bring love into the world in a simple but pure form, an attempt to transmute all that is not love through an open heart.

This is fine to a point, but by rejecting or battling against all that is not love, we are energising a world of duality, of right and wrong. In many ways, this achieves the very opposite of what the movement is all about, as it polarises energy into different camps, which by their very nature create separation and discord. Those who are not prepared to embrace the darkness inside themselves can deny their deepest healing potential and live in a world of fear where constant protection is needed against the powers of the dark outside them. You could call this duality the ‘matrix’, a battleground if we choose to see it that way.

In this new growing sense of maturity, I am seeing many more articles about the need to embrace our shadows, to work with the light and dark together, recognising them as the building blocks of our Universe. When we embrace our shadow and our fears, we disempower them and take away the power of duality, of taking sides, of right and wrong, of good and evil. The matrix itself must then crumble. As Rumi said “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

The second area that excites me is the growing questioning of just how far the matrix extends. Personally, and this is a matter of faith clearly, I believe that the matrix extends into the astral realms of spirit. Re-incarnation, Karmic debt, even heaven and hell, are all belief systems. Buddhism talks about Samsara and transcending the wheel of suffering; Christians believe Christ died for our sins, to release us from our suffering so that we may live in the grace of that salvation.

I write this only to challenge you to see where you stand on these issues. Do you agree? Does it bring up outrage or other emotions? For me, there is no greater topic of discussion than how we live our lives and what we aspire to achieve or become, if anything.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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