‘Imbalance of the Atlas vertebrae’

I have been directed to an important website about the damage caused to about 99% of us by the subluxation of the top vertebrae – the Atlas. This bone supports our skull on the rest of our skeleton and is named after the mythological ‘strong man’ who held up the Earth in a similar fashion. A good website explaining the technical issues is http://www.atlasprofilax.ch/eng/index.php

There are some very interesting stories detailing the mystical history behind what may be an intentional restriction on our true potential. This subluxation is said to restrict our spiritual development as well as our physical health. Whatever the background, my dowsing does validate the importance of this issue and I suggest you look into it yourself.

The imbalance can be corrected by visiting one of a handful of specially trained chiropractors. I also believe that we can make the necessary change energetically, just through our intent. I have increased the potential of the master harmonic 687 955 898 998 to include this new requirement and I believe you can help replace your Atlas in its correct position by simply running the Quantum K programme having read this article.

As with any vibrational increase, there can be repurcussions as you adjust to a higher state of being. If you do have a reaction of any sort, please remember that you will only ever act on instructions that are in your highest interests. Trust the process, trust that if you are reading this it is probably because synchronicity has led you to it.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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