Where is the truth?

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Key 11

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This month’s theme : Where is the truth?

Telling the truth is a bedrock of a balanced society…. but what and where is the truth? Is it as definitive as it sounds?

When we say phrases like ‘in truth..’ or ‘my truth here is…’ we are not necessarily speaking the truth, just our opinion in that moment. This will inevitably be influenced by all our experiences and limiting beliefs and could be miles away from the actual truth.

I suspect we all innately yearn to know the truth, and often give our power away to doctors, priests, scientists, parents, gurus, teachers and other figures of authority who claim to have access to it. And yet, most sources of expertise have probably evolved their thinking over the years. Can you think of any timeless absolutes in medicine?… dentistry?… politics?…economics?… spirituality?… naturopathy? The truth never changes, only our limited perception of it.

Issues with truth emerge from institutions as well as individuals. These bodies are rapidly disempowering us as individuals, asking us to shed our own discernment at the alter of their official ‘truth’, based on the absolutes of science, medicine and economics. I like absolutes, they give me comfort, but there are very few out there.

Ultimately, the best resource we have is our own personal discernment and intuition. Nothing matters more, but it can still be very elusive. I am saddened to see so many nuanced debates polarised into this or that, right or wrong, rather than this and that. This dualistic thinking is creating separation at a time when we desperately need coalition.

Another significant risk is of the truth being weaponised. The Incan shaman call this the ‘shadow of jaguar’, the aggressive form of our power. Alarm bells should ring for anything that sounds like:

“My guides tell me you should not …”
“My truth here is that you were wrong to…”
“I need to get this off my chest.”
“I am sorry that you feel that way.”
Can you see how this is not about speaking the truth? It is just criticism, opinion and judgement in disguise.

There is another aspect to this that is a bit more subtle. Sometimes, we can genuinely want to help but have no permission. For instance, we might be out with our friend and say: “You know, you say you want a relationship, but I never see you approaching anyone. Have you looked into whether you have any shadow beliefs around this?”. That may be a totally valid comment, but unless it was specifically invited you have no permission to volunteer it.

My guidelines for speaking out are:

1. Is this the absolute truth or an opinion?

2. Do I have permission to say it? Have I been asked to comment?

3. Does what I want to say add value?

4. Does it come from a place of love?

5. Is now a good time?

All too often, I have seen criticism or commentary coming from a person’s need to clear their pent-up energy, their own need to speak masqueraded as ‘speaking my truth’. This is projection, looking for personal healing and deciding that dumping some unresolved energy on someone else will help. It might, for a while, but it is not loving or appropriate.

There is only one truth in the Universe and that truth is love. Words, even the word ‘love’ is inherently limited and cannot come even close to expressing the truth of what it is trying to represent.

In that sense, all words, including these, are flawed. They have value if they help you move closer to the absolute truth of love but are not the truth in themselves. Let them help you but not define you or inhibit your own journey of discernment and learning.

With love


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