“I am enlightened and so is my dog”

Welcome to my latest newsletter. This is the English version, but there are translations on the Quantum K website. As always, please share these words if you feel so inclined.

New book – ‘Heal Your Past Free Your Future’

“Energy just started flowing as soon as I started reading the first section ‘Acknowledgements and Dedication’ and continued ’till I stopped, as if the simple act of reading was a healing process. It was amazing!“ Fiona UK

A huge thank you to all those readers who have bought the book, and I am touched to have reached so many people. To those as yet undecided, tempted but not sure, I ask you to ponder the questions I ask myself when I am presented with a book or a course that could be right for me. 1. Could the material add value? 2. Am I ready? 3. Am I sabotaging myself if I say no? In terms of sabotage, do you recognize any of these:

  • “I can’t be healed or helped”
  • “I don’t deserve it”
  • “I can’t prioritize the time or money”
  • “There are no quick fixes”
  • “I don’t want to get my hopes up and then be let down”
  • “It won’t work for me”
  • “No-one truly understands me or what I have been through”
  • “There is always a catch”

Do any or all of these apply to you? I am clearly promoting my own work here but, please do consider where you may be compromising your wider life choices.

“I am enlightened and so is my dog”

These words were offered to me on a recent shamanic journey so I thought I would share them here as part of my goal to stimulate your curiosity.

So, are you enlightened? I suspect your immediate reaction is to shrink back from any suggestion that you might be amazing or special in some way, your ego keeping any inflated sense of self in check. If you are like me, a lifetime of limiting programming takes a lot of unwinding – decades of being told that the truth sits outside of you, that you must listen to your parents, your teachers, your government or your priest to gain access to truth and wisdom.

In the spirit of breaking free of this programming, I ask you to look inside and see if your ego is telling you that you are less than you truly are. If so, a journey to enlightenment would shift from being one of growth and improvement to the release of the shackles binding what is already there inside.

I’m sure this newsletter title (‘I am enlightened and so is my dog’) was given to me light-heartedly by Spirit to take away any sense that spiritual growth is just for ‘special people’. Perhaps all that we seek is right there in front of us, in the eyes and hearts of the natural world. I often sit and watch the goats and animals we look after on our smallholding, looking for the wisdom they hide in plain sight. What motivates them when they wake up? Do they plan their day? Do they have ambition or aspiration for more than they already have? Do survival instincts, living in a world of predator and predated, block their connection to the moment and to their environment?

My sense is that the primal brain that controls our survival instincts sits far away from our pure consciousness, and that it is therefore possible to live in challenging circumstances, perhaps even under mortal threat, and still retain our spiritual integrity. I would go further and suggest that, as with the Buddha, the recognition of suffering can even be a trigger for spiritual growth and transcendence. That is not to diminish our pain, just to say that buried within our personal torment, there may be gold waiting for us. Our highest achievement may be to find love in the face of suffering.

This is why I am uncomfortable with any suggestion that only those in the West can truly focus on their spiritual path, that those in conflict zones or battling with poverty must put their spirituality on hold. If anything, the reverse carries more weight for me, that our suffering can be a trigger for us to find our already present state of enlightenment, our internal light that shines constantly in the external darkness.

If you have heard of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs’, please consider whether it could be a distortion of the truth based on the pervading colonialistic thinking of its time. Do look it up, or read my book!

Getting back to our animal friends, I do see them showing fear as farm vehicles pass by, or as predators sound out in the quiet of night, but I see that as the response of the primal brain and that their consciousness maintains its love, wisdom, and connection with all that is. I find it humorous that we can look so far outside our immediate environment for spiritual guidance and truth, and yet all we seek sits in front of us, in the eyes of the field mouse, the song of the blackbird and the wagging tail of our canine companion.

Personally, I have had elusive moments of euphoria when I am lost in the moment, overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of life. Sometimes it is in nature, sometimes in the bosom of my family, but it always involves a state of bliss when I remember who I really am and the essential part I play in ‘all that is’. In those moments, perhaps I am simply remembering my natural state of enlightenment, that state that my animal teachers lovingly demonstrate to me every minute of their waking day.

With love


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