‘Quantum K concert’

I’m getting very excited about the healing concert we are staging on the 23rd June 2009 in Solihull, Birmingham, UK. This is the first opportunity for the musical composers to join myself in a live environment to bring in the energy of the Quantum K system. We will be using music, visualisations and symbols to create the healing environment. With the solstace energy still resonating around us, it should be a very special evening.

Anyone can come, but for the majority who can’t make it, there will be a chance to share in the energy of the event. It will lay a marker in the quantum energy field, which I will include within the energy of the master harmonic 687 955 898 998 from thereon. So, if you play the screen-flow or use the manual with intent after the event, you should be able to feel its specific energy if it varies from the existing resonance. However many events we do in the future, the Solihull experience will be a unique occasion.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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