Where are we heading?

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Special offer for March

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Key 7

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This month’s theme – Where are we heading? Part 1

This is a big subject so I will share my senses in two instalments. Here is part 1, starting with some context:

There are many qualities shared by shaman and story tellers. In indigenous cultures, the shaman and wise elders of the village would maintain a framework of moral guidelines through the stories they told of heros and legend. These stories would pass down the generations so that the ethics they contained could hold a consistent set of unwritten rules for those to come. The shaman might also see likely scenarios for the future through tracking the energies prevalent in that moment and seeing where they could lead. In doing so, they could also create prophesy and a common vision of the future to work towards.

I feel that these ancient traditions are still held today, just with different roles and job titles.

Some authors and script writers are shaman of sorts, challenging us to feel into the ethics and morality of the story presented. Science fiction is a genre that can take a view into possible futures based on the prevailing energies of the day, and can be accurate when we look back on historical scripts with the benefit of hindsight.

Think of recent themes – viral pandemics, mutant humans and a range of apocalyptic scenarios where the privileged few create a dystopian society based on heavy technology but at the loss of personal autonomy. Have you seen the Divergent film series? Hunger Games? The Island? Total Recall? to name just a few…

In these challenging movies, there is often an enclosed community dependent on technology but with limited individual freedom. They are run by individuals or small groups of ‘elite’ with absolute power to make any enforce the rules.

Beyond their high walls, there are often survivors in the old world, ‘outsiders’ who manage to live in a primal way, scraping a living with primitive farming tools and hunting equipment. They are often portrayed as diseased and threatening in some way, but often just lacking in the security of the ones portrayed as ‘lucky’ inside their futuristic dome.

I believe these script writers are feeling into possible futures just like the shaman. These scripts capture our attention and draw us in because we recognise their possibility, we tremor slightly at the prospect that these futuristic scenarios might just come true.

The responsibility we all have is to decide if these scenarios are what we dream of and, if not, decide what we need to do now to alter the flow of energy in that direction. Whatever the likelihood or possibilities, we still have the capacity to change the outcome, if we can all fundamentally align with something that feels better.

Honouring the themes of these futuristic films, I see two core pathways emerging:

The technology ‘dome’

-Extreme divergence between those benefiting from this technology and those excluded

-No individual wealth or possessions

-Stifled debate with no protests allowed

-Basic needs dictated and met by those in charge

-Mandated medical treatments

-Rigid and oppressive enforcement of the rules

-Everyone working towards the perceived highest good of the dome

Natural living in communities

-Technology supporting the people, not controlling them

-Small enterprises and trades meeting local needs

-Self-sufficient, local community hubs

-Rules and decisions made by local councils of elders and wise people

-Free will, flexibility, openness to discussion and debate

-Everyone working to meet the highest state of the community and its individuals

When I journeyed shamanically to ask about these two options I was shown the natural, communal way of living represented as a mature oak tree, for me symbolising the power, stability and timelessness of this way of living. It felt self-supporting and part of the flow of life, giving and receiving in equal measures.

The technology dome scenario showed as a parasitical climbing ivy, wrapping around the trunk of the tree to help it climb towards the sustenance of natural light.

What does this mean? I will give you my interpretation next month along with a few ideas of how to maintain our freedom of choice as we face powerful interests that feel they know better than we do in all areas of our lives.

In the meantime, please feel into this imagery for yourself and find your own truths within this metaphor.

With love



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