Beyond the mainstream

Finding meaning

I want to share a perspective with you about the current global dynamic, my view as a shamanic practitioner.

There has been much written about the Coronavirus from a physical perspective, and in my previous newsletter on this website I outlined actions and supplements that could help from a naturopathic viewpoint. This newsletter explores more spiritual aspects and what this means to our development as a species. This is my understanding of the opportunity that is currently presenting itself to us:

When white men arrived in Peru in the 16th Century, they brought with them disease, suffering and the colonial mindset that looks to decimate and destroy indigenous people to obtain more power and resource. However, amongst the chaos and bloodshed, the Laika shaman knew that to preserve the wisdom of their teachings their only option was to leave loved ones behind and travel high up into the Andean mountains. So this they did. In 1949, after 500 years preserving the essence of their tradition, the ancestors of those original shaman came down to share their prophesy of the ‘great turning’. In an act of incredible love and forgiveness, they came to share it with those very people who had caused them unimaginable harm, the West, so that we could start to heal our relationship with ourselves and our Mother Earth. This was the point in time when the human race would have the opportunity to evolve from homosapien to homoluminous. They shared their traditions around the world in preparation for that time to come, which they say is now, that time when the world turns itself the right way up….

So with great gratitude for their teachings, I have journeyed shamanically to meet Huascar, the angelic guardian of the underworld, to look for guidance around this issue. I was shown a tiny bird with a broken wing, held in loving hands. For me, this suggests that humanity is the bird, the broken wing is the virus and the loving hands holding us are the healing hands of Spirit. I see it as an invitation to stay in love around this dynamic rather than fear, so that at another level those loving hands may also be our own, as we nurture the wounded bird that is ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

I have also journeyed to the plant kingdom within the Upper World, to meet the coronavirus itself. It showed to me as a layer of clear film, sitting on the surface of a murky lake. It was drawing the toxicity out of the lake itself, hardening and then washing gently to the shore where it sat harmlessly, allowing the lake to reveal its full clarity and beauty.

I see this as another sign of the opportunity this pandemic presents for us to clear up our individual and collective lake – the emotional and physical toxicity of our species – and emerge on the other side in a beautiful new way, light, in harmony with nature, slower in pace and led by love. This is not to diminish the suffering that is currently happening around the world, there are deaths of physical bodies and deep pain alongside the more metaphorical death of old aspects of ourselves. We must honour and support those who are suffering while at the same time holding a higher vision of the transformational potential of this global experience. 

Holding the new energy

In line with the healing principles of the Quantum K system, I have dowsed a harmonic that I believe represents the healed state of the coronavirus and all that this moment in history offers us as a species. Feel free to meditate with it, write it on a card and keep it nearby, or join in with us on our bi-monthly Quantum K meditations, where this will be a cornerstone of the connection we make. Basically, anything that allows you access to the energy. The harmonic is:

222 467 198 522

When I shared this harmonic in an earlier newsletter, I was  approached by a Quantum K colleague, Angelos Vafeiadis working out of Studio 133 in Greece. He has taken the harmonic and interpreted it musically in a few minutes of beauty. Feel free to download this music and share the link widely, the more people who connect with it the greater will be its power to hold that space of positive change:

Healing wave

I also urge you to keep in mind all the potential that exists in this moment, all the opportunities to live in greater harmony, community and love. Hold that vision of the greatest possible outcome and put your energy and physical effort into that. This is a time for vision, for resting, for peering deep inside, but also for great action. If we sit back in our isolated bubbles, we will miss the chance to ground that vision of what is now possible for all of us. It must start with acts of kindness and generosity and grow from there. It is a fallacy to suggest that this virus is the great leveller, it is far from that. As usual, it is the poor, the vulnerable and black, indigenous, people of colour that suffer at the hands of the system that we can tell ourselves is a meritocracy but is, in fact, anything but. 

I wish you and your loved ones wellness on this sacred journey.



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