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I say to virtually all my clients that if they truly desire deep healing, they will have to embrace their repressed emotional wounds. This raises questions such as: – “how do I know if I am feeling core or superficial emotions?” and “how do I go about connecting with them?”. I’ll try to summarise here my truth around the process of emotional healing. The following attributes will all help:

1. Holy desire. This requires true humility, which is effectively the courageous, dedicated and passionate desire to embrace all ones deepest emotional wounds.

2. Commitment. Ideally, find a regular time slot, say on waking every morning, to open your heart and feel what lies within.

3. Prayer. I pray for God to be with me and hold the space so that all that comes up is felt within the embrace of Divine love.

4. Non-attachment. You can make the same prayer on consecutive days and on the first day receive a Divine love wash and on the second feel the emergence of deep grief and shame. Trust that all will reveal itself at the right time, in the right place.

5. Breath. If you breathe deeply into your heart, you will feel your consciousness lower out of your mind into your heart. This will help you access your deepest emotions; your mind will only obstruct your journey with fearful thoughts and limitations. If your feel your mind taking over, breathe back into your heart and pray for more Divine love to hold you there.

6. Patience. If you have carried a suppressed emotion all your life, it could take weeks or months of dedicated practice to connect fully with it. This may feel disappointing, but what else do you have to do each day that is more important than releasing your stuck emotions and cleansing your soul?

7. Discernment. We experience emotions most of the time, but are they the core ones you are looking for? Anxiety, self-pity, anger and depression are all examples of the kind of superficial wounds that sit above the core emotions, drawing you in to their grip day after day. If you connect with an emotion that you have experienced many times before it is probably not a core one. Pray to go deeper into it, to feel your deepest grief, shame, betrayals, judgement and abandonment.

8. Surrender. You are unlikely to break through if you apply pre-conditions, such as not wanting to be too emotional just before you go to work, or in the presence of the children or a friend. Be brave. Have no pre-conditions. Trust that all will reveal itself at the perfect time for you.

9. Be loving to yourself. Do not judge yourself either a success or failure at this. It is easy to blame yourself when emotions fail to emerge and lose your trust in yourself and your process.

10. Support. The Quantum K experiences, in particular the second video, are designed to help you when you get stuck. If momentum fades, or even if the process is going well, do play the video and commit with your heart to all it entails. You could even play background music to help; there is a free download you can find by searching for ‘musical rapture’ in your web browser. I find it very powerful in connecting me to my unfelt emotions.

Finally, I will leave you with the words of my favourite teacher, Padma Aon Prakasha:

“To focus on error does not produce the joyful experience one feels as we move towards a greater understanding of love. Always the focus should be on love, because in truth there is nothing else. As we focus on love, (with humility) our errors start to stand out so obviously and they become easier to remove. The whole process becomes more joyful.

To take it a step further, once we focus on love, we may start to understand that in reality we have a somewhat limited ‘free will’. The increased love we experience more and more reveals the errors to us and we have no option but to see and remove them. However, in truth we are only love, which has been sullied by the illusion of error. When we start with the premise that we are truly just love, we can only approach the unloving aspects (illusions) from the viewpoint of love. The approach many suggest is to give the error reality, which it hasn’t, and then try to proceed to love from a starting point of error. This is not a suitable foundation to try to grow from. LOVE FIRST: THEN ALL ELSE ARISES.”

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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