Remote Healing

If you benefit from the Quantum K programme but would like a more personal experience, I do hold regular remote healing sessions where I tune into the energy field of those who have asked me to do so and conduit healing. Please read the notes that follow and, if you are interested, send me an email with your full name. I will then add you to my list and let you know as soon as your name comes up as a priority for treatment.

What should I expect

Remote healing is every bit as effective as hands on healing. By working with my healing partner, I believe we can generate a very pure field of unconditional love within which we introduce the energy of the Quantum K system. We then invite your higher self to bring your energy field into this sacred space and join with us energetically, releasing imbalances that no longer reflect your highest state of being.

The effects can be quite dramatic if a significant lower energies have been released, but we may also trigger a more gentle process that will take days, weeks, or even months to fully manifest. I suggest you remain mindful of your physical and emotional health so that you can recognise any subtle changes as they emerge. These should be positive, but there may be temporary healing reactions if your body has to detoxify or change substantially in line with your higher vibration. Some of the long–term benefits of healing are listed below:

– A sense of lightness, clarity and peace

– Lifting of mood

– Deeper, more recuperative sleep

– Greater energy and vitality

– Reduction in physical symptoms

– Sense of renewed purpose and passion

Temporary reactions for the first few hours after healing might include:

– Sense of toxicity or fogginess as your body drains toxins that have been released.

– Minor exacerbation of existing symptoms as a prelude to them being eased. In many instances, this is an essential part of the healing process.

– Need for rest and quiet time.

How can I support this process?

The energy will do what it needs to do to help you, but you can support the healing process by making sure you are gentle with yourself over the next few days with sufficient time set aside to sleep. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids as energy travels best within a hydrated body.

Ongoing healing

Now that your name is on our list, you may receive ongoing generic support if that is appropriate for you.


We do not charge for this work. We ask only that you consider making a donation. We will cover this in more detail if you ask to be included in a remote healing session.

Many blessings

Andrew & Victoria

PS – if you do have feedback about how you have been affected by the remote healing, we would love to hear from you. Please remember though that we cannot comment on specific symptoms or changes as we do not hold personal information about you.

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