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"Welcome to the Quantum K blog page. I will be updating this space regularly with personal thoughts and other items that I think will be of interest to quantum K users".

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November 2016 – Opinions

I have always found it very easy and natural to have opinions. These opinions form views and in many ways are the basis for these blogs.

What I have realised in recent months is that I no longer have as many opinions as I used to. Even when confronted with layers of fear and condemnation of the world around us, politicians, big business etc I am finding it harder and harder to find a definitive viewpoint. This is born out of my growing connection to the shamanic traditions and their values. I could summarise my understanding of some of these key values as follows:

1. Energies can be light or heavy but that does not mean good or bad. We do not understand the Divine perspective or plan for any soul, so it is not for us to judge whether a situation is a good one or a bad one.

2. Even challenges and perceived suffering could be part of that soul or country’s highest path.

3. We are all on hero’s journeys and our growth comes from transcending the challenges and obstacles we encounter. Without these aspects, we cannot understand who we truly are.

4. This does not mean we should live in apathy. We can still have preferences, visions for ourselves, our lives and the planet that we can choose to create.

5. If we wish to make changes in our world, we must make these changes in ourselves first and become the change we wish to see outside of us. We have no right or breadth of understanding to justify us making choices for other people, although clearly the energy we emit will radiate out and effect those around us.

This gentle way of living is incredibly powerful. The shaman who live like this create their world and take absolute responsibility for it. They do not give their power away to politicians or corporate leaders even though their material circumstances might be affected by them, they still take responsibility for the nature of the experience they have and their emotional response to it.

This is not to negate the extreme suffering that some souls are going through, only to accept that we do not know the higher context or meaning behind their experience and should not therefore judge it.

So that brings us back to opinions. To follow these gentle ways of living, opinions carry little value, they can verge on judgement and a view that one outcome is better than another. When we step away from this, life is just a series of creative opportunities that we generate through the balance of energies we emit. Where we have preferences, we simply need to ensure our resonance is in line with those preferences and trust that we will then create it.

So, maybe, for me, these blogs have had their day. Time will tell…..

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

January 2016 – Happiness

I have seen many clients in my practice who ask me to help them find consistent happiness. Their desire is to find happiness and stay in that state for the rest of their lives. I find that really interesting and I would like to share here how I try to work with this.

First of all, looking for positive emotions is fine, but if we do so at the expense of the heavier ones, these difficult emotions that we are trying to avoid will grow in power. The phrase ‘what we resist persists’ is so true, everything we push away from ourselves is immediately attracted in and if we look away from our fear, shame, sadness etc, we will still emit their energy from our shadow self and attract in experiences influenced by their vibrations.

We will also likely project what we are not prepared to experience in ourselves onto other people. For instance, if we are only willing to embrace our happiness, we might become angry when our partners express their sadness. It is uncomfortable when someone else is prepared to enter a space we are avoiding and this can be very detrimental to the relationship.

When we avoid something within us we are saying that we are afraid of it, that we do not trust that we can look into whatever that heaviness is and emerge safely out the other side. Resistance is born out of fear. Fear attracts things to be afraid of.

I would suggest that the best way to find light and positive emotions within us is to be prepared to turn towards all that is not in that state. In this way, we bring our conscious love and attention into our shadows which will naturally transmute them. When we connect with our emotional wounds from a non-judgmental, loving place, then that emotion must fade. It may be uncomfortable for a while as we connect with our shame, grief, anger etc but this kind of authentic process will allow us to step into the wound and out the other side.

So, going back to the point of this blog, I believe that if we strive to be happy all the time, we will likely achieve the opposite, as our hidden sadness grows in the strength given to it from our avoidance and fear. I prefer to target peace as a goal. This is a state that we can be in regardless of the emotions we are feeling and will facilitate a deep and loving connection with anything we encounter that is not based in love. Peace requires faith, courage and love, so when we are in that state any emotions we feel are easily transmuted. This is the way to move towards greater states of happiness without having to attach to that particular emotion as a constant in our lives.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

November 2015 – Manifestation

“You are all worthy; if you weren’t all worthy, believe me, you would not exist, because creation does not make mistakes. Thus, if you exist you belong; there is a reason why creation is not complete without you. Stop arguing with creation. Take it at its word; if you exist, you deserve to exist and if you deserve to exist you deserve to be who you are as fully as you possibly can. This is just simple logic”. Darryl Anka

I have heard many variations of the basic laws of manifestation, how to create and live the highest expression of yourself, but the following steps based on the work of Darryl Anka offer the clearest and most inspiring template I have come across. If creation really is incomplete without us, then surely we have some sort of moral responsibility to honour the gift of ‘us’ by being ‘us’ in the highest expression we can manifest? Here are the 7 steps:

Step 1 – Find your vision

Where is your joy? What could you embody that would bring you the most peace, happiness and fulfillment? What is the way of living that allows you to most fully express your true self? This could be within a job, but generally is a way of life rather than a career choice. It will need to be for the benefit of others in some way if it is to give you that tingle of validation from your soul, rather than the less fulfilling and less enduring satisfaction that comes from soothing the wounded ego. Our souls are only satisfied by some form of expression of love in service. In setting your vision, remember to make it a statement of intent rather than a route map. If you want to teach, set that simple goal as your vision, without expectation of grade, location, subject or timescales. Life could well have a mechanism to deliver your vision that is far beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

Step 2 – Give it your passion

Knowing what you want to do is important, but it is the raw desire you bring to your vision that provides the energy to bring it into life. An idea needs the driving force of a racing pulse and your burning passion.

Step 3 – Believe it can happen

If you are excited about your vision, but do not believe it is possible or that you deserve all the joy it represents, then it will not happen. You will create exactly what you expect to receive, as little or as much as you can embrace within your sense of self-worth and within your faith in your creative powers. Creation is absolutely precise; you will get what you envisage to the exact extent that you believe it to be possible, safe and deserved.

This is the area I focus on most in a kinesiology session; I look to find and release all the shadow beliefs that stop you allowing your vision to take form.

Step 4 – Acceptance

Now is the time to accept that your vision, supported by your passion and your positive beliefs, must come true. There is no other way; this creative journey is inevitable. Embrace it as such.

Step 5 – Intention

Having an exciting vision in important, but you must also have the willpower and focus to bring this into effect. You will need to make the conscious choice that this new way of being is to become your reality. This is not about passion or desire, this is about clarity of intent, the dedication that takes your vision beyond a wistful dream to the clear statement that ‘this is who I am’.

Step 6 – Action

With this all in place, it is time to behave and live your life as though this vision is already in place. Ground the first 5 points into action through your words, body language and behaviour. As Ghandi once said – “be the change you want to see in the world”. If you want to be an artist, then paint.

Step 7 – Allowance

Having set all of this in place, now let it go, utterly. Completely disconnect from any need for a specific outcome, let go of any expectation that it is either necessary or needed, that there is a right or wrong way for you to live your life. This is one of life’s many paradoxes, that to receive something you must let it go. This non-attachment greases the wheels of creation and allows you to effortlessly move from one plane of existence to another, from the life created by your old beliefs and perceived obligations to one based on your new joyous vision.

When you put all this into place, you will create your new reality and life will reflect that back to you. The key point here is that you need to take the first step, you cannot expect to be receptive of support in life unless you lead the creative process. I have heard people say ‘it was not meant to be’, as if creation has a specific list of what you are allowed and not allowed to do or become. I believe that the real truth here is that life is continuously reflecting back to you everything you are projecting through your beliefs, upbringing, genetics, community values, faith system, education and self-worth. As you have this power of creation, you might as well use it consciously. Why follow false trails from these tired old programmes, often based on duty and guilt, when you can create a loving and joy-filled life based on genuine free choice?

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

April 2015 – The power of myth

I have just completed a weeks retreat at Glastonbury, exploring the myths associated with that area, of Joseph and Mary, Arthur and Guinevere. We also explored the ancient myths of Iron John and the oldest recorded of all, the Sumerian story of Inanna and her descent to the underworld.

There were many deep learnings that came out of this for me, but they all showed the relevance of these mythical stories to our world today. They create a framework that holds our society; that explain the heroic journeys we are all invited to embark upon, if we hear the call and choose to answer it. As we pass these stories down the generations, we invite our children to live courageously and explore how the basic structure of each myth plays out in their lives.

One of the most beautiful connections for me was embodying the pure masculine, the powerful and playful energy that is strong and direct but by no means savage. This pure energy has been partially lost in society these days where we are ruled by the shadow masculine, where competitiveness, greed and hierarchical thinking set the rule-base that we are encouraged to follow.

