‘A blank page’

I don’t want this blog to become a reference point for other work, but I have come across a website that is so aligned with Quantum K that I feel duty bound to mention it.

It can be found on this link: http://www.ablankpage.net

Their goal is to offer free daily remote healing through a bio-resonance machine to help reduce the combined stress of all participants. Their belief is that 8000 users would generate critical mass and help all the population of the planet. In their own words:

“Ablankpage uses a bioresonance computer programme to identify and clear stress. We run the programme once every day for 45 minutes and in the case of ablankpage it will clear the stress that is most relevant to the collective state of all the participants.

This will appear strange, if not impossible, to those of you unfamiliar with the world of bioresonance. Perhaps the easiest way to understand what is actually happening is to demonstrate how we as human beings are in effect very sophisticated bioresonance machines.

If we take a conversation between two people, as one person speaks they produce a frequency pattern or sound called speech. The other person receives that frequency pattern and translates it into a thought. That thought is then processed and generates an answering thought. This is in turn translated into the frequency pattern of speech, which is received and translated by the other person. We are receivers, transducers and transmitters of frequency. The truth is that all of our senses are simply different frequency receivers. All of our experiences are based on how we receive and translate frequency patterns.

A bioresonance computer is essentially a transmitter and receiver of frequency. The difference is that its dialogue with our body is in a frequency range which is beyond our five senses. The body recognises and resonates with a relevant frequency pattern produce by the computers which in turn amplifies that frequency. That amplification is recognised by the computer and generates a response. This is the process of resonance.”

AT the moment, there are about 1500 registered users, with a noticeable shortage of support in the US to date. It would be great to help them reach their 8000 goal, so please do check out the website and see if you feel drawn to becoming involved. It is entirely free to use and seems to be driven by integrity, but you decide.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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