‘All the World’s a stage – Act III’

‘Heal your Past, Free your Future’ – book progress

I’m very excited that my new book is through the editing stage and should be ready in a few weeks, in time for Christmas. I hope it will have something of interest for anyone on a spiritual or healing journey. I will let you know when orders can be made.

The global variety show

It is time for me to reveal the final act in the global variety show being ‘performed’ by the power centres that sit above us. I have already covered the magician’s slight of hand to redirect our attention from what really matters and the hypnotist’s capacity to alter our perception through fear and trauma.

As before, I am presenting the central inspiration as a dialogue between myself and my shaman guide:

(Me) – ‘Hello again. It is time for the final reveal, who is the 3rd act in the global variety show?’

‘The final act in this show is that of ………… the fool. In modern terms, this is the comedian, but traditionally the fool, or jester, has filled an important role for a monarch or ruler by parodying them and their decisions. In doing so, they give the person in power a context that perhaps the courtiers and other supporters would not feel brave enough to offer.’

‘Is that not a good thing? If our leaders are being offered alternative opinions and perspectives, that would surely help them govern with more empathy?’

The issue with the current global position is that the role of the fool has been used by the people in power to point outwards, not inwards. Rather than being open to suggestion and critique, the powerful are directing blame onto anyone who does not follow the pervading mantra of the time. This version of the fool can accuse and vilify any objectors or alternative thinkers and deem them a danger to society’.

‘How is the energy of this looking right now, can the fool be persuaded to look inwards again, at the decision makers?’

That is up to you all. There is a growing pressure for this energy to be turned back inwards towards the central powers, just as it used to be with the mediaeval court jesters. You may well start to see critique of the directed path coming from respected influencers outside the central power bases, so the scientists, politicians, researchers, doctors and journalists who have truly independent voices’.

Has this already started?’

‘Yes. The stage you are in now is the unravelling of the status quo, where the dogma of the day begins to be seen in all its distortions, bias and vested interests. This can be the beginning of a new world of fairness, equality, and transparency as part of the pachacuti, the ‘great turning’, as prophesied in most indigenous teachings’.

‘What signs of change should we look out for?’

Right now, look for signs of the existing power bases coming under pressure, for a growing sense in the public consciousness that all is not as it seems. Once that has happened, the people will look for alternative voices of truth, and the quiet wise ones will emerge from their censored shadows. They will not need to shout about the new ways that are possible, people will be ready to listen, that is the only way it will work’.

‘I can see how humanity is being offered a fundamental choice between centralised power, medical intervention and technology on one hand and respect for smaller communities, the Earth and the natural healing power of our bodies on the other.

‘Yes, it is a time for fundamental decisions about the future direction of humanity. If community is to be the way ahead, it must be chosen by you as individuals. It is that fundamental alignment of like-minded consciousness and intention that will dismantle the current power dynamics.

If you have doubts about how this could happen, remember that centralised power is fundamentally weak, and relies on constant repetition of its fear triggering dogma to survive.

In contrast, community is inherently strong, like a bee hive. It is a natural state, one of support, love, respect and truth, of knowing your individual power but also your place in a bigger picture. It is aligned with Spirit and the creative energy of the Universe itself and when you are aligned in this way, you are in flow with all that is. Trust in that power. You may sometimes feel marginalised and alone, but the truth is anything but – when you stand up for love, truth, equality and respect you are part of the biggest force there is, creation itself’. 

‘Thank you’.

With love



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