The healing process

This is a bit of a broken record on my part, but the subject comes up so regularly with my clients that I feel it needs exploring in more detail. We all have unresolved emotions, feelings that have been locked away inside from a time when we did not fully understand what was happening or were simply unable to hold ourselves in love. To embrace those emotions now with love is all we need to do to let them go, along with all the negative beliefs that have formed around them. This sounds really simple, so why do we spend years, sometimes all our lives, searching for the process that will free us from our past?

I have written this note fundamentally as a message to my clients but it may also help anyone with deep desire to release their emotional wounds.

I can only share with you my experiences and encourage you to use your discernment to feel deeply into these words and follow what feels right for you in your heart. Remember that your wounded self will also have a view that is unlikely to be in your highest interests; it will probably want to avoid any difficulty or emotional pain, so try to feel from a soft place of love and acceptance. Sometimes you need to try out a practice to see if it really works for you or not.

What a therapist can do

A therapist is a facilitator, not a healer. You are the healer. All I can do is try to point you in the right direction and remove as many blocks as possible to your process. This may involve looking at your diet, toxicity, trigger points in your personal history, core beliefs, environment, ancestral wounds, interfering energies, chakra and aura imbalances etc. By working energetically during the session, much of this can be released and a process agreed for whatever dietary or lifestyle changes are needed.

To put this into a bigger picture, I believe our souls have been given tools to help them experience life. We each need a mind, heart and hara/womb to help us express ourselves, along with a light body to act as intermediary between our soul and our embodied physical form. The world we live in pushes us to be led by the power of the mind and to gain satisfaction from superficial pleasures. It takes courage to break free of this constant bombardment of worldly temptations to live in our pure hearts and souls. Kinesiology can help identify areas where your mind is in control or running programmes that are holding back your pure soul expression.

What a therapist cannot do

What I cannot do is directly heal your soul or take away the emotional wounds that lie within it. That would be unloving. I believe God gave us free will to use as we wish, leaving us the space to learn from, and take responsibility for, all the unloving decisions we make in our personal lives and as part of communities, nations and the human race itself. It is not for me to interfere in this Divine process, although I can communicate with your pure soul to explore areas that need your attention and your loving embrace.

Owning your healing

So, if the responsibility to deeply heal lies with you, how do you go about it? The key principle I would suggest is ‘feel to heal’. Our souls naturally express themselves through feelings like joy, love, compassion, gratitude and patience, and are damaged by emotions like guilt, grief, anger, fear and avarice. By connecting to these suppressed emotions from a position of love, we transmute and clear them, thereby healing our souls. Love naturally brings up and releases all that it is not. It is therefore important to connect with the deepest causal wounds, not the superficial emotional ripples they create.

If the main emotion you feel is anger, anxiety or fear, you are living in the expression of your causal wounds rather than their core. Your deepest wounds are likely to be abandonment, grief, shame, unworthiness or something similar.

Remember that you do not need to know what you are experiencing, just honour and nurture whatever emotions come up to be felt and released, praying to go into the deepest layers they posses.

It is also worth saying that little worthwhile comes without dedication, discipline, devotion, discernment and desire. If you really have the desire to honour your eternal soul, you cannot simply slot in your healing around your life, your life must be fitted in around your healing. This is not about setting aside large amounts of time each day, it is about a state of mind that sees everything that happens to you from your soul’s perspective. How does that make me feel? Why did I attract in this experience? What can it teach me? What would love do in this situation?

A healing process

Here is my suggested plan to help you connect with your feelings and work with whatever issues appear during our sessions:

1. Every morning on waking, place your left hand on your heart, your right hand on your hara/womb. Breathe deeply into them 5 times. Do steps 1-5 at this time.

2. Then pray to God, along these lines. “Beloved Mother Father God, please send me your Divine love”. (You can substitute Creator / Divine Healing Intelligence etc for God if you prefer). Breathe deeply several times and be open to experiencing the grace of Divine love in whatever form it may express; it could feel like a love wash, it could help you connect with deeply repressed emotions, or you may feel nothing at all. (Many of us do not feel we deserve this love and so do not allow it in. If so, this is the first wound to explore).

3. Allow yourself to honour and embrace any emotions you are experiencing. These might have no context but could follow themes we explored together in your last kinesiology session.

4. Pray: “Beloved Mother Father God, please help me feel and release my deepest wounds to love.” If you are working on a particular issue you can personalise this, for instance. “Please help me feel and release all the underlying emotions behind my lack of self-esteem”.

5. Sit/lie quietly for at least 10 minutes, experiencing all that emerges from a place of openness and love. Stay in love and keep praying. Do not force the pace or try to drag emotions up that are not ready to appear. If you keep receiving Divine love, your wounds will inevitably appear at the right time. Love will flush them out!

6. During the day, keep repeating these simple prayers and be aware of all emotions that arise. Find time to sit with them when they do, knowing that if the time is not right, you can ask for the emotions to remain gently in the background for a better time. But….. please do not put limitations on your desire. Have the fundamental trust that these emotions will arise in an appropriate time and surrender completely to the process. Caveats such as ‘I have a busy week coming up, can they wait for the weekend please’ put your life before your soul and do not reflect true desire.

7. Be aware of synchronous events that arise during the day that challenge you to either experience something in a new way or feel deeply the emotions they bring up.

Above all else, remember that this is all about Love. Love heals everything and Divine love is the most powerful love of all. I rely on God to support me in my process and to hold the space for me to feel and release all my emotional wounds. I suggest you do the same, in whichever way your faith allows.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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