It is easy to look for abundance as an objective, to find specific ways to generate money. In truth, when we are on our highest life path, natural flow will ensure we always have enough. This might not allow us to live in a big house or drive a fast car, but those kind of needs rarely bring us true happiness or fulfilment. If you think you are on your highest soul path but you need more ‘abundance’, then there has to be something wrong with one of those two assumptions.

I have summarised several laws that I believe apply to money. If they resonate with you, it might be worth checking where you stand with each of them:

1. Money itself has no resonance or energy, but every transaction you make generates an energy based on the position of the giver or receiver.

2. Any material gift made with love has a powerful supportive energy, reinforcing the fact that the giver is abundant i.e. has the money to give away.

3. This gift starts a ripple effect in that the recipient then becomes the giver and will pass on the energy and hopefully amplify it. This is where the universal law of tenfold applies, that a gift with love returns ten times over. In effect, the original giver feels the ripples of each subsequent transaction with that original sum and the continuing expressions of abundance.

4. Any transaction to fill a void, for example a luxury purchase, shows that the transaction came from emptiness rather than abundance and energises the fact that there is a gap to fill.

5. Any attempt to give in order to manipulate these rules is simply a sign of lack or need and will be reflected back by the universe through a continuation of the status quo – lack or need.

6. There are many instances where philanthropy is returned in another form. Abundance is not necessarily material wealth, so for those who give with love but are already financially secure, the energy will be returned in whatever form of love is most appropriate to their situation. This reflection back of abundance and generosity might be called ‘universal gratitude’.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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