Who can I trust?

Today’s main theme – who can you trust?

One of the most prevailing themes I see with clients is betrayal of trust. This can be from teachers, doctors, or wider family, but the most fundamental of all comes when a mother or father does not honour that basic parental contract of love and presence. That love is not just a warm smile or embrace, it is that consistent presence that says ‘I love you, I am here for you, I will listen to you and keep you safe. You make me happy’.

Was that your experience?

If not, perhaps there were understandable reasons why your parents struggled; I like to think that everyone does their best in the circumstances they are given. It helps me step away from judgement.

If our basic needs are not met growing up, or there are times of specific trauma, then we will inevitably take some insecurities into our adulthood. At one level, we may lack the strength of our own convictions and discernment through not being validated or heard growing up, leading us to give away our power to any authority figure, whether doctor, teacher or elder.

At the other extreme, we may learn that it is safest to trust no-one, that we are alone in a dangerous world and must do and decide everything for ourself.

Neither approach is likely to lead to joy or peace, as understandable as they can be in the circumstances.

So when we are feeling unsure or vulnerable, where can we place our trust? I journeyed shamanically for inspiration and was shown 5 areas that I would invite you to feel into:

  1. Synchronicity – if something or someone randomly shows up in your life repeatedly or coincidentally, then there might be a message there for you. You can also set a clear intention to receive guidance from divination cards like Tarot, trusting that the right card will show up at the right time. This can also be seen as an act of synchronicity.

  2. Sacred medicines – these have held our communities throughout history. Our local herbs offer levels of support that hold us strong when we wobble. There is particular power in the herbs grown or found on our own land, they reflect the needs of those on that land and its specific vibration, climate and culture.

  3. Your own body wisdom – your body always calls it as it sees it, no stories or bias gets in the way, our cells are always working towards what they see as the highest expression of our self at all levels. Trust what you feel. You can even ask questions of this internal wisdom. If you stand up and ask for a ‘yes’ response you might feel a sway forwards or backwards, or a turning of your head left or right, If you can establish a different ‘no’ response you have a way of accessing your inner wisdom. Dowsing can offer similar benefits.

  4. That special person – Do you have a person that you can turn to in times of need who you trust and is trustworthy? Who is that rock of support, whether lover, friend or therapist who helps your nervous system to relax, who you can ease into without drama?

  5. Our myths – Communities across the ages have been held by their camp-fire stories, the legends of their ancestors holding a sense of ethics and core values. Even without written records, the essence of these stories passed through the generations, offering consistent threads of guidance. Modern societies have largely lost their timeless stories but our films and TV dramas still carry the essence of our collective consciousness. When we explore stories of courage, compassion and ethical dilemmas we exercise our internal moral compass. That internal reaction, especially when we are uplifted and inspired, is something we can deeply trust.

I wrote in June 2022 about the Universe’s tendency towards simplicity. I feel that here, that when I am looking for the best approach in any situation I try to look for the path of simplicity and ease. When a process feels complicated or entangled, there is a high likelihood of misalignment or imbalance in some way. By all means trust the 5 areas I mentioned above where it resonates with you, but also trust in simplicity, it might be the most useful guide of all…

Electromagnetic resonators

Thank you all for your continuing support. I am constantly amazed at how powerful these little chips are and yet in concept they are so simple – they act as little electromagnetic tuning forks, keeping us in harmony with Mother Earth. It feels good to mention them here having just written about simplicity, maybe they can be part of your support group too…  Resonators

With love


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