Losing Control

I want to share a personal story that demonstrates a key learning for me, that perhaps may be of interest to you too.

We live on a smallholding in the country with an assortment of animals; goats, chickens and sheep. They are largely separated into different areas, but goats being goats, the young ones are particularly adept at jumping over fences, or crawling through any weak gaps they can find.

As the field is more than sufficient for their needs, I committed myself to improving the fencing, making it stronger and higher, but wherever I placed my attention, they would leave that space alone and force a gap somewhere else in the field. This came to a head recently when the goats got out, came into our garden, ate some of our shrubs, trampled down the chicken wire protecting the chickens and ate their food (which isn’t particularly good for them).

The local foxes then walked over the chicken wire that had been trodden down and killed two chickens. Our dog followed them in later and ate the left-over food we had put out for the chickens, and then promptly threw up on the kitchen rug. AARRGH!

This was my cue to feel into the deeper message here. The more I tried to control this situation, to erect barriers and keep nature under control, the more life rebelled against my plans. I was guided to do the opposite, to surrender and let nature do its thing. I opened the gate to the field and let the goats all walk out as a herd.

Rather than the youngsters dashing into the garden, the herd stayed together as a unit and grazed delicately around the local hedgerows. When they had fed fully, they returned to their shelters and gently chewed the cud through the afternoon. No dramas , no ripples.

So my challenge to myself is to explore what other areas of my life I try to control. Do I have beliefs, visions and plans that are actually limiting rather than liberating? Are my greatest visions for my life actually just barriers, denying me access to something even more amazing that lies out there for me? If I truly let go, allowing the dynamics of natural order to take over, would it be chaotic or serene? The goats have shown me that life has a natural balance, when lived in the moment, outside the direction of the mind. When we surrender to that, anything is possible…..

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

The spiritual matrix

This is a very personal view, but I am excited about the maturity that seems to be emerging in the new-age movement. At its core, I see ‘new ageism’ as the drive to bring love into the world in a simple but pure form, an attempt to transmute all that is not love through an open heart.

This is fine to a point, but by rejecting or battling against all that is not love, we are energising a world of duality, of right and wrong. In many ways, this achieves the very opposite of what the movement is all about, as it polarises energy into different camps, which by their very nature create separation and discord. Those who are not prepared to embrace the darkness inside themselves can deny their deepest healing potential and live in a world of fear where constant protection is needed against the powers of the dark outside them. You could call this duality the ‘matrix’, a battleground if we choose to see it that way.

In this new growing sense of maturity, I am seeing many more articles about the need to embrace our shadows, to work with the light and dark together, recognising them as the building blocks of our Universe. When we embrace our shadow and our fears, we disempower them and take away the power of duality, of taking sides, of right and wrong, of good and evil. The matrix itself must then crumble. As Rumi said “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

The second area that excites me is the growing questioning of just how far the matrix extends. Personally, and this is a matter of faith clearly, I believe that the matrix extends into the astral realms of spirit. Re-incarnation, Karmic debt, even heaven and hell, are all belief systems. Buddhism talks about Samsara and transcending the wheel of suffering; Christians believe Christ died for our sins, to release us from our suffering so that we may live in the grace of that salvation.

I write this only to challenge you to see where you stand on these issues. Do you agree? Does it bring up outrage or other emotions? For me, there is no greater topic of discussion than how we live our lives and what we aspire to achieve or become, if anything.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Service, servant or servitude

Light workers often refer to being ‘in service’, of being incarnated fundamentally for the benefit of all beings. This may be for a wide range of reasons; perhaps to honour Divine will or to clear old karma.

In working with clients, I have found that this area is rarely straightforward as our motivation for being of assistance to others carries many layers of complication. For simplicity, I will explore these under 3 headings – service, servant or servitude. In practice, we are all spread across the range, with aspects of each heading relevant to us to some degree. If you find yourself strongly in one of the latter two categories, then there may be work to do to release the programmes that keep you there.

