Returning souls

Spirit release and soul retrieval is one of the most fascinating areas of my work. It is central to most religions but little spoken about in modern society – we can’t see it so we don’t talk about it. The concepts could in themselves be very frightening if explained in the wrong way. That said, it is such an important area to our overall wellbeing that we ignore it at our peril and some of us have to take the difficult steps of bringing these issues to a wider audience.

The Quantum K screenflow covers this subject in some detail and both the manual and the scan lists give more information on the technical details behind the healing intent. My goal is to keep exploring this subject, working on the small percentage of people for whom the current information is lacking in some way.

One new area I have found concerns the definition of what is a ‘foreign’ energy. If we sense an external energy either in our energy field or touching on its perimeters, it is natural to try to release it. This is fine provided that energy is indeed foreign to us. I have seen several clients recently who had energies with them that resisted any attempt to release them. This was largely because my intent was to release them to their ‘most appropriate place in the Universe’ and I had overlooked the fact that that ideal place might be with the client.

I discovered that the seemingly foreign energies were in fact aspects of the client from an earlier incarnation. I now believe that when we take human form, negative energies attached to us in earlier times are drawn to us, but accompanied by old aspects of us, including soul elements lost in previous lives. There must be some kind of cord that connects all elements of a soul, like a homing beacon, that draws the various pieces together.

The complexity is that an aspect of ourselves from hundreds of years ago will feel very different to our current vibration. We will have changed as individual souls as has the world around us. These missing elements had found their way home and wanted to rejoin with the main soul in its current incarnation. To myself and the client, this was something I had wrongly tried to send on rather than invite back in. As soon as I upgraded my intent, deep healing took place.

I have therefore extended the intent behind the Quantum K screenflow and manual so that the highest truth is recognised in this area, accepting that Spirit understands the distinction between genuinely foreign energies and aspects of ourselves that need healing and integration. We do not need to make that distinction ourselves, simply trust that our pure intent will be honoured.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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