Where are we heading ? Part II

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These inexpensive little chips emit a subtle electromagnetic field. They help connect us back into the heart of Gaia, even in the face of interference from modern technology.

Their effects are easily demonstrated using kinesiology muscle testing, and the aura photographs on my website are staggering. When I journeyed shamanically about them, I was shown the image of two human feet stood at the tideline, with the latest wave withdrawing gently back to the ocean, leaving ripples in the sand as the water navigates around the person’s toes.

I know that feeling, the deep sensual connection of that place where land meets water. I’m not suggesting that resonators replicate that exquisite feeling, but they can, perhaps, replicate the effects that deep connection with the earth have on our energy fields. They are designed as grounding devices, keeping us in deep and close relationship to the earth beneath us regardless of the electromagnetic stresses above her surface. Resonators

Book – ‘Heal Your Past, Free Your Future’

I am so grateful to the hundreds of you that have bought the book. I do believe it has life changing potential so please do check it out if you have any interest at all for yourself or a loved one. Book

Here is key 8. It sounds a bit mysterious as the component parts appear unconnected, but there is a clear theme holding them together, that of our wounded core beliefs. For me, these 4 components hold a powerful space that includes hundreds of more specific core beliefs that sit underneath.

Key 8

“I live in the ‘now’. I recognise that everyone is doing the best they can. There is nothing I need to do or become. I am safe”.

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This month’s theme – Where are we heading?

In last month’s newsletter I mentioned a shamanic journey where I asked for a view of how technology might interfere with our innate drive for community.

The image I was shown was of the mature oak tree (representing community) with a trailing ivy (technology) snaking up its trunk. I’m sure you have many interesting interpretations of this vision, this is mine:

For me, this shows that there is a parasitical shadow to the technology route, that as much as it claims to be complete as a model, it relies upon our innate community desires to nourish it. It needs the collective infrastructure and stability of the oak tree, our shared drive to work together towards a common goal. As powerful as it appears to be, its energy is built upon the strengths of the established value systems of human communities and the supply chains that support us all.

Have you noticed how so much of the narrative of recent years has invited us to work towards what is named as a common good, but is often deeply divisive and serves only the powerful and the rich? Ruling bodies sell their ideas with a superficial wrapper of ‘higher purpose’ to disguise their true intention, that of maintaining power and increasing their net worth at our expense.

For example, here are a few narratives of the current rule makers and what I think is the true energy behind them in brackets:

  • ‘Trust in science’ (give up your own intuition, discernment and research).
  • ‘Let us track your movement, health choices and expenditure’ (loss of various freedoms, with population data gathering).
  • ‘You need us to help you through this’ (government grants and safety nets giving a temporary fix to problems of their own making and creating dependency on state aid).
  • ‘Dissenters are troublemakers and laws must be changed to ban types of protest’ (loss of free speech and right to protest. Do what you are told!).
  • ‘Refugees and immigrants are a problem’ (sanctioning racism, ‘othering’ and a fear based blaming of anyone different from ourselves).
  • ‘Take this pill/ medical intervention to protect the vulnerable’ (loss of medical freedom of choice).
  • ‘Incentivise those struggling, or not in a job, to work harder’ (blame the poor, diverting attention from the true source of any problem).

This is just my sense, what do you feel?

The good news is that if this imagery is true, any restrictions on our personal autonomy still need us all to implement them. We are the oak tree after all, we have the structure and the true power. Here are a few suggestions to keep it that way:

  1. Keep researching and share what you find.
  2. Take action to create the life you want. This doesn’t mean being intrinsically in opposition to what you don’t like; there is a place for protest but sometimes opposing something gives it energy. It can be equally important to put your energy into what you do want, not against what you don’t.
  3. Quiet non-compliance. Most draconian systems need compliance and support by the people. Without the support of the networks of the oak tree, nothing happens.
  4. Do your internal work. Explore where you resist your own power and any times when you have accepted that your feelings and opinion have no value or are causing harm.
  5. Significantly change the life of one person. This isn’t about rescuing, but I believe most of us know someone who desperately needs our support, guidance, or resources to break out of their suffering. If we could each make heroic interventions for just one person, that would change the world.

Whatever happens, I hope we can recognise that we are all in this together. Unlike the science fiction movies I mentioned last month, no one gets left behind in this envisaged world future. One solution for us all, one human race, one world.

With love


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