Heal the mind, heal the body

It intrigues me that the more I learn as a therapist, the more I move from complexity towards simplicity. You would think that experience would engender complexity, an ever-growing base of procedures and techniques, but the opposite has happened. I think it is a reflection that truth ultimately is simple.

As part of this journey, I find myself spending less and less attention on the physical body and more on the emotional and spiritual bodies. Quite often, simple imagery and metaphor is all that is needed to trigger a healing response.

As an example, about 80% of the population in the Western world have parasites of some sort. They receive perhaps less attention than they deserve medically because they are hard to detect, but they exist as a large issue nonetheless. We seem particularly prone to amoebic infections which can impede our digestive function and even trigger auto-immune responses around our body. So, how do we deal with them?

For me, we need to reverse the process that led to the physical manifestation, which means ignoring the moment of infection and looking at the spiritual and emotional imbalances that allowed that particular strain of parasite, (or bacteria or virus), to take root.

I see the human being as a triangle of mind, body and soul, kept strong through balance in all three areas. If there is a shocking event or trauma at any time in our life, the mind can be weakened with negative core beliefs the result. These can be stored across the entire body, but may also affect specific organs in line with the Chinese view of health and the 5 element theory.

If the trauma is deep enough, it may cause spiritual shock and soul loss. I believe that the white light of our soul energy can even be affected locally, leading to specific areas of weakness. It is in those areas that parasites will thrive, whether received through exposure or simply manifested out of the quantum energy field.

When working with parasites, bacteria or viruses, I try to find the relevant subtle energy imbalances and then literally lift the client’s vibration out of the range in which the toxin operated. Without energetic support, the unwelcome visitor is weakened and will quickly succumb to the host’s immune function. Better still, if the energetic imbalance remains gone, there is little risk of future infections. It’s that simple.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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