In service

This is a place of pure unconditional love, of true altruism. To give to others from this place is an act of love that has no personal reward; it is just a natural and inevitable expression of love from a soul that knows no other way of being. To be here permanently is the act of an enlightened being. The focus is on one’s own soul growth and expression, but the heart of someone in this category is so open that any engagement with another living being is a gift of love that has transformational benefits. At best, most people can only occupy this place for a few moments at a time. A servant

A servant is someone who knows about spirituality, who feels that they are here to help others, but does so from a wounded place. There may be elements of genuine compassion, but a fundamental driver for helping others is the warm feeling it gives and the sense of value it bestows on their life and soul. People in this category are awakened in the spiritual sense and aware of many universal laws, but still carry enough guilt and low self-esteem for their actions to have a secondary agenda, a need of some sort. The overall energy projected is fundamentally positive, but is not entirely pure. The laws of attraction reflect this back precisely, giving the benefactor a connection to love but also tweaking their wounded ego, encouraging them to do more, to be an even better friend etc, or perhaps to embrace the wounds that keep them from pure love and service.

In servitude

Someone in this category is so full of their own guilt and self-judgment that they need to perform almost constant acts of charity or ‘friendship’ in an attempt to save their soul, perhaps even to avoid the judgment of a God they believe might wish to punish them for their sins. They might be the person that is always driving friends around, always an open ear to someone else’s stories without ever sharing their own. They attract toxic friends.

The energy transmitted from this place comes from fear and has no wider benefit to the planet. Those on the receiving end may benefit less than they think, as they are involved in an unbalanced dynamic, but they are at least part of a useful mirror to the ‘giver’ who may be grasping at any mechanism to increase their sense of self-love and respect. This category is all about ‘giving to get’. It is a place for martyrs, in the negative sense of the word.

If you wish to clear any negative energy you may carry in this area I suggest you say the following affirmation three times:

“I (your name) under the Laws of Decree, hereby decree that I will no longer be in servitude to guilt, but instead be in service to love, through love, from this moment on. Amen”.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

The healing process

This is a bit of a broken record on my part, but the subject comes up so regularly with my clients that I feel it needs exploring in more detail. We all have unresolved emotions, feelings that have been locked away inside from a time when we did not fully understand what was happening or were simply unable to hold ourselves in love. To embrace those emotions now with love is all we need to do to let them go, along with all the negative beliefs that have formed around them. This sounds really simple, so why do we spend years, sometimes all our lives, searching for the process that will free us from our past?

I have written this note fundamentally as a message to my clients but it may also help anyone with deep desire to release their emotional wounds.

I can only share with you my experiences and encourage you to use your discernment to feel deeply into these words and follow what feels right for you in your heart. Remember that your wounded self will also have a view that is unlikely to be in your highest interests; it will probably want to avoid any difficulty or emotional pain, so try to feel from a soft place of love and acceptance. Sometimes you need to try out a practice to see if it really works for you or not.

What a therapist can do

A therapist is a facilitator, not a healer. You are the healer. All I can do is try to point you in the right direction and remove as many blocks as possible to your process. This may involve looking at your diet, toxicity, trigger points in your personal history, core beliefs, environment, ancestral wounds, interfering energies, chakra and aura imbalances etc. By working energetically during the session, much of this can be released and a process agreed for whatever dietary or lifestyle changes are needed.

To put this into a bigger picture, I believe our souls have been given tools to help them experience life. We each need a mind, heart and hara/womb to help us express ourselves, along with a light body to act as intermediary between our soul and our embodied physical form. The world we live in pushes us to be led by the power of the mind and to gain satisfaction from superficial pleasures. It takes courage to break free of this constant bombardment of worldly temptations to live in our pure hearts and souls. Kinesiology can help identify areas where your mind is in control or running programmes that are holding back your pure soul expression.

What a therapist cannot do

What I cannot do is directly heal your soul or take away the emotional wounds that lie within it. That would be unloving. I believe God gave us free will to use as we wish, leaving us the space to learn from, and take responsibility for, all the unloving decisions we make in our personal lives and as part of communities, nations and the human race itself. It is not for me to interfere in this Divine process, although I can communicate with your pure soul to explore areas that need your attention and your loving embrace.

Owning your healing

So, if the responsibility to deeply heal lies with you, how do you go about it? The key principle I would suggest is ‘feel to heal’. Our souls naturally express themselves through feelings like joy, love, compassion, gratitude and patience, and are damaged by emotions like guilt, grief, anger, fear and avarice. By connecting to these suppressed emotions from a position of love, we transmute and clear them, thereby healing our souls. Love naturally brings up and releases all that it is not. It is therefore important to connect with the deepest causal wounds, not the superficial emotional ripples they create.

