A changing world

I have already shared some views in this blog about the potential for paradigm shift in 2012. I have also covered in the Quantum K manual the ways in which the core pillars of society are starting to erode, to be replaced by a new world based on the power of individuals and their aligned collective consciousness.

The exciting dynamic now unveiling around the world is the acceleration of this movement from old to new and the unravelling of the corporate world that governs us. There seems to be 3 stages:

The old
– This energy is still very much alive. I have seen it personally this week with the closure of the large business I used to work for and the loss of hundreds of jobs, while at the same time this company is outsourcing operations to the other side of the world to take advantage of lower wages and running costs.

We see in nature that effective designs are compact, whether it is the seeds on the head of a sunflower or the shape of a tree, nature allows expansion in design only to the point of optimal efficiency where maximum sunlight can be obtained without compromising the strength of the underlying structure. When big business stretches away from the local and tries to apply a common model across different cultures and time zones it cannot work effectively.

The interim
– This is the business model where corporate executives sense the changing consciousness of us as consumers and try to honour our evolving needs while maintaining the same outdated, top-down structure. Food products now have artificial vitamins added to try to justify misleading health claims, while cleaning products boast of being natural when, in reality, the healthy ingredients still appear well down the list. You can be sure that major supermarkets are not stocking ‘Free from’ products for the good of our health; they do it because we buy them in increasing numbers and it makes sense to their bottom line.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this interim stage is the businesses supplying goods that are of low resonance – such as the sugary drinks industry – who are forced to employ ever more sophisticated marketing strategies to associate their product with our new values. We see Santa Claus handing out a sugary brown drink as though it is a core part of the festive season, effectively associating their product with spirituality and family values.

Even the concepts of organic and fairtrade products are interim stages in our development. It should be a fundamental building block that the end product is both healthy and supportive of the people and communities within the supply chain. One of the lessons I learned from my old life in big business was that the ‘order winners’ of today will be the core requirements of tomorrow. Hopefully, we will soon reach a stage where it is no longer necessary to say that a product is healthy and part of an honourable supply chain.

There are also those companies that promise a contribution to charity or a vaccination in Africa for every product purchased. I would like to think that this is the result of company officials trying to find integrity and ethics in a business that, in its core values, may not have any, but the cynical side of me suspects this is still a marketing tool to exploit our growing demands and awakening social consciousness.

The new
– This is the final stage where big business no longer exists. Our needs are met within the local community by suppliers who work honourably, supporting and responding to the particular needs of their neighbours. Business is no longer driven by the fundamental needs of shareholders demanding increasing profits but by ground floor employees looking to express their spiritual, connected nature while at work. In this world, it is no longer acceptable to leave your soul at the doorway of your business; everything we do must at some level enhance our existence and those around us.

The movement of businesses through these stages is accelerating, with motivated champions of a new way forcing their hand. In my own city of Bristol, there is an ongoing camp outside the council house peacefully promoting a new society with a new model of wealth and order. Occasional graffiti appears on the pavements around the city centre saying the simple words ‘I love you’ and I suspect there are many internal smiles within those who break stride to walk over them.

The new world is coming. It is no longer something we have to look forward to wistfully, it is on our doorstep and we can be part of it right now. Despite all the social upheaval and insecurity, we are perhaps the most fortunate generations for Millennia in that we have the chance to be part of a massive change in consciousness and social structure that could form the basis of a new society. Let’s put aside our fear as the old world order collapses around us and embrace the new with love and compassion. It is a beautiful journey that now has too much momentum to be stopped. We might as well embrace it because it is here to stay.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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