‘All the world’s a stage’

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A view from spirit…

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Following on from last month, I have journeyed again to meet my shaman guide who supports me from the spiritual realms. This is a dialogue loosely based on the images I was shown there and my subsequent dowsing. I do feel it is ‘inspired’ from Spirit but these are my words so, as with anything channelled or similar, please maintain your discernment but I hope it helps stimulate discussion, lateral thinking and action.

(Me) – Thank you for receiving me again, is there anything you would like to reveal to the audience for this month?

‘Yes. First of all, the term ‘audience’ is relevant here. Remember the famous quote from Shakespeare: ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’. This has never been more true, you may feel that you are watching global events unfold around you but you are all deeply involved, all part of the production’.

‘What kind of production is it?’

‘I would describe it as a variety show; the Governments and large corporations are the acts while the people participate in the audience’.

‘Seriously, variety? O.K. Tell me about the first act…’

‘The first act is the stage magician. This performer is adept at misdirection, getting you to believe that the thing you are looking at is central to the illusion, when in fact the real trick is taking place somewhere else. They focus your attention on dramatic hand movements while the magician’s assistant is making the necessary change quietly around the back’.

‘I think I know where you are going with this. Our attention is being focused on the coronavirus, who is getting vaccinated, whether we have reached herd immunity, whether new variants are more contagious etc, while the real issue is the creeping loss of freedom of expression and the centralisation of wealth and power that is happening in the background’.

‘It is true that, as with any magic act, if you look in the right direction, you can see through the trick. It is no longer mesmerising, the magician carries no power’.

‘…and presumably that is why magicians keep their acts busy with lots of movement so our attention can’t land on the main area of misdirection, just like in the world today’.

‘Absolutely, the misdirection needs to draw your full attention and the best way to get that in your world is of course FEAR. The stage magician needs your curiosity, but in real life that is not enough. Global powers need you to be in fear and judgement, kept fresh so that you remain compliant and follow all the rules imposed to manage the situation without question. If the target of your fear remains too static, you will see through it eventually and the misdirection will be over.’

‘I can think of many examples of fear based misdirection from my own perspective in the UK. It feels like we have been drip fed a series of enemies to fear, one after the other to keep our fears fresh. That makes sense to me, but how do I know if what I see is misdirection or a genuine issue to look at?’

‘You will always need to maintain discernment but, fundamentally, if the media or government is putting the blame upon a small section of society, often those least powerful and able to defend themselves, then it is likely to be misdirection. If the issue is about inequality, corporate greed, centralisation of power, loss of personal rights or environmental concerns, then there is likely to be a genuine underlying problem.

‘I’m with you, but how does spotting the misdirection actually help?’

‘First of all, if you know you are being ‘played’, you will learn to control the fear that was being stoked up within you and directed outwards towards other people. If you can transcend this fear and the judgement it evokes, the mists will clear from your eyes and you will see where the real issues lie.

You will see where Governments are trying to pass legislation when you are looking elsewhere, or when you have been persuaded that the proposed restrictions in your personal power and freedoms are somehow in your best interests.

Likewise, science is not a font of absolute truth. The big institutions are full of vested interests and bias; when you are present enough to look for wider, less official views, you will find other perspectives that can add value. Remember also that the scientific ‘facts’ of today are often disproved by the science of tomorrow.

Fundamentally, when you all as individuals choose to see and expose these agendas for what they are, the hidden power structures will collapse. It is not even difficult, it is inevitable’.

‘Is it happening now in the world?’

‘Yes, in recent years it took what you called ‘whistleblowers’ to bring these corruptions and inequalities to light, but now the information is starting to appear through the work of those who are prepared to look behind the officially created headlines’.

Yes, even as I write this, I see that origins of the coronavirus are being discussed more openly and the initial emphatic scientific view of transfer across species is now being seriously questioned.

‘Yes, that is an example, but there are hundreds more. Keep looking. Try to see what is being revealed and who is doing it. It is an example of the power starting to drop down to the people. Above all else, remember to stay heart centred. If you drop into the ‘I told you so’ mentality when information is revised then you are still trapped in duality thinking.’

‘Thank you, can you summarise this first global ‘stage act’ in a final piece of advice please?

‘Yes, stop looking at the magicians hands!’

With love to you all

Andrew Kempleton

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