If the main emotion you feel is anger, anxiety or fear, you are living in the expression of your causal wounds rather than their core. Your deepest wounds are likely to be abandonment, grief, shame, unworthiness or something similar.

Remember that you do not need to know what you are experiencing, just honour and nurture whatever emotions come up to be felt and released, praying to go into the deepest layers they posses.

It is also worth saying that little worthwhile comes without dedication, discipline, devotion, discernment and desire. If you really have the desire to honour your eternal soul, you cannot simply slot in your healing around your life, your life must be fitted in around your healing. This is not about setting aside large amounts of time each day, it is about a state of mind that sees everything that happens to you from your soul’s perspective. How does that make me feel? Why did I attract in this experience? What can it teach me? What would love do in this situation?

A healing process

Here is my suggested plan to help you connect with your feelings and work with whatever issues appear during our sessions:

1. Every morning on waking, place your left hand on your heart, your right hand on your hara/womb. Breathe deeply into them 5 times. Do steps 1-5 at this time.

2. Then pray to God, along these lines. “Beloved Mother Father God, please send me your Divine love”. (You can substitute Creator / Divine Healing Intelligence etc for God if you prefer). Breathe deeply several times and be open to experiencing the grace of Divine love in whatever form it may express; it could feel like a love wash, it could help you connect with deeply repressed emotions, or you may feel nothing at all. (Many of us do not feel we deserve this love and so do not allow it in. If so, this is the first wound to explore).

3. Allow yourself to honour and embrace any emotions you are experiencing. These might have no context but could follow themes we explored together in your last kinesiology session.

4. Pray: “Beloved Mother Father God, please help me feel and release my deepest wounds to love.” If you are working on a particular issue you can personalise this, for instance. “Please help me feel and release all the underlying emotions behind my lack of self-esteem”.

5. Sit/lie quietly for at least 10 minutes, experiencing all that emerges from a place of openness and love. Stay in love and keep praying. Do not force the pace or try to drag emotions up that are not ready to appear. If you keep receiving Divine love, your wounds will inevitably appear at the right time. Love will flush them out!

6. During the day, keep repeating these simple prayers and be aware of all emotions that arise. Find time to sit with them when they do, knowing that if the time is not right, you can ask for the emotions to remain gently in the background for a better time. But….. please do not put limitations on your desire. Have the fundamental trust that these emotions will arise in an appropriate time and surrender completely to the process. Caveats such as ‘I have a busy week coming up, can they wait for the weekend please’ put your life before your soul and do not reflect true desire.

7. Be aware of synchronous events that arise during the day that challenge you to either experience something in a new way or feel deeply the emotions they bring up.

Above all else, remember that this is all about Love. Love heals everything and Divine love is the most powerful love of all. I rely on God to support me in my process and to hold the space for me to feel and release all my emotional wounds. I suggest you do the same, in whichever way your faith allows.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

How to feel

I say to virtually all my clients that if they truly desire deep healing, they will have to embrace their repressed emotional wounds. This raises questions such as: – “how do I know if I am feeling core or superficial emotions?” and “how do I go about connecting with them?”. I’ll try to summarise here my truth around the process of emotional healing. The following attributes will all help:

1. Holy desire. This requires true humility, which is effectively the courageous, dedicated and passionate desire to embrace all ones deepest emotional wounds.

2. Commitment. Ideally, find a regular time slot, say on waking every morning, to open your heart and feel what lies within.

3. Prayer. I pray for God to be with me and hold the space so that all that comes up is felt within the embrace of Divine love.

4. Non-attachment. You can make the same prayer on consecutive days and on the first day receive a Divine love wash and on the second feel the emergence of deep grief and shame. Trust that all will reveal itself at the right time, in the right place.

5. Breath. If you breathe deeply into your heart, you will feel your consciousness lower out of your mind into your heart. This will help you access your deepest emotions; your mind will only obstruct your journey with fearful thoughts and limitations. If your feel your mind taking over, breathe back into your heart and pray for more Divine love to hold you there.

6. Patience. If you have carried a suppressed emotion all your life, it could take weeks or months of dedicated practice to connect fully with it. This may feel disappointing, but what else do you have to do each day that is more important than releasing your stuck emotions and cleansing your soul?

7. Discernment. We experience emotions most of the time, but are they the core ones you are looking for? Anxiety, self-pity, anger and depression are all examples of the kind of superficial wounds that sit above the core emotions, drawing you in to their grip day after day. If you connect with an emotion that you have experienced many times before it is probably not a core one. Pray to go deeper into it, to feel your deepest grief, shame, betrayals, judgement and abandonment.

