‘Light and Dark’

I am having a lot of fun writing these occasional blogs as they enable me to think through my own views and hopefully challenge you to consider yours. If you fundamentally disagree with what I say, fine.

Having covered the subject of how to protect ourselves from external energies in the last blog, it is worth considering exactly what type of energies we are talking about. We hear a lot about light and dark, good and evil; terms that imply that one is essentially better than the other. This can encourage us to target ‘light’ and hide from or reject energies that might be considered ‘dark’. I have a few issues with this simplistic approach:

1. All energies are part of the Universe, part of the creative whole that makes up our reality.

2. All energies are connected to each other.

3. Light can only be truly understood if it can be experienced in context. It can only be seen if framed in shadow. This is the whole point of the human existence, to live within duality and see how we fare.

4. There is no such thing as true evil – only the absence of light.

5. As shown within the Yin/Yang symbol, all light contains an element of dark and all dark contains an element of light.

The human spiritual journey seems to involve core stages of growth. First of all, we discover for ourselves that living a life of universal love and connection is more likely to bring us the relationships and fulfilment that we desire. Having done that, we then realise that the object of life is also to experience who we are in the context of a flawed world, where light and dark exist together. We start to respect the darker energies around us as they provide the playground in which we operate. Blinkering ourselves to the full extent of our humanity can only lead to frustration.

We also come to welcome rather than reject the dark within ourselves, our humanity as it were. The vagaries of our emotions are an absolute gift and help us understand who we really are. We learn that if we deny our darker emotions we suppress them within our physical bodies and eventually make ourselves ill.

When I think of the darker energies floating around out there, I try to view them as lost children, fearful through their own sense of disconnection from the rest of us. Whether conscious energies or just the accumulation of thoughts, they should be sent love, not fear, for they are just another aspect of us within the bigger picture. To deny them is to deny ourselves.

The only time we are vulnerable is if we fall into fear. Ironically, the very intent to ‘put up protection’ or ‘reject’ these energies reveals the fear in us, the lack of trust and a sense of disconnection from the rest of reality. In other words, by showing fear of the dark, we bring out the dark in ourselves. If we could live in pure love and light, nothing could touch us, but we would also be so enlightened that we would not be living a true human existence. So, pardon me for being flawed, but I’ll continue to ask my guides for protection on the understanding that my real fear is not of the darkness out there but of the darkness it brings out in me. …

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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