The off shoot of embodying this pure power for a while was feeling how damaging the opposite of this power is. If we deny it or are afraid of it, we bring out the shadow aspects in those around us. In other words, we all set a tone for our environment and any weakness on our part leaves a space that will bring out shadow qualities in those around us. Have you engaged with someone avoiding their true power, perhaps lost in addiction of some sort, and felt your frustration rising to the surface? That is this effect in action, it takes a very balanced person not to succumb.

Another way of looking at this is that if we don’t own our issues, we pass them onto our loved ones to hold them for us, and reflect them back. When we take back and release our wounds, we free our loved ones from the burden of holding them for us, of being our mirror, and allow them the freedom to embrace what is genuinely unresolved for them. Relationships can then become healthy and supportive rather than ‘woundships’ where both parties are stuck in co-dependency and negative reflections.

The other major learning for me comes from the legend of Inanna and what this represents about the descent of the feminine. I know so many people who want to stay on an even keel all the time, to be constantly happy and balanced. If they slip into sadness, they try to come back out of it quickly through distraction or engagement in the many addictions and titillations life can offer us.

It is a bit like running around in the autumn trying to stick the leaves to the trees so that they will not fall. It just doesn’t work; the leaves naturally want to fall as a prelude to the winter and then to spring when the leaves will return, and the tree will have everything it used to have and more besides. This is the key point for me, shown in this myth, that when we allow ourselves to be part of the death and rebirth process that permeates all of life, we become stronger. When we try to cling to what we have, whether that be money, our children or happiness, we become weak. This is a life paradox, we are most likely to lose what we try to hold onto the most. In contrast, when we are truly prepared to sacrifice everything, to die to who we are in every moment of our lives, then we will be ‘rich’ beyond our wildest imaginings. This death and rebirth is the essence of the feminine energy in us all, not just in woman where it is most visible through the monthly menses.

Ironically, by not attaching to any particular state of being such as happiness, wealth, or comfort, we allow our deepest emotions to emerge and we have the courage, as the true heroes we are, to descend to our inner underworld to embrace and release all that we have locked away down there. We then emerge stronger and more balanced. We can even learn to welcome those depressive or difficult moments because we know that they are doorways to growth and higher states of love and happiness. We can then be at peace all the time because we no longer resist those temporary emotions and difficult feelings. We can find joy in all our emotions, this is the true gift of understanding and embracing the paradox this concept represents.

If we try to cling onto happiness we lose it, if we allow it the freedom to fly like a butterfly on a gentle summer breeze, we can even enjoy watching it fly away.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

February 2015 - Losing Control

I want to share a personal story that demonstrates a key learning for me, that perhaps may be of interest to you too.

We live on a smallholding in the country with an assortment of animals; goats, chickens and sheep. They are largely separated into different areas, but goats being goats, the young ones are particularly adept at jumping over fences, or crawling through any weak gaps they can find.

As the field is more than sufficient for their needs, I committed myself to improving the fencing, making it stronger and higher, but wherever I placed my attention, they would leave that space alone and force a gap somewhere else in the field. This came to a head recently when the goats got out, came into our garden, ate some of our shrubs, trampled down the chicken wire protecting the chickens and ate their food (which isn’t particularly good for them).

The local foxes then walked over the chicken wire that had been trodden down and killed two chickens. Our dog followed them in later and ate the left-over food we had put out for the chickens, and then promptly threw up on the kitchen rug. AARRGH!

This was my cue to feel into the deeper message here. The more I tried to control this situation, to erect barriers and keep nature under control, the more life rebelled against my plans. I was guided to do the opposite, to surrender and let nature do its thing. I opened the gate to the field and let the goats all walk out as a herd.

Rather than the youngsters dashing into the garden, the herd stayed together as a unit and grazed delicately around the local hedgerows. When they had fed fully, they returned to their shelters and gently chewed the cud through the afternoon. No dramas , no ripples.

So my challenge to myself is to explore what other areas of my life I try to control. Do I have beliefs, visions and plans that are actually limiting rather than liberating? Are my greatest visions for my life actually just barriers, denying me access to something even more amazing that lies out there for me? If I truly let go, allowing the dynamics of natural order to take over, would it be chaotic or serene? The goats have shown me that life has a natural balance, when lived in the moment, outside the direction of the mind. When we surrender to that, anything is possible.....

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

May 2014 The spiritual matrix

This is a very personal view, but I am excited about the maturity that seems to be emerging in the new-age movement. At its core, I see ‘new ageism’ as the drive to bring love into the world in a simple but pure form, an attempt to transmute all that is not love through an open heart.

This is fine to a point, but by rejecting or battling against all that is not love, we are energising a world of duality, of right and wrong. In many ways, this achieves the very opposite of what the movement is all about, as it polarises energy into different camps, which by their very nature create separation and discord. Those who are not prepared to embrace the darkness inside themselves can deny their deepest healing potential and live in a world of fear where constant protection is needed against the powers of the dark outside them. You could call this duality the ‘matrix’, a battleground if we choose to see it that way.

In this new growing sense of maturity, I am seeing many more articles about the need to embrace our shadows, to work with the light and dark together, recognising them as the building blocks of our Universe. When we embrace our shadow and our fears, we disempower them and take away the power of duality, of taking sides, of right and wrong, of good and evil. The matrix itself must then crumble. As Rumi said “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

The second area that excites me is the growing questioning of just how far the matrix extends. Personally, and this is a matter of faith clearly, I believe that the matrix extends into the astral realms of spirit. Re-incarnation, Karmic debt, even heaven and hell, are all belief systems. Buddhism talks about Samsara and transcending the wheel of suffering; Christians believe Christ died for our sins, to release us from our suffering so that we may live in the grace of that salvation.

I write this only to challenge you to see where you stand on these issues. Do you agree? Does it bring up outrage or other emotions? For me, there is no greater topic of discussion than how we live our lives and what we aspire to achieve or become, if anything.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Jan 2014 Service, servant or servitude

Light workers often refer to being ‘in service’, of being incarnated fundamentally for the benefit of all beings. This may be for a wide range of reasons; perhaps to honour Divine will or to clear old karma.

In working with clients, I have found that this area is rarely straightforward as our motivation for being of assistance to others carries many layers of complication. For simplicity, I will explore these under 3 headings - service, servant or servitude. In practice, we are all spread across the range, with aspects of each heading relevant to us to some degree. If you find yourself strongly in one of the latter two categories, then there may be work to do to release the programmes that keep you there.

In service

This is a place of pure unconditional love, of true altruism. To give to others from this place is an act of love that has no personal reward; it is just a natural and inevitable expression of love from a soul that knows no other way of being. To be here permanently is the act of an enlightened being. The focus is on one’s own soul growth and expression, but the heart of someone in this category is so open that any engagement with another living being is a gift of love that has transformational benefits. At best, most people can only occupy this place for a few moments at a time. A servant

A servant is someone who knows about spirituality, who feels that they are here to help others, but does so from a wounded place. There may be elements of genuine compassion, but a fundamental driver for helping others is the warm feeling it gives and the sense of value it bestows on their life and soul. People in this category are awakened in the spiritual sense and aware of many universal laws, but still carry enough guilt and low self-esteem for their actions to have a secondary agenda, a need of some sort. The overall energy projected is fundamentally positive, but is not entirely pure. The laws of attraction reflect this back precisely, giving the benefactor a connection to love but also tweaking their wounded ego, encouraging them to do more, to be an even better friend etc, or perhaps to embrace the wounds that keep them from pure love and service.

In servitude

Someone in this category is so full of their own guilt and self-judgment that they need to perform almost constant acts of charity or ‘friendship’ in an attempt to save their soul, perhaps even to avoid the judgment of a God they believe might wish to punish them for their sins. They might be the person that is always driving friends around, always an open ear to someone else’s stories without ever sharing their own. They attract toxic friends.

The energy transmitted from this place comes from fear and has no wider benefit to the planet. Those on the receiving end may benefit less than they think, as they are involved in an unbalanced dynamic, but they are at least part of a useful mirror to the ‘giver’ who may be grasping at any mechanism to increase their sense of self-love and respect. This category is all about ‘giving to get’. It is a place for martyrs, in the negative sense of the word.