8. Surrender. You are unlikely to break through if you apply pre-conditions, such as not wanting to be too emotional just before you go to work, or in the presence of the children or a friend. Be brave. Have no pre-conditions. Trust that all will reveal itself at the perfect time for you.

9. Be loving to yourself. Do not judge yourself either a success or failure at this. It is easy to blame yourself when emotions fail to emerge and lose your trust in yourself and your process.

10. Support. The Quantum K experiences, in particular the second video, are designed to help you when you get stuck. If momentum fades, or even if the process is going well, do play the video and commit with your heart to all it entails. You could even play background music to help; there is a free download you can find by searching for ‘musical rapture’ in your web browser. I find it very powerful in connecting me to my unfelt emotions.

Finally, I will leave you with the words of my favourite teacher, Padma Aon Prakasha:

“To focus on error does not produce the joyful experience one feels as we move towards a greater understanding of love. Always the focus should be on love, because in truth there is nothing else. As we focus on love, (with humility) our errors start to stand out so obviously and they become easier to remove. The whole process becomes more joyful.

To take it a step further, once we focus on love, we may start to understand that in reality we have a somewhat limited ‘free will’. The increased love we experience more and more reveals the errors to us and we have no option but to see and remove them. However, in truth we are only love, which has been sullied by the illusion of error. When we start with the premise that we are truly just love, we can only approach the unloving aspects (illusions) from the viewpoint of love. The approach many suggest is to give the error reality, which it hasn’t, and then try to proceed to love from a starting point of error. This is not a suitable foundation to try to grow from. LOVE FIRST: THEN ALL ELSE ARISES.”

With blessings

Andrew Kemp


It is easy to look for abundance as an objective, to find specific ways to generate money. In truth, when we are on our highest life path, natural flow will ensure we always have enough. This might not allow us to live in a big house or drive a fast car, but those kind of needs rarely bring us true happiness or fulfilment. If you think you are on your highest soul path but you need more ‘abundance’, then there has to be something wrong with one of those two assumptions.

I have summarised several laws that I believe apply to money. If they resonate with you, it might be worth checking where you stand with each of them:

1. Money itself has no resonance or energy, but every transaction you make generates an energy based on the position of the giver or receiver.

2. Any material gift made with love has a powerful supportive energy, reinforcing the fact that the giver is abundant i.e. has the money to give away.

3. This gift starts a ripple effect in that the recipient then becomes the giver and will pass on the energy and hopefully amplify it. This is where the universal law of tenfold applies, that a gift with love returns ten times over. In effect, the original giver feels the ripples of each subsequent transaction with that original sum and the continuing expressions of abundance.

4. Any transaction to fill a void, for example a luxury purchase, shows that the transaction came from emptiness rather than abundance and energises the fact that there is a gap to fill.

5. Any attempt to give in order to manipulate these rules is simply a sign of lack or need and will be reflected back by the universe through a continuation of the status quo – lack or need.

6. There are many instances where philanthropy is returned in another form. Abundance is not necessarily material wealth, so for those who give with love but are already financially secure, the energy will be returned in whatever form of love is most appropriate to their situation. This reflection back of abundance and generosity might be called ‘universal gratitude’.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Healing is Feeling

One of the risks of therapy is that it can be seen as a short-cut to healing, that somehow another person can peer into your soul and take away the pain. In truth, healing can only come from facing, feeling and then releasing the core underlying blockages. The role of the therapist is to help guide the client to that point of pain, that primal injury, and by peering deeply into it, help you recognise that it is fundamentally just energy that can be felt and released. All that suffering was, at its core, the result of allowing the shadow energy to dominate your world and assume proportions that defied its true nature.

Many imbalances are about abandonment at some level and the lack of self-worth that results. When these are looked into and felt fully, we can appreciate that they are in fact gentle and weak. Healing energy or bodywork, or prayer for Divine help can then support us as we allow this realisation to ripple through our physical bodies and energy field. To get to this core, we often have to navigate through a more superficial layer of fear and perhaps even anger that sits above. As we do so, we believe we are experiencing the core emotion when in fact we are simply working our way there. When we are stuck, it is easy to believe that there is no way out, when in fact the solution sits just that little bit deeper if we can peer through the veil of these superficial emotions and fears and feel into our core. It is not easy, but it can be done.

