Personal healing

If you have enjoyed the free on-line screenflows, you may be looking for ways to take your healing to the next level. As a starting point, I would ask you to consider the products as the music album, narrated version and resonators all connect to the core energy of the system in different ways.

If you are looking to engage with Quantum K healing in a way that is personally tailored to your own life journey and its unique challenges, there are 2 further options.

Where payment is required, there are Paypal buttons available, but if you would prefer to pay by direct bank transfer, please contact me by email for my bank details. The questionnaires are in Microsoft word format, but Apple Mac users should be able to open the files using Text Edit and, if necessary, do ‘file’ ‘export to word’ at the end to return them to a format I can open here. Please do not send me ‘pages’ documents.

1. Remote Healing – by donation 

In a remote healing session, I sit in meditation with the intent of connecting with Divine healing combined with the Quantum K system for those taking part. I may also use healing stones as symbolic representations of the chakras. When I clear the stuck energy that shows to me through these stones, I am releasing it for everyone. I take care to protect all involved by working in sacred space and for the highest benefit of all beings.

These sessions are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. They begin at 8 p.m. GMT but the energy will reach you at 8pm in whatever time zone you reside – energy knows no temporal boundaries! Simply find a quiet space at that time for at least 30 minutes and engage with whatever energy and feelings come to you.

There is no set charge for this work, but I would ask you to register your involvement by making a donation using the button opposite. I believe that paying something towards your healing is important to show your commitment and gratitude for all that is received. If you wish, you can send me a separate email to with your goals for the session. I will hold this in my intent.

2. Personalised healing report with harmonic code – cost £45

I ask you to complete the short questionnaire opposite that would give me the permission and background information needed to tune into your energy field. (You may need to use the shift key while you click on the file). Through dowsing, I will identify your core issues and imbalances, whether with mind, body or spirit. The report generated will have these core headings:

  1. Introduction

  2. Physical balance

  3. Primal reflexes

  4. Emotional – primal wounds

  5. Core beliefs

  6. Survival mode

  7. Energetic interference

  8. Spiritual balance

  9. Ancestral influences

  10. Summary harmonic sequence

I will send you the report by email along with a personal harmonic sequence that will unlock healing energy for you when you meditate with it or perhaps sleep with it under your pillow.

If you want to proceed with this option, simply email your completed questionnaire to and use the paypal button opposite to make your payment. Please also send me a photo of yourself as this helps me connect with your energy.

 Questionnaire Download


I get quite a few testimonials which I might start sharing a bit more; here is a recent one where we worked on the client’s property as well as his energy field…

“Thank you so much for this, it was a beautiful experience and definitely the most intense healing session I’ve ever been a part of. The lost soul element part and the trapped souls on our property were particularly moving parts of the meditation. I swear I felt something return to my body that had been missing.” Mark

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