If you wish to clear any negative energy you may carry in this area I suggest you say the following affirmation three times:

“I (your name) under the Laws of Decree, hereby decree that I will no longer be in servitude to guilt, but instead be in service to love, through love, from this moment on. Amen”.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

October 2013 - The healing process

This is a bit of a broken record on my part, but the subject comes up so regularly with my clients that I feel it needs exploring in more detail. We all have unresolved emotions, feelings that have been locked away inside from a time when we did not fully understand what was happening or were simply unable to hold ourselves in love. To embrace those emotions now with love is all we need to do to let them go, along with all the negative beliefs that have formed around them. This sounds really simple, so why do we spend years, sometimes all our lives, searching for the process that will free us from our past?

I have written this note fundamentally as a message to my clients but it may also help anyone with deep desire to release their emotional wounds.

I can only share with you my experiences and encourage you to use your discernment to feel deeply into these words and follow what feels right for you in your heart. Remember that your wounded self will also have a view that is unlikely to be in your highest interests; it will probably want to avoid any difficulty or emotional pain, so try to feel from a soft place of love and acceptance. Sometimes you need to try out a practice to see if it really works for you or not.

What a therapist can do

A therapist is a facilitator, not a healer. You are the healer. All I can do is try to point you in the right direction and remove as many blocks as possible to your process. This may involve looking at your diet, toxicity, trigger points in your personal history, core beliefs, environment, ancestral wounds, interfering energies, chakra and aura imbalances etc. By working energetically during the session, much of this can be released and a process agreed for whatever dietary or lifestyle changes are needed.

To put this into a bigger picture, I believe our souls have been given tools to help them experience life. We each need a mind, heart and hara/womb to help us express ourselves, along with a light body to act as intermediary between our soul and our embodied physical form. The world we live in pushes us to be led by the power of the mind and to gain satisfaction from superficial pleasures. It takes courage to break free of this constant bombardment of worldly temptations to live in our pure hearts and souls. Kinesiology can help identify areas where your mind is in control or running programmes that are holding back your pure soul expression.

What a therapist cannot do

What I cannot do is directly heal your soul or take away the emotional wounds that lie within it. That would be unloving. I believe God gave us free will to use as we wish, leaving us the space to learn from, and take responsibility for, all the unloving decisions we make in our personal lives and as part of communities, nations and the human race itself. It is not for me to interfere in this Divine process, although I can communicate with your pure soul to explore areas that need your attention and your loving embrace.

Owning your healing

So, if the responsibility to deeply heal lies with you, how do you go about it? The key principle I would suggest is ‘feel to heal’. Our souls naturally express themselves through feelings like joy, love, compassion, gratitude and patience, and are damaged by emotions like guilt, grief, anger, fear and avarice. By connecting to these suppressed emotions from a position of love, we transmute and clear them, thereby healing our souls. Love naturally brings up and releases all that it is not. It is therefore important to connect with the deepest causal wounds, not the superficial emotional ripples they create.

If the main emotion you feel is anger, anxiety or fear, you are living in the expression of your causal wounds rather than their core. Your deepest wounds are likely to be abandonment, grief, shame, unworthiness or something similar.

Remember that you do not need to know what you are experiencing, just honour and nurture whatever emotions come up to be felt and released, praying to go into the deepest layers they posses.

It is also worth saying that little worthwhile comes without dedication, discipline, devotion, discernment and desire. If you really have the desire to honour your eternal soul, you cannot simply slot in your healing around your life, your life must be fitted in around your healing. This is not about setting aside large amounts of time each day, it is about a state of mind that sees everything that happens to you from your soul’s perspective. How does that make me feel? Why did I attract in this experience? What can it teach me? What would love do in this situation?

A healing process

Here is my suggested plan to help you connect with your feelings and work with whatever issues appear during our sessions:

1. Every morning on waking, place your left hand on your heart, your right hand on your hara/womb. Breathe deeply into them 5 times. Do steps 1-5 at this time.

2. Then pray to God, along these lines. “Beloved Mother Father God, please send me your Divine love”. (You can substitute Creator / Divine Healing Intelligence etc for God if you prefer). Breathe deeply several times and be open to experiencing the grace of Divine love in whatever form it may express; it could feel like a love wash, it could help you connect with deeply repressed emotions, or you may feel nothing at all. (Many of us do not feel we deserve this love and so do not allow it in. If so, this is the first wound to explore).

3. Allow yourself to honour and embrace any emotions you are experiencing. These might have no context but could follow themes we explored together in your last kinesiology session.

4. Pray: “Beloved Mother Father God, please help me feel and release my deepest wounds to love.” If you are working on a particular issue you can personalise this, for instance. “Please help me feel and release all the underlying emotions behind my lack of self-esteem”.

5. Sit/lie quietly for at least 10 minutes, experiencing all that emerges from a place of openness and love. Stay in love and keep praying. Do not force the pace or try to drag emotions up that are not ready to appear. If you keep receiving Divine love, your wounds will inevitably appear at the right time. Love will flush them out!

6. During the day, keep repeating these simple prayers and be aware of all emotions that arise. Find time to sit with them when they do, knowing that if the time is not right, you can ask for the emotions to remain gently in the background for a better time. But..... please do not put limitations on your desire. Have the fundamental trust that these emotions will arise in an appropriate time and surrender completely to the process. Caveats such as ‘I have a busy week coming up, can they wait for the weekend please’ put your life before your soul and do not reflect true desire.

7. Be aware of synchronous events that arise during the day that challenge you to either experience something in a new way or feel deeply the emotions they bring up.

Above all else, remember that this is all about Love. Love heals everything and Divine love is the most powerful love of all. I rely on God to support me in my process and to hold the space for me to feel and release all my emotional wounds. I suggest you do the same, in whichever way your faith allows.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

July 2013 - How to feel

I say to virtually all my clients that if they truly desire deep healing, they will have to embrace their repressed emotional wounds. This raises questions such as: - "how do I know if I am feeling core or superficial emotions?" and "how do I go about connecting with them?". I'll try to summarise here my truth around the process of emotional healing. The following attributes will all help:

1. Holy desire. This requires true humility, which is effectively the courageous, dedicated and passionate desire to embrace all ones deepest emotional wounds.

2. Commitment. Ideally, find a regular time slot, say on waking every morning, to open your heart and feel what lies within.

3. Prayer. I pray for God to be with me and hold the space so that all that comes up is felt within the embrace of Divine love.

4. Non-attachment. You can make the same prayer on consecutive days and on the first day receive a Divine love wash and on the second feel the emergence of deep grief and shame. Trust that all will reveal itself at the right time, in the right place.

5. Breath. If you breathe deeply into your heart, you will feel your consciousness lower out of your mind into your heart. This will help you access your deepest emotions; your mind will only obstruct your journey with fearful thoughts and limitations. If your feel your mind taking over, breathe back into your heart and pray for more Divine love to hold you there.

6. Patience. If you have carried a suppressed emotion all your life, it could take weeks or months of dedicated practice to connect fully with it. This may feel disappointing, but what else do you have to do each day that is more important than releasing your stuck emotions and cleansing your soul?

7. Discernment. We experience emotions most of the time, but are they the core ones you are looking for? Anxiety, self-pity, anger and depression are all examples of the kind of superficial wounds that sit above the core emotions, drawing you in to their grip day after day. If you connect with an emotion that you have experienced many times before it is probably not a core one. Pray to go deeper into it, to feel your deepest grief, shame, betrayals, judgement and abandonment.

8. Surrender. You are unlikely to break through if you apply pre-conditions, such as not wanting to be too emotional just before you go to work, or in the presence of the children or a friend. Be brave. Have no pre-conditions. Trust that all will reveal itself at the perfect time for you.

9. Be loving to yourself. Do not judge yourself either a success or failure at this. It is easy to blame yourself when emotions fail to emerge and lose your trust in yourself and your process.

10. Support. The Quantum K experiences, in particular the second video, are designed to help you when you get stuck. If momentum fades, or even if the process is going well, do play the video and commit with your heart to all it entails. You could even play background music to help; there is a free download you can find by searching for 'musical rapture' in your web browser. I find it very powerful in connecting me to my unfelt emotions.

Finally, I will leave you with the words of my favourite teacher, Padma Aon Prakasha:

"To focus on error does not produce the joyful experience one feels as we move towards a greater understanding of love. Always the focus should be on love, because in truth there is nothing else. As we focus on love, (with humility) our errors start to stand out so obviously and they become easier to remove. The whole process becomes more joyful.

