‘Energetic Protection’

There are many, many different views on the need for energetic protection. I believe that when I am providing therapy for a client I am working in a sacred and blessed environment and a simple check that I have ‘Divine Protection’ or ‘sacred space’ is enough. I have only ever picked up negative energies from a client once in thousands of treatments and I am sure that was by intent so I could understand and work on my own particular connection with that energy. The biggest risk for us therapists is an attachment to the outcome, a desire to help that is so strong we give over our own energy rather than act as a conduit to the stronger ‘batteries’ around us.

Outside the therapy environment, it is a bit more complicated. I have discussed this subject with therapists from different modalities and countries and have found as many different views as people. These can be summarised into a few main headings:

1. If we live in love and light, we are safe from negative energies and psychic attack, so no specific intent is needed to provide extra protection.

2. We simply need to ask for protection from Source and we will be kept safe.

3. We need to invoke a range of specific protective layers on the understanding that this is a place of free will and all energies have free choice to go where they wish.

So who is right? It is possible that we are all right, and that what we believe is the absolute reality for us. If we think we are protected, then we are. My beliefs are based on the understanding that the quantum energy field around us is awash with all kinds of frequencies, good and bad, so we need to know to what extent they invade our own personal space. We know that we cannot normally ask for Divine healing and expect a miraculous instantaneous healing as that would deny us potential life lessons, so is it any more appropriate to be able to unravel all kinds of energetic invasions without understanding how they work or where they come from? I think not, which is why I tend to err on the cautious side and ask for specific protection from Source through my spiritual guides and helpers.

If we are going to invoke specific protection, we need to make sure it is comprehensive. The issue with the ‘golden overcoat / protective bubble’ approach is that it is based on a 3 dimensional view of our energy field, that we exist on an x, y and z plane and need to put up protection at that level; above , below, behind etc.

In practice, our energy fields are micro versions of the macro world around us. In the wider Universe there are black holes, inter-dimensional portals, wormholes and a host of other realms that defy a simple three dimensional model of existence. It is only a small leap of faith to accept that these more subtle aspects of reality might exist within our own energy field. Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton has written a thought-provoking book called ‘punk science’ proposing exactly that.

If this is true, there is little point visualising simplistic energy barriers if there are a range of inter-dimensional doorways into our energy field. It would be equivalent to installing a triple-bolted front door and then leaving the kitchen window wide open.

If we take this concept further, we must also consider the temporal issue, that we exist concurrently in many different dimensions, all happening in the eternal moment of now. All our past, present and future lives occurring right now. All those learnings and energies wide open continuously. Thankfully, all the love and kindness we have engaged with over our entire soul history is also 100% open to us right now, so we have continual access to this good energy as well as the bad.

This means that, if we want to invoke full protection ourselves rather than hand it over to Source, we must cover all the possibilities. I have seen people vulnerable to interference from future lives, energetic booby traps, blackmail and energy back doors that allow interference to simply ‘appear’ at the other end of the wormhole in our energy field.

At an even more fundamental level, we must also recognise that reality is connected at all levels and that the macro world connects with the micro. External reality knocks on our door from the outside world, but it can also bubble up from inside us at the quantum level. In other words, any energy moving into this dimension can do so from inside us, coming into being at the quantum level of quarks and neutrinos. Are you envisaging protection from energies appearing from within your own DNA?

This can sound a bit scary to those who feel they need to do more than simply rely on their own love to protect them, or for Source to have all the angles covered. For those who feel they need to give specific intent to obtain full protection, the good news is that all of these points are covered by the energy of Quantum K. If you want to invoke full protection based on these principles, you need simply focus your intent on this system and know that your enhanced shield is up. If there are benefits in understanding how we relate to our external world, let’s make sure we cover every possibility….

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

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