The missing piece in the laws of manifestation

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It is time to share healing key no 4. The book adds context to the intention, but there is still some value in using this key on its own:

I now release all unhelpful ancestral influences, including limiting belief systems and any other inherited dynamics that impede the highest expression of my life”.

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Today’s theme – the missing piece in the laws of manifestation

If, like me, you want to understand how creative energy works, you will probably have asked questions like:

  • How does prayer work? Is it appropriate to make requests or just express gratitude?
  • Is there a limited supply of energy in the Universe? Does me receiving come at the expense of someone else?
  • What is the power of intention? How much action is needed to bring it into effect?
  • Can we create or predict outcomes with absolute certainty?

I might explore some of these points in future newsletters, but for now I want to focus on the last one – can we manifest a certain future or outcome using our creative powers?

The conclusion I have come to is ‘no’ and I’ll tell you why….

Can you imagine a scenario where someone wants to heal something central to them, for example, their inability to find a soul mate, or to have a baby. In a universe where the laws of manifestation and creation are absolute and precise, this person could engage a therapist or shaman and explore all the different ways in which they are blocked to this outcome – childhood and family wounds, ancestral issues, limiting karma etc. When they were all cleared, the energy would be aligned to a soul mate and one would be drawn in with absolute certainty because energy and intention has to be honoured and reciprocated.

This sounds very appealing, but there would be a catch. We would become so powerful, almost God like, that we could learn how to resolve issues with absolute certainty, free of risk or challenge. As we developed our skills over generations, everything would become possible. There would be nothing left to chance. In effect, our embodied world would move towards the spiritual realms where instantaneous creation is possible. What then would be the point of incarnation if we live in absolute creative control of our lives?

This is why I believe that God added a little seasoning to the recipe for the universal laws of creation. This all loving consciousness added a sprinkling of chaos so that our embodied lives would always be governed, to some degree, by the unknown, the unpredictable.

Only then could our human existence move away from Spirit, could sheer bad luck start to infect the seeming perfection of certainty. With this came risk – the possibility that things might not work out as we wished, and with that, fear.

Yes, this virus of chaos helped create a framework for lives where not everything can be predicted, manifested or controlled. Only then could we experience the true context of uncertainty and, through that, bring context to the Divine perfection of absolute certainty that is the unconditional love of God.

There are many gifts to be found in embracing chaos and sheer bad luck. It can stop us believing unequivocally that everything we experience is of our own creation and there to be controlled – such a hard burden to bear.

This is not to obviate our creative responsibility for ourselves and our world, just to release some of that pressure valve that says it’s all up to us and when it goes wrong we, or someone around us, must have done something out of balance.

As always, I rely on the support of the Spirit for guidance. When I journeyed to the mythic to explore this area, I asked the simple question of the angelic guardians – how much of our life is truly under our control? What I got back could be described as:

‘Life is no more predictable than the weather. There are a range of influences that set a likely direction or outcome, such as your intentions, core beliefs, actions, karma, astrology, ancestry and the collective energy of your community and species. All of these can be explored and supported, but however much work you do, you cannot remove the final ingredient in the creative soup – that of chaos’.

How does that sit with you? Does it feel right? If so, is it a relief to you or a source of worry?

For me, it validates our efforts to be the best that we can be, but it also allows some freedom from total responsibility for how the various aspects of our lives turn out. This is the exquisite nature of being human – having some control over the direction of our ship but having also to trust in the benevolence of good fortune and favourable winds to guide us safely to our chosen port or destination.

To be truly at peace with this, we must be able to meet different outcomes with equanimity, knowing that it was not necessarily ‘meant to be’, or ‘part of a higher plan’ it just ‘is.’ This is not to minimise our suffering, loss or disappointment, only to honour the wildness of what it is to be human, that amongst all the wonderful things we can create as conscious beings, there is also a place for sheer bad luck.

With love



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