To take it a step further, once we focus on love, we may start to understand that in reality we have a somewhat limited 'free will'. The increased love we experience more and more reveals the errors to us and we have no option but to see and remove them. However, in truth we are only love, which has been sullied by the illusion of error. When we start with the premise that we are truly just love, we can only approach the unloving aspects (illusions) from the viewpoint of love. The approach many suggest is to give the error reality, which it hasn't, and then try to proceed to love from a starting point of error. This is not a suitable foundation to try to grow from. LOVE FIRST: THEN ALL ELSE ARISES."

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

October 2012 - Money

It is easy to look for abundance as an objective, to find specific ways to generate money. In truth, when we are on our highest life path, natural flow will ensure we always have enough. This might not allow us to live in a big house or drive a fast car, but those kind of needs rarely bring us true happiness or fulfilment. If you think you are on your highest soul path but you need more ‘abundance’, then there has to be something wrong with one of those two assumptions.

I have summarised several laws that I believe apply to money. If they resonate with you, it might be worth checking where you stand with each of them:

1. Money itself has no resonance or energy, but every transaction you make generates an energy based on the position of the giver or receiver.

2. Any material gift made with love has a powerful supportive energy, reinforcing the fact that the giver is abundant i.e. has the money to give away.

3. This gift starts a ripple effect in that the recipient then becomes the giver and will pass on the energy and hopefully amplify it. This is where the universal law of tenfold applies, that a gift with love returns ten times over. In effect, the original giver feels the ripples of each subsequent transaction with that original sum and the continuing expressions of abundance.

4. Any transaction to fill a void, for example a luxury purchase, shows that the transaction came from emptiness rather than abundance and energises the fact that there is a gap to fill.

5. Any attempt to give in order to manipulate these rules is simply a sign of lack or need and will be reflected back by the universe through a continuation of the status quo – lack or need.

6. There are many instances where philanthropy is returned in another form. Abundance is not necessarily material wealth, so for those who give with love but are already financially secure, the energy will be returned in whatever form of love is most appropriate to their situation. This reflection back of abundance and generosity might be called ‘universal gratitude’.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

June 2012 – Healing is Feeling

One of the risks of therapy is that it can be seen as a short-cut to healing, that somehow another person can peer into your soul and take away the pain. In truth, healing can only come from facing, feeling and then releasing the core underlying blockages. The role of the therapist is to help guide the client to that point of pain, that primal injury, and by peering deeply into it, help you recognise that it is fundamentally just energy that can be felt and released. All that suffering was, at its core, the result of allowing the shadow energy to dominate your world and assume proportions that defied its true nature.

Many imbalances are about abandonment at some level and the lack of self-worth that results. When these are looked into and felt fully, we can appreciate that they are in fact gentle and weak. Healing energy or bodywork, or prayer for Divine help can then support us as we allow this realisation to ripple through our physical bodies and energy field. To get to this core, we often have to navigate through a more superficial layer of fear and perhaps even anger that sits above. As we do so, we believe we are experiencing the core emotion when in fact we are simply working our way there. When we are stuck, it is easy to believe that there is no way out, when in fact the solution sits just that little bit deeper if we can peer through the veil of these superficial emotions and fears and feel into our core. It is not easy, but it can be done.

When clients say they had a reaction to a kinesiology treatment, I point out that it is not an unwelcome echo from the treatment but part of the core process itself. If you have become deeply in touch with that primal wound, you have all but released it. You simply need to be clear in your intent that you want to experience it as a pathway to its release.

The same is true of Quantum K. By affirming the possible causes of your primal wounds in the screenflow, it is allowing you to become in touch with the emotions around it and then let them go. As soon as you turn the light of consciousness on to your wounds, they must fade. The extra support of the harmonics and fractal equations amplify the healing process that has already begun. If you feel a tingle, get restless, breathe heavily, feel emotions rising, then you are opening that healing doorway. Do not lock it down – feel it fully and give intent to transmute it. Ideally, ask for Divine love to help and protect you through the process. Remember that it was God’s love that led you to those wounds in the first place, perhaps even to this website, so that you could own your suffering and take steps to move through it.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

November 2011 – A changing world

I have already shared some views in this blog about the potential for paradigm shift in 2012. I have also covered in the Quantum K manual the ways in which the core pillars of society are starting to erode, to be replaced by a new world based on the power of individuals and their aligned collective consciousness.

The exciting dynamic now unveiling around the world is the acceleration of this movement from old to new and the unravelling of the corporate world that governs us. There seems to be 3 stages:

The old
– This energy is still very much alive. I have seen it personally this week with the closure of the large business I used to work for and the loss of hundreds of jobs, while at the same time this company is outsourcing operations to the other side of the world to take advantage of lower wages and running costs.

We see in nature that effective designs are compact, whether it is the seeds on the head of a sunflower or the shape of a tree, nature allows expansion in design only to the point of optimal efficiency where maximum sunlight can be obtained without compromising the strength of the underlying structure. When big business stretches away from the local and tries to apply a common model across different cultures and time zones it cannot work effectively.

The interim
– This is the business model where corporate executives sense the changing consciousness of us as consumers and try to honour our evolving needs while maintaining the same outdated, top-down structure. Food products now have artificial vitamins added to try to justify misleading health claims, while cleaning products boast of being natural when, in reality, the healthy ingredients still appear well down the list. You can be sure that major supermarkets are not stocking ‘Free from’ products for the good of our health; they do it because we buy them in increasing numbers and it makes sense to their bottom line.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this interim stage is the businesses supplying goods that are of low resonance – such as the sugary drinks industry – who are forced to employ ever more sophisticated marketing strategies to associate their product with our new values. We see Santa Claus handing out a sugary brown drink as though it is a core part of the festive season, effectively associating their product with spirituality and family values.

Even the concepts of organic and fairtrade products are interim stages in our development. It should be a fundamental building block that the end product is both healthy and supportive of the people and communities within the supply chain. One of the lessons I learned from my old life in big business was that the ‘order winners’ of today will be the core requirements of tomorrow. Hopefully, we will soon reach a stage where it is no longer necessary to say that a product is healthy and part of an honourable supply chain.

There are also those companies that promise a contribution to charity or a vaccination in Africa for every product purchased. I would like to think that this is the result of company officials trying to find integrity and ethics in a business that, in its core values, may not have any, but the cynical side of me suspects this is still a marketing tool to exploit our growing demands and awakening social consciousness.

The new
- This is the final stage where big business no longer exists. Our needs are met within the local community by suppliers who work honourably, supporting and responding to the particular needs of their neighbours. Business is no longer driven by the fundamental needs of shareholders demanding increasing profits but by ground floor employees looking to express their spiritual, connected nature while at work. In this world, it is no longer acceptable to leave your soul at the doorway of your business; everything we do must at some level enhance our existence and those around us.

The movement of businesses through these stages is accelerating, with motivated champions of a new way forcing their hand. In my own city of Bristol, there is an ongoing camp outside the council house peacefully promoting a new society with a new model of wealth and order. Occasional graffiti appears on the pavements around the city centre saying the simple words ‘I love you’ and I suspect there are many internal smiles within those who break stride to walk over them.

The new world is coming. It is no longer something we have to look forward to wistfully, it is on our doorstep and we can be part of it right now. Despite all the social upheaval and insecurity, we are perhaps the most fortunate generations for Millennia in that we have the chance to be part of a massive change in consciousness and social structure that could form the basis of a new society. Let’s put aside our fear as the old world order collapses around us and embrace the new with love and compassion. It is a beautiful journey that now has too much momentum to be stopped. We might as well embrace it because it is here to stay.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

28 June 2011 – The end of the story

I believe that therapy work requires us to honour the delicate balance between providing sufficient clarity about someone’s condition and over indulging in the drama of their story.

The strength of kinesiology, the therapy I practice, is its ability to find answers, to explain to someone how and why their symptoms have arisen. If this information requires a change of diet to avoid allergens, then it is clearly important to have this discussion. Equally, it can be reassuring to know that a skin complaint is the expression of a suppressed childhood trauma rather than a reaction to a cleaning product.

That said, we can sometimes over-indulge the intellect by dismantling every thought and emotion. It is possible to almost revel in the validation such an explanation gives us and use it as an excuse for the lack of progress or recovery. ‘I would eat sensibly if I didn’t have so much left over anger from my childhood.’ If this dynamic is left even partially untreated it creates an energy of its own – ‘I eat too much, that is bad, I do so because I have repressed anger, my dad is to blame’ etc. It becomes hard to break out of this self energising paradigm if there is substantial attachment to the story.

