‘Why can’t we heal all physical damage?’

A client asked me an interesting question recently – why is it that we can heal emotional and spiritual issues but find it harder to deal with the results of extreme physical trauma, such as broken backs, advanced rheumatoid arthritis or general nerve damage?

It is true that when we work with energy healing, it is much easier to heal issues that exist in an energy form, such as our soul or our emotions. As soon as we move into the physical world, we have to bridge the gap between energy and the matter it created. Can we reverse the process?

This is where the problem lies. I see the creation of physical matter as being the cementing of quantum energy into form through the act of conscious observation and interaction. This matter will always form according to our blueprint and the belief system we impose upon it. A healthy mind generates a healthy body and although we can change the thought, the physical matter has already been created.

There is an excellent article by Richard Merrick in Caduceus magazine issue 78 that explores evolution and the creation of physical form through the structure of harmonics. He asks why evolution has not honoured the competitive advantage someone with 6 fingers might have over someone with 5, He proposes that there is a harmonic template that dictates the basic structure of our form. He suggests that our core structure of carbon 12 is brought into crystalised form through its interaction with the 5 fold icosahedral form of water. This explains the link with fractal geometry and the golden ratio, these two basic concepts literally frame the creation of matter and ‘tramline’ life into only certain variations of form. It also explains our natural affiliation with musical scales and harmonics.

This form is generated within the quantum energy field, which itself has a structure based on a cubic lattice of tiny vortices within which an atom can exist but cannot pass through. Each new atom is railroaded to follow a certain shape (via fractal geometry) within a certain area of space (determined by the lattice within the quantum energy field).

So going back to our original question, what happens when we badly damage our physical body? Our new cells will try to follow the natural trail and structure that our healthy cells used to follow, but it does not happen, why? It must be due to some intrinsic damage in either the carbon 12 form, the damping effect of the water crystals that sit above it, or damage to the structure of space itself.

If I dowse about it, I get that the first two are still in place, the problem is that the structure of the quantum energy field has changed and although the new atoms might like to follow their usual path, it is no longer clear where they are going. The pathway has changed and those atoms are operating without a compass. It is like a knight in chess looking to move 2 up and one along, but having the chess board taken away underneath. To put this another way, I believe that severe physical trauma damages the fabric of space at an interdimensional level and, in layman’s terms, which is all I can offer, the blueprint has been literally blown away into another dimension that the cells cannot access. They are now lost.

Hopefully, there is good news to come. All the enlightened reading I have come across suggests that we are moving spiritually into a world less dependent on the physical form. As we evolve into 4th and possibly 5th dimensional living, we become more like etheric beings with less reliance on our bodies and few physical needs. In this new world, the physical world and our blueprint lie closer together from a vibrational viewpoint and the risk of one being torn away from the other is much reduced. I also suspect that those with physical damage might once again re-unite with their blueprint in a world where our bodies respond almost immediately to our conscious intent. Illness and disease will only be there if we choose to have it. That’s my kind of world.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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