When clients say they had a reaction to a kinesiology treatment, I point out that it is not an unwelcome echo from the treatment but part of the core process itself. If you have become deeply in touch with that primal wound, you have all but released it. You simply need to be clear in your intent that you want to experience it as a pathway to its release.

The same is true of Quantum K. By affirming the possible causes of your primal wounds in the screenflow, it is allowing you to become in touch with the emotions around it and then let them go. As soon as you turn the light of consciousness on to your wounds, they must fade. The extra support of the harmonics and fractal equations amplify the healing process that has already begun. If you feel a tingle, get restless, breathe heavily, feel emotions rising, then you are opening that healing doorway. Do not lock it down – feel it fully and give intent to transmute it. Ideally, ask for Divine love to help and protect you through the process. Remember that it was God’s love that led you to those wounds in the first place, perhaps even to this website, so that you could own your suffering and take steps to move through it.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

A changing world

I have already shared some views in this blog about the potential for paradigm shift in 2012. I have also covered in the Quantum K manual the ways in which the core pillars of society are starting to erode, to be replaced by a new world based on the power of individuals and their aligned collective consciousness.

The exciting dynamic now unveiling around the world is the acceleration of this movement from old to new and the unravelling of the corporate world that governs us. There seems to be 3 stages:

The old
– This energy is still very much alive. I have seen it personally this week with the closure of the large business I used to work for and the loss of hundreds of jobs, while at the same time this company is outsourcing operations to the other side of the world to take advantage of lower wages and running costs.

We see in nature that effective designs are compact, whether it is the seeds on the head of a sunflower or the shape of a tree, nature allows expansion in design only to the point of optimal efficiency where maximum sunlight can be obtained without compromising the strength of the underlying structure. When big business stretches away from the local and tries to apply a common model across different cultures and time zones it cannot work effectively.

The interim
– This is the business model where corporate executives sense the changing consciousness of us as consumers and try to honour our evolving needs while maintaining the same outdated, top-down structure. Food products now have artificial vitamins added to try to justify misleading health claims, while cleaning products boast of being natural when, in reality, the healthy ingredients still appear well down the list. You can be sure that major supermarkets are not stocking ‘Free from’ products for the good of our health; they do it because we buy them in increasing numbers and it makes sense to their bottom line.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this interim stage is the businesses supplying goods that are of low resonance – such as the sugary drinks industry – who are forced to employ ever more sophisticated marketing strategies to associate their product with our new values. We see Santa Claus handing out a sugary brown drink as though it is a core part of the festive season, effectively associating their product with spirituality and family values.

Even the concepts of organic and fairtrade products are interim stages in our development. It should be a fundamental building block that the end product is both healthy and supportive of the people and communities within the supply chain. One of the lessons I learned from my old life in big business was that the ‘order winners’ of today will be the core requirements of tomorrow. Hopefully, we will soon reach a stage where it is no longer necessary to say that a product is healthy and part of an honourable supply chain.

There are also those companies that promise a contribution to charity or a vaccination in Africa for every product purchased. I would like to think that this is the result of company officials trying to find integrity and ethics in a business that, in its core values, may not have any, but the cynical side of me suspects this is still a marketing tool to exploit our growing demands and awakening social consciousness.

The new
– This is the final stage where big business no longer exists. Our needs are met within the local community by suppliers who work honourably, supporting and responding to the particular needs of their neighbours. Business is no longer driven by the fundamental needs of shareholders demanding increasing profits but by ground floor employees looking to express their spiritual, connected nature while at work. In this world, it is no longer acceptable to leave your soul at the doorway of your business; everything we do must at some level enhance our existence and those around us.

The movement of businesses through these stages is accelerating, with motivated champions of a new way forcing their hand. In my own city of Bristol, there is an ongoing camp outside the council house peacefully promoting a new society with a new model of wealth and order. Occasional graffiti appears on the pavements around the city centre saying the simple words ‘I love you’ and I suspect there are many internal smiles within those who break stride to walk over them.

The new world is coming. It is no longer something we have to look forward to wistfully, it is on our doorstep and we can be part of it right now. Despite all the social upheaval and insecurity, we are perhaps the most fortunate generations for Millennia in that we have the chance to be part of a massive change in consciousness and social structure that could form the basis of a new society. Let’s put aside our fear as the old world order collapses around us and embrace the new with love and compassion. It is a beautiful journey that now has too much momentum to be stopped. We might as well embrace it because it is here to stay.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

The end of the story

I believe that therapy work requires us to honour the delicate balance between providing sufficient clarity about someone’s condition and over indulging in the drama of their story.