I see a growing number of people these days who take an almost Buddhist view of detachment and ask me not to engage with the dynamics of their specific story but simply bring in healing to support their intent for change or growth. They often move forward more quickly on their journey by steering clear of the ego and its desire to attach to a drama.

I appreciate that this is a controversial area within most therapies. Reiki practitioners debate whether targeted treatments are more powerful than simply following a generic protocol; hypnotherapists debate the difference between solution focused sessions and exploring the issues that led to their client’s current condition. Some forms of meditation could be seen as the ultimate act of detachment but is it the perfect therapy or just a good generic protocol that can help us to some extent? Can we release a complex energy dynamic if we don’t even know it is there?

Personally, I believe that some information and explanation is fundamentally helpful in the early stages of our healing journey. Thereafter, as we start to understand the mind, body, spirit connection and the dynamics of how life works, we can take a softer view of the drama and choose to detach from it. That appreciation of simplicity comes about because we have already looked into our story and come to terms with the mechanics of our existence. It is a right of passage that, as with most expertise, allows us to move into simplicity and ease. Having reached this stage, we have the awareness to recognise unwelcome emotional or physical responses as just being the expression of our story. We can then treat them lightly and observe them without judgment. This disempowers the whole dynamic and allows us to move on through our lives casting only a small shadow and leaving only gentle footprints on our way.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

10th February 2011 – Returning souls

Spirit release and soul retrieval is one of the most fascinating areas of my work. It is central to most religions but little spoken about in modern society - we can’t see it so we don’t talk about it. The concepts could in themselves be very frightening if explained in the wrong way. That said, it is such an important area to our overall wellbeing that we ignore it at our peril and some of us have to take the difficult steps of bringing these issues to a wider audience.

The Quantum K screenflow covers this subject in some detail and both the manual and the scan lists give more information on the technical details behind the healing intent. My goal is to keep exploring this subject, working on the small percentage of people for whom the current information is lacking in some way.

One new area I have found concerns the definition of what is a ‘foreign’ energy. If we sense an external energy either in our energy field or touching on its perimeters, it is natural to try to release it. This is fine provided that energy is indeed foreign to us. I have seen several clients recently who had energies with them that resisted any attempt to release them. This was largely because my intent was to release them to their ‘most appropriate place in the Universe’ and I had overlooked the fact that that ideal place might be with the client.

I discovered that the seemingly foreign energies were in fact aspects of the client from an earlier incarnation. I now believe that when we take human form, negative energies attached to us in earlier times are drawn to us, but accompanied by old aspects of us, including soul elements lost in previous lives. There must be some kind of cord that connects all elements of a soul, like a homing beacon, that draws the various pieces together.

The complexity is that an aspect of ourselves from hundreds of years ago will feel very different to our current vibration. We will have changed as individual souls as has the world around us. These missing elements had found their way home and wanted to rejoin with the main soul in its current incarnation. To myself and the client, this was something I had wrongly tried to send on rather than invite back in. As soon as I upgraded my intent, deep healing took place.

I have therefore extended the intent behind the Quantum K screenflow and manual so that the highest truth is recognised in this area, accepting that Spirit understands the distinction between genuinely foreign energies and aspects of ourselves that need healing and integration. We do not need to make that distinction ourselves, simply trust that our pure intent will be honoured.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

10th November 2010 – Revisiting old wounds

A few more thoughts from my world. Sometimes clients ask me why issues they thought they had cleared years ago need to be treated again and again. I used to explain that past traumas needed to be released gently in stages, or might have layers that required repeated intervention before the memory could become a neutral one. In vibrational terms, there could be many different circumstances and emotions to look at, all with their own frequencies.

I still believe this to be true, but I think we also need to consider the vibration of the person in the present time. We can only heal a past trauma to the limit of a person’s current vibration. If their world is still subject to anger and guilt, they cannot fully release similar emotions that arose in a past situation.

In other words, we may need to consider our issues several times to neutralise them up to our current vibration, but then look at them again later when we have grown sufficiently in a wider sense. If we have anger towards our current partner, we may struggle to fully release older animosity towards a parent or teacher. When we have fully released the negative emotions in our current world, we can truly release them from our past.

This is not to deny the value of each individual step on our healing journey. Every change, however small, takes us to a completely different place and vibration. We should celebrate these staged healings as to simply focus on the destination of being ‘fully healed’ denies us the chance to smell the roses along the way....

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

06th June 2010 – heal the mind, heal the body

It intrigues me that the more I learn as a therapist, the more I move from complexity towards simplicity. You would think that experience would engender complexity, an ever-growing base of procedures and techniques, but the opposite has happened. I think it is a reflection that truth ultimately is simple.

As part of this journey, I find myself spending less and less attention on the physical body and more on the emotional and spiritual bodies. Quite often, simple imagery and metaphor is all that is needed to trigger a healing response.

As an example, about 80% of the population in the Western world have parasites of some sort. They receive perhaps less attention than they deserve medically because they are hard to detect, but they exist as a large issue nonetheless. We seem particularly prone to amoebic infections which can impede our digestive function and even trigger auto-immune responses around our body. So, how do we deal with them?

For me, we need to reverse the process that led to the physical manifestation, which means ignoring the moment of infection and looking at the spiritual and emotional imbalances that allowed that particular strain of parasite, (or bacteria or virus), to take root.

I see the human being as a triangle of mind, body and soul, kept strong through balance in all three areas. If there is a shocking event or trauma at any time in our life, the mind can be weakened with negative core beliefs the result. These can be stored across the entire body, but may also affect specific organs in line with the Chinese view of health and the 5 element theory.

If the trauma is deep enough, it may cause spiritual shock and soul loss. I believe that the white light of our soul energy can even be affected locally, leading to specific areas of weakness. It is in those areas that parasites will thrive, whether received through exposure or simply manifested out of the quantum energy field.

When working with parasites, bacteria or viruses, I try to find the relevant subtle energy imbalances and then literally lift the client’s vibration out of the range in which the toxin operated. Without energetic support, the unwelcome visitor is weakened and will quickly succumb to the host’s immune function. Better still, if the energetic imbalance remains gone, there is little risk of future infections. It’s that simple.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

27th January 2010 – Kinesiology / dowsing scan lists

These notes represent the concepts I use in my clinic. They were released in January 2010 so represent new areas of thinking that I have explored since the original Quantum K manual was released.

If you are a kinesiologist or a dowser, you should find the scan lists useful to you in your practice or as part of your personal healing journey. For everyone else, you may enjoy exploring the concepts contained in the explanatory notes and using the scan lists in much the same way as the Quantum K manual. If you hold them against your body with intent to heal, you should draw from them whatever healing energy is appropriate for you at that time.

These items are offered at no charge. If you feel you would like to return the energy in some way, there is a local charity in Bristol, called the Dragon Club, that my sister attends and is in desperate need of funding. The link below will take you to a summary page and you can donate any amount you feel is appropriate from there if you wish.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

Scan Lists

Scan Lists Explanatory Notes

11th December 2009 – 'Why can't we heal all physical damage?'

A client asked me an interesting question recently - why is it that we can heal emotional and spiritual issues but find it harder to deal with the results of extreme physical trauma, such as broken backs, advanced rheumatoid arthritis or general nerve damage?

It is true that when we work with energy healing, it is much easier to heal issues that exist in an energy form, such as our soul or our emotions. As soon as we move into the physical world, we have to bridge the gap between energy and the matter it created. Can we reverse the process?

This is where the problem lies. I see the creation of physical matter as being the cementing of quantum energy into form through the act of conscious observation and interaction. This matter will always form according to our blueprint and the belief system we impose upon it. A healthy mind generates a healthy body and although we can change the thought, the physical matter has already been created.

There is an excellent article by Richard Merrick in Caduceus magazine issue 78 that explores evolution and the creation of physical form through the structure of harmonics. He asks why evolution has not honoured the competitive advantage someone with 6 fingers might have over someone with 5, He proposes that there is a harmonic template that dictates the basic structure of our form. He suggests that our core structure of carbon 12 is brought into crystalised form through its interaction with the 5 fold icosahedral form of water. This explains the link with fractal geometry and the golden ratio, these two basic concepts literally frame the creation of matter and ‘tramline’ life into only certain variations of form. It also explains our natural affiliation with musical scales and harmonics.

This form is generated within the quantum energy field, which itself has a structure based on a cubic lattice of tiny vortices within which an atom can exist but cannot pass through. Each new atom is railroaded to follow a certain shape (via fractal geometry) within a certain area of space (determined by the lattice within the quantum energy field).

