Service, servant or servitude

Light workers often refer to being ‘in service’, of being incarnated fundamentally for the benefit of all beings. This may be for a wide range of reasons; perhaps to honour Divine will or to clear old karma.

In working with clients, I have found that this area is rarely straightforward as our motivation for being of assistance to others carries many layers of complication. For simplicity, I will explore these under 3 headings – service, servant or servitude. In practice, we are all spread across the range, with aspects of each heading relevant to us to some degree. If you find yourself strongly in one of the latter two categories, then there may be work to do to release the programmes that keep you there.

In service

This is a place of pure unconditional love, of true altruism. To give to others from this place is an act of love that has no personal reward; it is just a natural and inevitable expression of love from a soul that knows no other way of being. To be here permanently is the act of an enlightened being. The focus is on one’s own soul growth and expression, but the heart of someone in this category is so open that any engagement with another living being is a gift of love that has transformational benefits. At best, most people can only occupy this place for a few moments at a time. A servant

A servant is someone who knows about spirituality, who feels that they are here to help others, but does so from a wounded place. There may be elements of genuine compassion, but a fundamental driver for helping others is the warm feeling it gives and the sense of value it bestows on their life and soul. People in this category are awakened in the spiritual sense and aware of many universal laws, but still carry enough guilt and low self-esteem for their actions to have a secondary agenda, a need of some sort. The overall energy projected is fundamentally positive, but is not entirely pure. The laws of attraction reflect this back precisely, giving the benefactor a connection to love but also tweaking their wounded ego, encouraging them to do more, to be an even better friend etc, or perhaps to embrace the wounds that keep them from pure love and service.

In servitude

Someone in this category is so full of their own guilt and self-judgment that they need to perform almost constant acts of charity or ‘friendship’ in an attempt to save their soul, perhaps even to avoid the judgment of a God they believe might wish to punish them for their sins. They might be the person that is always driving friends around, always an open ear to someone else’s stories without ever sharing their own. They attract toxic friends.

The energy transmitted from this place comes from fear and has no wider benefit to the planet. Those on the receiving end may benefit less than they think, as they are involved in an unbalanced dynamic, but they are at least part of a useful mirror to the ‘giver’ who may be grasping at any mechanism to increase their sense of self-love and respect. This category is all about ‘giving to get’. It is a place for martyrs, in the negative sense of the word.

If you wish to clear any negative energy you may carry in this area I suggest you say the following affirmation three times:

“I (your name) under the Laws of Decree, hereby decree that I will no longer be in servitude to guilt, but instead be in service to love, through love, from this moment on. Amen”.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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