The strength of kinesiology, the therapy I practice, is its ability to find answers, to explain to someone how and why their symptoms have arisen. If this information requires a change of diet to avoid allergens, then it is clearly important to have this discussion. Equally, it can be reassuring to know that a skin complaint is the expression of a suppressed childhood trauma rather than a reaction to a cleaning product.

That said, we can sometimes over-indulge the intellect by dismantling every thought and emotion. It is possible to almost revel in the validation such an explanation gives us and use it as an excuse for the lack of progress or recovery. ‘I would eat sensibly if I didn’t have so much left over anger from my childhood.’ If this dynamic is left even partially untreated it creates an energy of its own – ‘I eat too much, that is bad, I do so because I have repressed anger, my dad is to blame’ etc. It becomes hard to break out of this self energising paradigm if there is substantial attachment to the story.

I see a growing number of people these days who take an almost Buddhist view of detachment and ask me not to engage with the dynamics of their specific story but simply bring in healing to support their intent for change or growth. They often move forward more quickly on their journey by steering clear of the ego and its desire to attach to a drama.

I appreciate that this is a controversial area within most therapies. Reiki practitioners debate whether targeted treatments are more powerful than simply following a generic protocol; hypnotherapists debate the difference between solution focused sessions and exploring the issues that led to their client’s current condition. Some forms of meditation could be seen as the ultimate act of detachment but is it the perfect therapy or just a good generic protocol that can help us to some extent? Can we release a complex energy dynamic if we don’t even know it is there?

Personally, I believe that some information and explanation is fundamentally helpful in the early stages of our healing journey. Thereafter, as we start to understand the mind, body, spirit connection and the dynamics of how life works, we can take a softer view of the drama and choose to detach from it. That appreciation of simplicity comes about because we have already looked into our story and come to terms with the mechanics of our existence. It is a right of passage that, as with most expertise, allows us to move into simplicity and ease. Having reached this stage, we have the awareness to recognise unwelcome emotional or physical responses as just being the expression of our story. We can then treat them lightly and observe them without judgment. This disempowers the whole dynamic and allows us to move on through our lives casting only a small shadow and leaving only gentle footprints on our way.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Returning souls

Spirit release and soul retrieval is one of the most fascinating areas of my work. It is central to most religions but little spoken about in modern society – we can’t see it so we don’t talk about it. The concepts could in themselves be very frightening if explained in the wrong way. That said, it is such an important area to our overall wellbeing that we ignore it at our peril and some of us have to take the difficult steps of bringing these issues to a wider audience.

The Quantum K screenflow covers this subject in some detail and both the manual and the scan lists give more information on the technical details behind the healing intent. My goal is to keep exploring this subject, working on the small percentage of people for whom the current information is lacking in some way.

One new area I have found concerns the definition of what is a ‘foreign’ energy. If we sense an external energy either in our energy field or touching on its perimeters, it is natural to try to release it. This is fine provided that energy is indeed foreign to us. I have seen several clients recently who had energies with them that resisted any attempt to release them. This was largely because my intent was to release them to their ‘most appropriate place in the Universe’ and I had overlooked the fact that that ideal place might be with the client.

I discovered that the seemingly foreign energies were in fact aspects of the client from an earlier incarnation. I now believe that when we take human form, negative energies attached to us in earlier times are drawn to us, but accompanied by old aspects of us, including soul elements lost in previous lives. There must be some kind of cord that connects all elements of a soul, like a homing beacon, that draws the various pieces together.

The complexity is that an aspect of ourselves from hundreds of years ago will feel very different to our current vibration. We will have changed as individual souls as has the world around us. These missing elements had found their way home and wanted to rejoin with the main soul in its current incarnation. To myself and the client, this was something I had wrongly tried to send on rather than invite back in. As soon as I upgraded my intent, deep healing took place.

I have therefore extended the intent behind the Quantum K screenflow and manual so that the highest truth is recognised in this area, accepting that Spirit understands the distinction between genuinely foreign energies and aspects of ourselves that need healing and integration. We do not need to make that distinction ourselves, simply trust that our pure intent will be honoured.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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