So going back to our original question, what happens when we badly damage our physical body? Our new cells will try to follow the natural trail and structure that our healthy cells used to follow, but it does not happen, why? It must be due to some intrinsic damage in either the carbon 12 form, the damping effect of the water crystals that sit above it, or damage to the structure of space itself.

If I dowse about it, I get that the first two are still in place, the problem is that the structure of the quantum energy field has changed and although the new atoms might like to follow their usual path, it is no longer clear where they are going. The pathway has changed and those atoms are operating without a compass. It is like a knight in chess looking to move 2 up and one along, but having the chess board taken away underneath. To put this another way, I believe that severe physical trauma damages the fabric of space at an interdimensional level and, in layman’s terms, which is all I can offer, the blueprint has been literally blown away into another dimension that the cells cannot access. They are now lost.

Hopefully, there is good news to come. All the enlightened reading I have come across suggests that we are moving spiritually into a world less dependent on the physical form. As we evolve into 4th and possibly 5th dimensional living, we become more like etheric beings with less reliance on our bodies and few physical needs. In this new world, the physical world and our blueprint lie closer together from a vibrational viewpoint and the risk of one being torn away from the other is much reduced. I also suspect that those with physical damage might once again re-unite with their blueprint in a world where our bodies respond almost immediately to our conscious intent. Illness and disease will only be there if we choose to have it. That’s my kind of world.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

20th September 2009 – 'Light and Dark'

I am having a lot of fun writing these occasional blogs as they enable me to think through my own views and hopefully challenge you to consider yours. If you fundamentally disagree with what I say, fine.

Having covered the subject of how to protect ourselves from external energies in the last blog, it is worth considering exactly what type of energies we are talking about. We hear a lot about light and dark, good and evil; terms that imply that one is essentially better than the other. This can encourage us to target ‘light’ and hide from or reject energies that might be considered ‘dark’. I have a few issues with this simplistic approach:

1. All energies are part of the Universe, part of the creative whole that makes up our reality.

2. All energies are connected to each other.

3. Light can only be truly understood if it can be experienced in context. It can only be seen if framed in shadow. This is the whole point of the human existence, to live within duality and see how we fare.

4. There is no such thing as true evil – only the absence of light.

5. As shown within the Yin/Yang symbol, all light contains an element of dark and all dark contains an element of light.

The human spiritual journey seems to involve core stages of growth. First of all, we discover for ourselves that living a life of universal love and connection is more likely to bring us the relationships and fulfilment that we desire. Having done that, we then realise that the object of life is also to experience who we are in the context of a flawed world, where light and dark exist together. We start to respect the darker energies around us as they provide the playground in which we operate. Blinkering ourselves to the full extent of our humanity can only lead to frustration.

We also come to welcome rather than reject the dark within ourselves, our humanity as it were. The vagaries of our emotions are an absolute gift and help us understand who we really are. We learn that if we deny our darker emotions we suppress them within our physical bodies and eventually make ourselves ill.

When I think of the darker energies floating around out there, I try to view them as lost children, fearful through their own sense of disconnection from the rest of us. Whether conscious energies or just the accumulation of thoughts, they should be sent love, not fear, for they are just another aspect of us within the bigger picture. To deny them is to deny ourselves.

The only time we are vulnerable is if we fall into fear. Ironically, the very intent to ‘put up protection’ or ‘reject’ these energies reveals the fear in us, the lack of trust and a sense of disconnection from the rest of reality. In other words, by showing fear of the dark, we bring out the dark in ourselves. If we could live in pure love and light, nothing could touch us, but we would also be so enlightened that we would not be living a true human existence. So, pardon me for being flawed, but I’ll continue to ask my guides for protection on the understanding that my real fear is not of the darkness out there but of the darkness it brings out in me. ...

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

16th August 2009 – 'Energetic Protection'

There are many, many different views on the need for energetic protection. I believe that when I am providing therapy for a client I am working in a sacred and blessed environment and a simple check that I have ‘Divine Protection’ or ‘sacred space’ is enough. I have only ever picked up negative energies from a client once in thousands of treatments and I am sure that was by intent so I could understand and work on my own particular connection with that energy. The biggest risk for us therapists is an attachment to the outcome, a desire to help that is so strong we give over our own energy rather than act as a conduit to the stronger ‘batteries’ around us.

Outside the therapy environment, it is a bit more complicated. I have discussed this subject with therapists from different modalities and countries and have found as many different views as people. These can be summarised into a few main headings:

1. If we live in love and light, we are safe from negative energies and psychic attack, so no specific intent is needed to provide extra protection.

2. We simply need to ask for protection from Source and we will be kept safe.

3. We need to invoke a range of specific protective layers on the understanding that this is a place of free will and all energies have free choice to go where they wish.

So who is right? It is possible that we are all right, and that what we believe is the absolute reality for us. If we think we are protected, then we are. My beliefs are based on the understanding that the quantum energy field around us is awash with all kinds of frequencies, good and bad, so we need to know to what extent they invade our own personal space. We know that we cannot normally ask for Divine healing and expect a miraculous instantaneous healing as that would deny us potential life lessons, so is it any more appropriate to be able to unravel all kinds of energetic invasions without understanding how they work or where they come from? I think not, which is why I tend to err on the cautious side and ask for specific protection from Source through my spiritual guides and helpers.

If we are going to invoke specific protection, we need to make sure it is comprehensive. The issue with the ‘golden overcoat / protective bubble’ approach is that it is based on a 3 dimensional view of our energy field, that we exist on an x, y and z plane and need to put up protection at that level; above , below, behind etc.

In practice, our energy fields are micro versions of the macro world around us. In the wider Universe there are black holes, inter-dimensional portals, wormholes and a host of other realms that defy a simple three dimensional model of existence. It is only a small leap of faith to accept that these more subtle aspects of reality might exist within our own energy field. Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton has written a thought-provoking book called ‘punk science’ proposing exactly that.

If this is true, there is little point visualising simplistic energy barriers if there are a range of inter-dimensional doorways into our energy field. It would be equivalent to installing a triple-bolted front door and then leaving the kitchen window wide open.

If we take this concept further, we must also consider the temporal issue, that we exist concurrently in many different dimensions, all happening in the eternal moment of now. All our past, present and future lives occurring right now. All those learnings and energies wide open continuously. Thankfully, all the love and kindness we have engaged with over our entire soul history is also 100% open to us right now, so we have continual access to this good energy as well as the bad.

This means that, if we want to invoke full protection ourselves rather than hand it over to Source, we must cover all the possibilities. I have seen people vulnerable to interference from future lives, energetic booby traps, blackmail and energy back doors that allow interference to simply ‘appear’ at the other end of the wormhole in our energy field.

At an even more fundamental level, we must also recognise that reality is connected at all levels and that the macro world connects with the micro. External reality knocks on our door from the outside world, but it can also bubble up from inside us at the quantum level. In other words, any energy moving into this dimension can do so from inside us, coming into being at the quantum level of quarks and neutrinos. Are you envisaging protection from energies appearing from within your own DNA?

This can sound a bit scary to those who feel they need to do more than simply rely on their own love to protect them, or for Source to have all the angles covered. For those who feel they need to give specific intent to obtain full protection, the good news is that all of these points are covered by the energy of Quantum K. If you want to invoke full protection based on these principles, you need simply focus your intent on this system and know that your enhanced shield is up. If there are benefits in understanding how we relate to our external world, let’s make sure we cover every possibility....

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

26th July 2009 – 'Swine flu - it's just a resonance'

There is plenty of information available about the medical considerations of this virus and plenty more from conspiracy theorists about how it came into being. If you want to stay up to date with a balanced viewpoint, I suggest you put ‘Dr Mercola’ into your search engine.

The angle I have yet to read about is the energetic, or resonant, implications of this virus. Chapter 6 of the Quantum K manual covers the general theories but we need to look at the resonance of swine flu in particular.

First of all, although it is a virus, at the end of the day it is just a frequency. It has its own sound and, as with any other sound, it can be ‘phase cancelled’ out of existence through energy healing or bio-resonance therapy. What gives it its power is our continual focus on it. A key law of quantum physics is that our consciousness creates our reality, turning waves of potential into physical matter. It is therefore no surprise that the media’s obsession with it is fuelling the virus itself.

Of course, our conscious focus is not the only issue here. Even more relevant is the thought process that goes with it. The frequency of the emotions we associate with it will either strengthen it or weaken it. If we associate it with fear, then we add to its power and its discordancy. If we think of those suffering from it with unconditional love, we destroy it.

