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I have received some lovely feedback this month about how the resonators have helped protect users from environmental stressors and electromagnetic fields.

I remember the words of the maverick inventor who showed them to me nearly 20 years ago – he suggested that using them was a ‘no brainer’ as they were so inexpensive. He didn’t use aura photographs as I have, but, like any good kinesiologist, he knew they worked from the muscle test he relied upon for biofeedback.

They start at £11 for a pack of 3, with discounts for bigger orders: Resonators

My book – ‘Heal Your Past Free Your Future’

Today I share the final healing key, the healing of the soul. I hope you can see why the keys have flowed in the order they have, starting with ‘protection’, then ‘avoidance’ and now finally ‘soul retrieval’. The snippets I have shared here can add some value but only scratch the surface of the information and potential of the full book:

Key 12

“I receive now, in their healed state, all my lost soul parts that feel ready to return now. I welcome back this pure soul essence with love, forgiveness and deep gratitude.”

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A hardback copy or download is available through: Book order

Today’s main theme – 4 steps to healing

I want to share the simple healing process that underpins most of my sessions and I believe is central to many other practices. Do you recognise these steps?

Step 1 – Define the issue

To heal something, you need to know exactly what the ‘something’ is. That may sound obvious, but I do find that vagueness around the goal of a session can inhibit the process. If a client just has a general sense of imbalance or discomfort, then we need to probe that further. For example, where is it in your body? What is the emotion? When did you first feel it? Who or what triggers that feeling for you?

Step 2 – are there any blocks to releasing it?

Consciously, we may feel almost insulted by the idea that there might be parts of us holding back our healing, but it is totally normal for a part of our body wisdom to see a symptom or heavy emotion as necessary, perhaps protective in some way. A skin condition might act as a barrier to unwelcome touch, fatigue might keep the person in the perceived safety of home. This action comes from the loving and protective part of us that is honouring entrenched belief systems or false learnings taken from past traumas. These need to be met and released with love and gratitude before the door can be opened to genuine healing.

Step 3 – define the healed state

What does the new state of being look like, for example: – Freedom from pain? Reliable sleep? More positive beliefs ? Better relationships? Fulfillment? This is a crucial stage that completes the initial investigation into where you may be at, where you want to get to and what may be stopping you from getting there.

Step 4 – trigger the change

Once we have completed the first 3 steps, we need to trigger the change. There are many ways to do this. We can use various energy healing tools including breathing practices, touch, physical manipulation, reiki, eye rotations, homeopathy, prayer or affirmations to name but a few.

For me, I like to work in the mythic. Let me explain. On the Peruvian medicine wheel, aligned with other indigenous cultures, there are 4 directions. The south is held by serpent and represents the place of the physical, the literal, the here and now, our connection with Mother Earth. Everything is just as it appears to be. This is where we can hold our physical symptoms as well as our physical pleasures.

The west is held by jaguar and is the place of the stories we tell ourselves, our limiting belief systems, our feelings and emotions, the ancestral wounds that we inherit. Here, things are not as they appear to be because we see events and people through the eyes of our own wounded experiences.

The north is held by hummingbird and is the place of the soul, where we can explore the sweet journey of our lives and the next beneficial steps we could take, just like a hummingbird travels great distances flying from one source of nectar to the next.

Finally, there is the east. Here, we soar like an eagle and see the highest perspective beyond even the journey of our soul, where we connect with the cosmos and our energetic as well as our physical existence.

So, for me, a healing session requires an exploration of the first three perceptual states – the physical, emotional and spiritual – but to initiate healing I often turn to the east. Here, the core issue of the session is often shown in a metaphorical situation, perhaps a wall to navigate around or over, a rucksack to release, a cord to cut, a lotus flower to embrace.

Supporting the necessary shift in the metaphor sends energy rippling around the medicine wheel, supporting a happy soul in the north, balanced emotions in the west and physical well being in the south.

With love


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