‘An alternative view of 2012’

I am fascinated by the potential of 2012. There is a coming together of opinion from astrologers, astronomers, archaeologists and channellers as well as the writings of the indigenous traditions. We are coming up to a very special time, so what in practice is going to happen?

The key message that unites all writings seems to be the possibility of ascension, or a higher state of enlightenment for those who are ready for it, but also the slightly scary prospect of ‘missing the boat’ for those who do not take advantage of the new energy broadcasting to us all.

It is this later concept that intrigues me. There seems to be two fundamental versions of future events.

1. Cataclysmic change, with polar shifts, flooding and widespread carnage. Only pockets of life will survive through those who choose to move in advance to isolated areas of the planet such as northern Canada.

2. The existence of a second Earth, coming up alongside us. At the winter equinox of 2012, those with a high enough vibration will simply disappear or ‘ascend’ to this new planet, where everyone can live a simpler but more highly evolved life. No wars, violence, disease, pollution etc. Those that miss this opportunity will either stay on the old Earth or move to a new 3rd dimensional planet.

For me, these two versions appear to be partially metaphorical, containing conceptual truths about separation but not giving a fair picture of the actual mechanics through which these big changes will be made. I think simplicity of vision may be at the expense of the detail. I would like to propose a third alternative based on a slightly less dramatic view of events.

This third view is based on the premise proposed by Darryl Anka in the excellent Bashar channelings. He maintains that there is not an old and new Earth, but an infinite number of Earths, each operating at a different vibrational level. In some of the higher levels of these worlds, the lion already ‘lays down with the lamb’ and there is no disease, greed or war. The higher we evolve, the less we see of the lower energies in our unique version of the planet.

The laws of attraction then need to be understood in a different way. Rather than attracting in different versions of events in line with our thoughts and actions, we are simply choosing which version of the world we wish to live in. We will always be in a version that exactly reflects the vibration we emit and the energies and people we attract.

This allows us to look at 2012 in a different way. Perhaps we are simply being given a fast track up the vibrational ladder, a chance to move quickly to a much higher state of resonance.This brings me back to my biggest quandary; if there is going to be a huge separation between those who cling to the old materialism with its 3rd Dimensional values and those who aspire to a more spiritual existence, how will this occur?

Under the ‘infinite version’ model, this is not so difficult to answer. There will not be a sudden split but a gradual separation, which of course is already happening. Over the last few years there seems to be two very distinct roads evolving, and we are all being challenged to choose our path, quite literally.

If you are reading this, the chances are you share many of my values, a gentle life in service, treating your physical body well, perhaps interested in the environment and higher issues. Our lives are already largely distinct from those who seek material wealth in big aggressive businesses, who drink excessively, thrive on combatant sports and exist largely unaware of the world around them.

We already share different worlds, there remains just a 10% overlap, sufficient for us to be able to share the same transport network, but little more. Like two growing cells, there comes a point when they must make that final step and split apart.

The final act of separation could be a very gentle one, perhaps undertaken in stages between now and 2012 when life styles become so disparate that some groups literally cease to be visible to others. The human species will have separated in resonance to such an extent that we can only live with our nearest vibrational neighbours. If we assessed resonance mathematically, perhaps we could only engage with people within 10% of our resonance – someone in the middle would live a life surrounded by those in the 40% to 60% range. In every version of Earth, the population will have fallen gradually, so there will be less poverty and overcrowding.

The attraction of this model is that there doesn’t have to be success and failure in terms of reaching the new ascended Earth, as there are many layers in between. There will still be death in the usual sense, where we choose to return to spiritual form, but any deaths reported as part of the 2012 process will be illusory. There might be the perception of floods, diseases or catastrophes to cause the final act of separation and fall in population, but no-one would actually die in their own world during this process.

A death would not be death in the normal understanding of the word, it would simply be the Universe’s way of separating people into worlds that no longer shared any overlap at all, even if they had only separated by a whisker. Someone ‘dying’ in my world would nonetheless wake up the next morning as usual, oblivious to this separation from one tiny part of their previous life.

As a final thought on the subject, if there are a myriad of worlds there will be a myriad of national newspapers, each telling a different story. As I continue to read of the deaths in Afghanistan, the starving in Africa, car crash victims in my neighbourhood, is this part of the process? Will someone else out there soon read of my death, at the same time as I read of theirs…………?

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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