Have you considered why a virus mutates? There may be biological reasons for it, but for me mutation is simply the virus’s response to the global reaction. As our fear grows, the resonance we direct towards it allows it also to grow and change. It is simply the combined effects of one wave hitting another. If our fear continues to grow, it will eventually form a concerted frequency throughout the quantum energy field. In the early days, we will need to be exposed to the virus to contract it, but it could reach a level where it can manifest in any place where the fear of it is strong enough. In case you think this is fanciful, let me remind you of the words of a certain Florence Nightingale, made in the days before Pasteur’s germ theory had lobotomized any alternative viewpoint...

“I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent dog.

Since then I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been 'caught', but must have begun. I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats. I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.”

So, let us be clear about what this all means. Yes, we do need to maintain hygiene and we do need to take sensible precautions to protect our physical health. BUT, it is even more important to maintain a balanced, confident perspective of it and see it for what it is - just a frequency floating around us. When children make light of it calling it ‘piggy flu’, maybe they know more about managing it than we give them credit for......

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

07th July 2009 – ‘Imbalance of the Atlas vertebrae’

I have been directed to an important website about the damage caused to about 99% of us by the subluxation of the top vertebrae - the Atlas. This bone supports our skull on the rest of our skeleton and is named after the mythological 'strong man' who held up the Earth in a similar fashion. A good website explaining the technical issues is http://www.atlasprofilax.ch/eng/index.php

There are some very interesting stories detailing the mystical history behind what may be an intentional restriction on our true potential. This subluxation is said to restrict our spiritual development as well as our physical health. Whatever the background, my dowsing does validate the importance of this issue and I suggest you look into it yourself.

The imbalance can be corrected by visiting one of a handful of specially trained chiropractors. I also believe that we can make the necessary change energetically, just through our intent. I have increased the potential of the master harmonic 687 955 898 998 to include this new requirement and I believe you can help replace your Atlas in its correct position by simply running the Quantum K programme having read this article.

As with any vibrational increase, there can be repurcussions as you adjust to a higher state of being. If you do have a reaction of any sort, please remember that you will only ever act on instructions that are in your highest interests. Trust the process, trust that if you are reading this it is probably because synchronicity has led you to it.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

07th June 2009 – ‘An alternative view of 2012’

I am fascinated by the potential of 2012. There is a coming together of opinion from astrologers, astronomers, archaeologists and channellers as well as the writings of the indigenous traditions. We are coming up to a very special time, so what in practice is going to happen?

The key message that unites all writings seems to be the possibility of ascension, or a higher state of enlightenment for those who are ready for it, but also the slightly scary prospect of ‘missing the boat’ for those who do not take advantage of the new energy broadcasting to us all.

It is this later concept that intrigues me. There seems to be two fundamental versions of future events.

1. Cataclysmic change, with polar shifts, flooding and widespread carnage. Only pockets of life will survive through those who choose to move in advance to isolated areas of the planet such as northern Canada.

2. The existence of a second Earth, coming up alongside us. At the winter equinox of 2012, those with a high enough vibration will simply disappear or ‘ascend’ to this new planet, where everyone can live a simpler but more highly evolved life. No wars, violence, disease, pollution etc. Those that miss this opportunity will either stay on the old Earth or move to a new 3rd dimensional planet.

For me, these two versions appear to be partially metaphorical, containing conceptual truths about separation but not giving a fair picture of the actual mechanics through which these big changes will be made. I think simplicity of vision may be at the expense of the detail. I would like to propose a third alternative based on a slightly less dramatic view of events.

This third view is based on the premise proposed by Darryl Anka in the excellent Bashar channelings. He maintains that there is not an old and new Earth, but an infinite number of Earths, each operating at a different vibrational level. In some of the higher levels of these worlds, the lion already ‘lays down with the lamb’ and there is no disease, greed or war. The higher we evolve, the less we see of the lower energies in our unique version of the planet.

The laws of attraction then need to be understood in a different way. Rather than attracting in different versions of events in line with our thoughts and actions, we are simply choosing which version of the world we wish to live in. We will always be in a version that exactly reflects the vibration we emit and the energies and people we attract.

This allows us to look at 2012 in a different way. Perhaps we are simply being given a fast track up the vibrational ladder, a chance to move quickly to a much higher state of resonance.This brings me back to my biggest quandary; if there is going to be a huge separation between those who cling to the old materialism with its 3rd Dimensional values and those who aspire to a more spiritual existence, how will this occur?

Under the ‘infinite version’ model, this is not so difficult to answer. There will not be a sudden split but a gradual separation, which of course is already happening. Over the last few years there seems to be two very distinct roads evolving, and we are all being challenged to choose our path, quite literally.

If you are reading this, the chances are you share many of my values, a gentle life in service, treating your physical body well, perhaps interested in the environment and higher issues. Our lives are already largely distinct from those who seek material wealth in big aggressive businesses, who drink excessively, thrive on combatant sports and exist largely unaware of the world around them.

We already share different worlds, there remains just a 10% overlap, sufficient for us to be able to share the same transport network, but little more. Like two growing cells, there comes a point when they must make that final step and split apart.

The final act of separation could be a very gentle one, perhaps undertaken in stages between now and 2012 when life styles become so disparate that some groups literally cease to be visible to others. The human species will have separated in resonance to such an extent that we can only live with our nearest vibrational neighbours. If we assessed resonance mathematically, perhaps we could only engage with people within 10% of our resonance – someone in the middle would live a life surrounded by those in the 40% to 60% range. In every version of Earth, the population will have fallen gradually, so there will be less poverty and overcrowding.

The attraction of this model is that there doesn’t have to be success and failure in terms of reaching the new ascended Earth, as there are many layers in between. There will still be death in the usual sense, where we choose to return to spiritual form, but any deaths reported as part of the 2012 process will be illusory. There might be the perception of floods, diseases or catastrophes to cause the final act of separation and fall in population, but no-one would actually die in their own world during this process.

A death would not be death in the normal understanding of the word, it would simply be the Universe’s way of separating people into worlds that no longer shared any overlap at all, even if they had only separated by a whisker. Someone ‘dying’ in my world would nonetheless wake up the next morning as usual, oblivious to this separation from one tiny part of their previous life.

As a final thought on the subject, if there are a myriad of worlds there will be a myriad of national newspapers, each telling a different story. As I continue to read of the deaths in Afghanistan, the starving in Africa, car crash victims in my neighbourhood, is this part of the process? Will someone else out there soon read of my death, at the same time as I read of theirs…………?

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

27th May 2009 – ‘Quantum K concert’

I’m getting very excited about the healing concert we are staging on the 23rd June 2009 in Solihull, Birmingham, UK. This is the first opportunity for the musical composers to join myself in a live environment to bring in the energy of the Quantum K system. We will be using music, visualisations and symbols to create the healing environment. With the solstace energy still resonating around us, it should be a very special evening.

Anyone can come, but for the majority who can’t make it, there will be a chance to share in the energy of the event. It will lay a marker in the quantum energy field, which I will include within the energy of the master harmonic 687 955 898 998 from thereon. So, if you play the screen-flow or use the manual with intent after the event, you should be able to feel its specific energy if it varies from the existing resonance. However many events we do in the future, the Solihull experience will be a unique occasion.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

10th May 2009 – ‘A blank page’

I don’t want this blog to become a reference point for other work, but I have come across a website that is so aligned with Quantum K that I feel duty bound to mention it.

It can be found on this link: http://www.ablankpage.net

Their goal is to offer free daily remote healing through a bio-resonance machine to help reduce the combined stress of all participants. Their belief is that 8000 users would generate critical mass and help all the population of the planet. In their own words:

“Ablankpage uses a bioresonance computer programme to identify and clear stress. We run the programme once every day for 45 minutes and in the case of ablankpage it will clear the stress that is most relevant to the collective state of all the participants.

This will appear strange, if not impossible, to those of you unfamiliar with the world of bioresonance. Perhaps the easiest way to understand what is actually happening is to demonstrate how we as human beings are in effect very sophisticated bioresonance machines.

If we take a conversation between two people, as one person speaks they produce a frequency pattern or sound called speech. The other person receives that frequency pattern and translates it into a thought. That thought is then processed and generates an answering thought. This is in turn translated into the frequency pattern of speech, which is received and translated by the other person. We are receivers, transducers and transmitters of frequency. The truth is that all of our senses are simply different frequency receivers. All of our experiences are based on how we receive and translate frequency patterns.

