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Today’s main theme – Connecting with Source

It is interesting how many variations we have culturally for the name of our source creator. When I open sacred space in my shamanic tradition, I include the phrase: ‘you who are known by a thousand names and you who are the unnameable one,’ which I feel says it all.

If we can’t even agree on a name for this energy, how are we meant to build a relationship with them/it/him/her? Is there anything else so fundamental to our lives that that is so intangible, whose love is so deep that our vocabulary is overwhelmed?

My mind often wonders into the absurd, here is me trying to describe a meeting with the Divine:

“So, this God person then, what did they look like?”

“Well, I didn’t actually get to see them as such.”

“So you can’t even say if they are male, female or non-binary?”

“No, historically this energy is deemed masculine, but that is perhaps a patriarchal influence, not the truth. I’m pretty sure they are none and all of the above.”

“OK – what did they say to you?”

“Nothing in words, I just had a sense of a connection in some way”.

“Did you touch them, smell them or did they leave behind anything tangible like a footprint or momento?”


“How do you know you even met this being?”

“Well, I can’t be absolutely sure, it just felt rather nice, almost overwhelming, a sort of warm feeling all over, a sense of knowing, a sense of being deeply met and understood”.

“O.K. that isn’t much help, I’ll have to find this Source person for myself then, what’s their mobile number and Instagram address?…..”

I want to share a few more serious thoughts here. First of all, my shamanic teachings recognise that there is a Creative consciousness which they call Great Spirit. They separate this essence into a masculine energy above us – (the sun beyond the sun) – and a feminine energy below us in the form of mother earth (Pachamama). When we draw their gold and silver light into our auras we connect with the completeness of their love.

This feels significant to me. It is easy to assume that Great Spirit / God / Source / Allah is above us in the spirit world, accessible through prayer and dedicated practice, meditation, mindfulness etc. For me, that is important but only one aspect of divine love. When we only look upwards we miss the magnificence and divinity of our physical presence.

I write about this more in my book, but this one sided view of Source can leave us out of balance and when the creative energy within the physical realm is ignored, then she will take action. At the individual level, our bodies can develop pain, inflammation, disease, something to get our attention. For many of my clients, recognising the Divinity and sacredness of our bodies and our world is key to recovering wellness. Less meditation, more gardening….

At the global level, we can see how the disrespect of our planet has led to us being in the mess we are in today; we have learnt to take without reciprocity and pollute without care of consequence. This is a response of the collective unconsciousness, we do not see our bodies as sacred or divine, so we apply the same disrespect to our planet, even though she is the provider of our physical bodies and the resting place to which we will all return.

As a personal example, I was cleaning out my guttering last week, a fairly thankless chore I thought as I set the ladder carefully against the wall. As I peered into the guttering channel I saw a body of partly decomposing leaves from the nearby trees that had blown in over the winter, and a single thistle plant that had rooted itself in the soil that was forming and was reaching out to the sun for sustenance.

In that moment, I felt I was looking straight into the eyes of God. This simple thistle seed had somehow made its way into my gutter, rooted itself deeply into the compost underneath and then reached upwards to find the light. I saw myself in the thistle, what do you see?

With love


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