Is there a place for hope?

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“Heal Your Past, Free Your Future”

The book is generating so many positive reviews, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send me a testimonial. Here is a recent one from Nancy D in New York:

“I have your new book which I LOVE. And to say that is such an understatement.

Today I started chapter 6, and all I can say is “WOW”. Just reading the key has energy pouring out of my system. I really thought I had resolved a lot of early childhood and forward…. It’s OK. I am so very grateful for this work. It is simply ASTOUNDING”.

Every book sold now generates a donation to indigenous charities of over £4, so when you support me you also support the sources of the ancient wisdom I have written about. If you want to experience this healing potential for yourself, please follow this link:

Heal Your Past, Free Your Future

Why I have hope

It feels to me like the world now sits in the middle of something bigger than I have ever seen before, with existential threats coming from all angles. My heart breaks daily and I keep this respectfully in mind as I look into seeds of something new emerging from the ashes of the old. Is there a chance that these prophesied times are coming true? Are we part of a greater plan, guided by the hand of Spirit?

My personal vision is of a reversal of the current trend of centralised power, decision making and supply. I envisage a world where we live in local communities, with gentle ties to a wider picture but fundamentally self-sufficient within our local area. This would lead to the decline in significant national borders or identities, so no threat of collective warfare and therefore no need for organised defences.

In this more communal way of living, we focus on simple pleasures, a slow and gentle life, and we work together to make this possible. There are no big businesses to dis-empower or manipulate our beliefs, all we need is available within our locality. We re-learn the ancient crafts, built around the bedrock of regenerative farming and sustainable living. This is how we have lived as a species for 99% of our time on Earth, gently respecting our planet and walking softly upon her belly, and this is how we can live again.

Within this model, there is a need for elders and council, but no hierarchy. As Paul Francis says in ‘Finding Your Deep Soul’ – “The inconvenient fact for the ‘Taker’ cult is that for the vast majority of human history, we got on fine without leaders and were better for it.”

This model still allows for a collective consciousness, a sharing of love, wisdom and teachings as has happened throughout history – as far back as the original shaman who gently seeded their teachings across various lands and cultures around the world.

Can this actually happen?

I was listening to a TED talk by David Christian on the history of the Universe and was interested in his description of the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of entropy. He describes it as “the general tendency of the universe to move from order and structure to lack of order, lack of structure — in fact, to mush”. He describes how this law can be overcome during ‘goldilocks moments’ when the conditions are just right for expansion.

Humanity has created these goldilocks opportunities through our movement into farming, travel, and wider communication. The more recent exploitation of fossil fuels gave us another opportunity for global expansion of industry, travel and trade.

However, in the words of Christian again: “We refer in big history to these moments as threshold moments. And at each threshold, the going gets tougher. The complex things get more fragile, more vulnerable; the Goldilocks conditions get more stringent, and it’s more difficult to create complexity”.

For me, I am reassured by the suggestion that this centralisation of collective power, built upon intricate and interconnected global ways of engaging with each other is not aligned with the natural order of the universe.

The issue is how we can all transition from where we are to where we might prefer to be, without deep collective suffering. When I journey shamanically, I am shown the Aesop fable of the lion and the mouse, where the lion spares the mouse on the promise that one day she might be able to return the favour. The lion is then caught by hunters and is freed by the mouse gnawing away at the net with its teeth. The lion and mouse then become friends and equals.

For me, this is a metaphor for how we in the West need to support all those around us with less obvious privilege because soon we will need their help. Who knows how that might transpire, could it be the spiritual wisdom of the indigenous people?… the healing powers of the sacred medicines of the rainforest?… knowledge of small scale farming and seed bank diversity?

And maybe I am writing from ego, maybe we are the mice in the story…

Time will tell, but it sounds to me like a levelling of power, where we share this beautiful world with mutual respect and friendship. This gives me a sense of hope. I hope it does for you too.

With love


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