A bioresonance computer is essentially a transmitter and receiver of frequency. The difference is that its dialogue with our body is in a frequency range which is beyond our five senses. The body recognises and resonates with a relevant frequency pattern produce by the computers which in turn amplifies that frequency. That amplification is recognised by the computer and generates a response. This is the process of resonance.”

AT the moment, there are about 1500 registered users, with a noticeable shortage of support in the US to date. It would be great to help them reach their 8000 goal, so please do check out the website and see if you feel drawn to becoming involved. It is entirely free to use and seems to be driven by integrity, but you decide.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

3rd May 2009 – ‘Youthing’

I have been working with the concept of cellular aging over the last few weeks in clinic. I thought it would be quite interesting to use kinesiology muscle testing to establish the biological age of the client’s body and compare this to their actual age.

Not surprisingly, those who need to see me normally have enough emotional or physical trauma in their lives to have aged a little beyond their years. What did surprise me was that the higher self that controls the muscle response wanted to take the concept further and actually generate healing through this concept.

I think it works like this. Our cellular blueprints have a death program built into them, a ticking time bomb that ensures we age appropriately. Good or bad health may alter the timing of this degeneration, but the clock is always ticking. That said; it seems possible to use focused intent to refer our cells back to an earlier time. Just as we turn our clocks back in the autumn, so can we ask our cells to follow the blueprint from when we were younger.

Healing at this level means we actually travel backwards against the natural flow of the conveyor belt of time. It is commonly called ‘youthing’ and is perhaps the Holy Grail of healthcare.

So, my challenge to you is to decide on a realistic age you would like your cells to be, and then look briefly at the following harmonic sequence with this age in mind. Your new cells will then try to replicate against this earlier blueprint.

Number 2 1 7 6 4 8 3 2 3 5 4 7
Gateway 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1

Of course, I can’t make any guarantees here and this may all seem very fanciful to you. But, I believe wholeheartedly in the validity of the muscle test as a way of accessing higher intelligence, so if the muscle test says it’s a beneficial intent to apply, then let’s go for it. The worst that could happen is nothing, but if it does work, even just a little, that has to be worth a go……..

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

26th April 2009 – Affirm the positive or heal the negative?

A few Quantum K users have asked me why the slide-show focuses more on the release of negative problems than the amplification of positive states.

I believe there is a need for both approaches. My concern with positive affirmations alone is that if the body intelligence or unconscious mind has reason to disagree, the affirmation will be ignored. This is often demonstrated using kinesiology testing; if the client makes a positive statement like ‘ I love myself just the way I am’ the arm muscle will invariable unlock as a register of the discordancy of the statement. It would need constant repetition or the release of the underlying traumas before it is accepted as a truth.

Quantum K attempts to release the negative while reinforcing the positive. The slide wordings release the blocks that hinder our balance and good health, but they are not the main healing mechanism. The primary healing comes from the harmonics and fractal equations. They reinforce the perfection and symmetry of the quantum energy field and the Universe as a whole, establishing a blueprint for us to target. We can only be in perfect health if we resonate in full harmony with these wider influences.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

19th April 2009 – The Green wave

In my once a week foray into the daily newspapers, I read an extraordinary little article about traffic lights. Apparently, our government in the UK has sanctioned ‘green wave’ areas where vehicles will have a faster journey along main roads, with fewer red lights. Up to now, slowing our progress along main roads has been an intentional strategy and any change resisted by the Department of Transport because they “feared motorists travelling smoothly use less fuel and pay less to the Treasury in duty”.

At face value, this seems like a small news item, but at the wider level, how outrageous is it that we have all spent maybe an extra 10 minutes each week, equivalent to a full working day each year, unnecessarily sat at traffic lights. Notwithstanding the noise nuisance, the waste of fossil fuel, loss of productivity and carbon monoxide pollution, it just defies basic common sense.

The scary bit is that if the Laws of Attraction are absolutely precise, this means that we, as a populace, have attracted this kind of nonsense into our lives, along with no doubt a myriad of other nonsenses that we are not even aware of yet. So, hands up now, who doesn’t want to get to work early?

…Or perhaps our collective intent is more metaphorical. Did the old stance represent our combined fears about ‘moving forward’, showing us that we have been happy to rest in our current position, shielded from the pollution we create within our climate-controlled vehicles.

If so, perhaps this is good news at a wider level, reflecting the growing environmental awareness in our collective consciousness. As we raise our intent to look after the world, the world reflects this back to us in the little details. We simply need to keep our intent pure and the ‘small stuff’ will take care of itself. As the saying goes, there really is no need to sweat it…

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

12th April 2009 – Living with soul

From the very beginning of 2009, it was clear that the months ahead would be very special. Those of us interested in personal development have spent many years preparing for the time when the external world would start reflecting the changes we have made within us.

This is certainly happening now. The financial world is feeling the strain and there are signs of a new way of living emerging from the ashes of the old. In the United Kingdom, we had comfortably the highest ever sum donated in a national charity day, car usage is down and vegetable gardens are back in fashion.

At the personal level, I have seen a change of emphasis in my therapy practice. 2008 was about core belief management and emotional healing, 2009 is about soul retrieval. It is almost as though we have done the hard work and must now ensure that the furnace inside us burns as bright as it can. We must clear out interfering energies and bring back any parts of our essence that have moved out of alignment over the years. This maximises our powers of manifestation as we project our new values with the voltage that comes from being fully engaged at the soul level.

I believe ‘Quantum K’ has a role to play here. We can use it to clear our soul record just as we would clear a computer of unwelcome viruses and debris. We can then invite back any part of our essence that has moved away. This is a sacred process that follows a pace befitting our own personal healing journey. If big changes lie ahead, we owe it to ourselves to be fully engaged with life as we approach them.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

05th April 2009 – Enhancing the energy of ‘Quantum K’

I suspect that any therapist looking through the technical data in the manual or the screen-flow could find many gaps. We all have our own specialist areas or beliefs that could be added to the system. Personally, I could add several new items every week. Does this mean that the system has fundamental shortfalls or gaps? – I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, I believe there is enough intent captured by the system to clear most of the blockages held in our mind, body and soul. Our natural healing powers can then focus on whatever remains. Incidentally, this is why the screen-flow slides are more than just a list of positive affirmations. They aim to remove obstructions to our balance, allowing the user to reconnect automatically with the natural order of connection, oneness and universal love. Once the obstructions are gone, this is all that is left.

Also, the healing power of the harmonics, fractal equations and sacred geometry is unlimited and free of the confines of our specific intent. They represent pure healing and can expand to encompass whatever we wish to attribute to them, and more besides.

Finally, the ‘Quantum K’ system has created a network of linked energy through the quantum energy field. I strongly believe that we are all connected through it, so every soul that engages with the system enhances it with their own potential and healing intent. I make a particular point of updating the master manual at my clinic with all the changes I wish to add to its resonance, but I am sure that everyone else who uses it also adds their own unique essence where it will help.

So, when you use the system, you should feel part of a growing team that is fine-tuning its healing resonance. As you are helped, so may you in turn help others. This is the exciting potential of the new world; power resides not with Banks and Governments but with the solidarity of all us individuals who want to leave our world a better place than we found it.

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

29th March 2009 - Critical mass

Thanks to all your support, I believe the energy of Quantum K has passed its first ‘critical mass’. Its expanding use worldwide has linked up across the quantum energy field so that it is now, in some small way, constantly available to us all. I think it is still a quiet whisper at this stage, but every time the growing number of users around the world tune in, the resonance gets stronger and stronger.

I have been told many times that the interest in Earth’s evolution is beyond our wildest imagination and that every stumbling step we take to lift ourselves out of the darkness and our illusion of separation is celebrated beyond measure in the Heavens. Any broadcast of light, love and healing is therefore particularly relished bearing in mind the dark shadow overlaying the surroundings from whence it comes. Every time we use the system, our desire to heal and find the highest expression of who we are shines like a beacon out of a world still filled with fear.

If I dowse, I find that the next critical mass point in terms of users accessing the website is 97,247. Some way to go there, but if every user e-mailed 10 friends and they in turn each e-mailed 10 more, we would be there in weeks. I’m not sure exactly what this next number represents, but just as the recent numbers cemented the energy for this planet, I believe the next landmark will start broadcasting it outwards in some way.

So, if you do monitor the number counter at the bottom of the website, please do bear this in mind. When it passes this next landmark, the healing energy of the system will be going outwards. Have a toast to the heavens, because you can be sure they will be toasting us…..

With blessings

Andrew Kemp

© Andrew Kemp :: Quantum K