Activism – Quality v Quantity

I have written articles over the last year about activism and how the time has come to shift the focus away from our internal healing journey towards a more outward expression of our energy. I then suggested ways in which we might do this in our day to day lives. This third article goes deeper into the qualitative nature of our activism.

I was drawn to write on this after a client session in which we explored that timeless question of ‘what am I here to do?’ I am understandably asked this many times by clients wanting to know how best to live their lives and asking for the perspective of their higher selves. I found in this particular session that it was certainly time to take action and that it should start with looking for complete integrity in their daily life and local community.

The new information I felt deserved wider sharing was that the nature of what was done was largely insignificant compared to the way it was done. It is the quality of our lives that leads to global change more than the actual actions that we take. In other words, if we campaign around climate change but do so with fear and anger, then we are mixing that energy into all the dynamics that climate change represents. Gaia will feel our fear rather than our love. Outrage is helpful, that is a positive energy of action, but anger is not.

I would therefore urge us all to do what we are drawn to do held by two key energies:

1. Positive vision. See the possibility of change and of an outcome that represents the healed state of that situation. If it is climate change, as an example, I suggest you hold the vision of Earth returning to her healed state, with the human race united in solidarity around this goal.

2. Be heart based. Be in your heart centre when you do what you do. Bring love to the situation. When I dowsed about this, I got that 90% of the benefit of the action we take is the love that we bring to the situation, not the nature of the action itself. It is far better to go shopping in a place of love than go on a protest march with anger in our hearts. In an ideal world, do the protest march from that place of love, but if you can’t find that space, go back to your inner journey and feel into those limiting emotions before you attempt to do anything more visible.

If I had to summarise all that I have written over the last year it would be simple: open your heart, live your daily life consistently from that place, then look for opportunities to take that love beyond your local community.

With love


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