Revisiting old wounds

A few more thoughts from my world. Sometimes clients ask me why issues they thought they had cleared years ago need to be treated again and again. I used to explain that past traumas needed to be released gently in stages, or might have layers that required repeated intervention before the memory could become a neutral one. In vibrational terms, there could be many different circumstances and emotions to look at, all with their own frequencies.

I still believe this to be true, but I think we also need to consider the vibration of the person in the present time. We can only heal a past trauma to the limit of a person’s current vibration. If their world is still subject to anger and guilt, they cannot fully release similar emotions that arose in a past situation.

In other words, we may need to consider our issues several times to neutralise them up to our current vibration, but then look at them again later when we have grown sufficiently in a wider sense. If we have anger towards our current partner, we may struggle to fully release older animosity towards a parent or teacher. When we have fully released the negative emotions in our current world, we can truly release them from our past.

This is not to deny the value of each individual step on our healing journey. Every change, however small, takes us to a completely different place and vibration. We should celebrate these staged healings as to simply focus on the destination of being ‘fully healed’ denies us the chance to smell the roses along the way….

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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